Rotary Press Effectively Replaces Drainage Bag System

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Rotary Press Effectively Replaces Drainage Bag System

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Problem: Organic Systems & Solutions of Milford, Indiana, processes septage and previously used drainage bags to dewater the material. In addition to the continual need to purchase the bags, each bag required one full week to properly dewater. Not only were bags cumbersome to move and haul away, they let a significant amount of particulates through and were not a reliable technology.

Solution: The company installed a Fournier Industries rotary press in 2007, equipped with two dewatering channels to treat its current flows, and was built with the capability of adding an additional channel in the future. The press would allow the septage to be dewatered continuously with little operator attention, and would free up space that was being taken up by multiple drainage bags.

Result: The system operates at a current level of 50,000 gpd, processing septage coming in on 12 trucks per day. The rotary press receives the sludge at 2% to 3% solids and discharges the material as dry cake that is typically 35% to 40% solids — a significant improvement over the old technology. The capture rate is consistently 96% or better, solving the particulate issue associated with the previous system. In addition to the clean filtrate leaving the system, the press only uses a small amount of wash water at the end of the shift. 418/423-6912;


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