Boost Your Brand With Local Sponsorship Deals

Boost Your Brand With Local Sponsorship Deals

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When Nate and Brianne Geetings, co-owners of a septic pumping company headquartered in Beulah, Michigan, were offered a sponsorship opportunity with area resort Crystal Mountain, they jumped at the chance on the similarities of their names alone. How often does a company named The Pumping Service, get an opportunity to partner with Michigan’s only ski and snowboard pump track?

What went on behind the scenes before the launch of “The Pumping Service Pump Track at Crystal Mountain” in February 2021? One month earlier, the pumping company had rebranded itself after retiring its long-time name, The Benzie, Crystal & Interlochen Pumping Service.

Nate had grown up skiing at Crystal Mountain and his company has provided pumping service to the resort complex for about 20 years.

“We wanted to build more recognition with this new name,” says Nate. “We just asked them if they had any sponsorship opportunities that would help promote our brand. They suggested their new pump track, which is actually what it’s known as, not just because of the sponsorship. How perfect is that?”

A pump track is a continuous circuit track with varying features that help skiers and snowboarders maintain momentum and speed without kick-pushing themselves forward. This one features The Pumping Service signage at various points, including the track launch point.

Brianne negotiated the sponsorship agreement, which is a cash deal, although The Pumping Service threw in a service discount for all resort employees. Crystal Mountain has offered the company first right of refusal on the ongoing sponsorship, but Nate and Brianne have already agreed to extend the sponsorship into its second year.

“We believe it’s working for us,” says Brianne. “Crystal Mountain heavily promoted the sponsorship which appeared in local newspapers and on local television news. A lot of residents approach us simply to tell us they saw our pump track.”

Crystal Mountain also considers the arrangement a success.

“This unique partnership is certainly a first for Crystal Mountain,” says John Melcher, chief operating officer for Crystal Mountain. “The partnership and activation just works.”

Nate’s advice to companies looking for sponsorship opportunities?

“Don’t wait for partnership opportunities to come to you,” he says. “Look around and see if there are any natural sponsorship possibilities in your area. If you don’t ask, you’ll never know.”


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