Product Spotlight - October 2021

Product Spotlight - October 2021

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Cape Cod Biochemical Launches New Bacteria Product 

Cape Cod Biochemical created a new product, Jump Start, designed to accelerate bacterial growth immediately after a septic system or cesspool is pumped, according to Joyce Gresh, president and director of operations for the company.

“When you pump the tank, you pump everything out. The good and the bad,” Gresh states. “Jump Start is a powerful probiotic formula that gives the septic tank what is needed to start with a healthy tank, with an ideal biome.”

Cape Cod says the formula prevents clogging, sewage backups and odor drafts from septic tanks. It also reduces organic sludge, grease buildup and slime layers beneath drainfields, according to Gresh. “Jump Start contains a proprietary probiotic blend of bacteria that remediates various substrates including cellulose, proteins, starch, sugars fats oils and greases that are contained within a septic tank,” Gresh says.

Jump Start is application-specific for use only directly after pumping. It is designed to be applied in septic tanks at a rate of 1 pound per 500 gallons of tank capacity. For cesspools, Cape Cod calls for 2 pounds of Jump Start per 500 gallons of tank capacity. 

Cape Cod wanted to create a product specifically for post-pumping. “Oftentimes homeowners are using septic tank additives when the tank is already being filled in order to prevent issues. But after a tank has been pumped, the biome is disrupted. Healthy bacteria that formed, or was added to the tank, remediating the waste has now been removed,” Gresh says. “Jump Start gives homeowners a head start by adding back that healthy probiotic bacteria to the tank, giving them a healthy biome to start with.”

Cape Cod tested Jump Start on commonly found substances in septic systems like toilet paper and greases, and Gresh said the results were what the company was looking for. “It shows better degradation of these substrates in conjunction with a monthly maintenance product such as CCLS,” Gresh says.  800-343-8007;


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