Case Study - October 2021

Case Study - October 2021

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Program connects restroom users directly and privately with operators

Problem: A Texas PRO got a contract to providing portable restrooms for a golf event. There was no formal process to alert operators on site when restrooms need maintenance. The company had 200 units at the event site. With high number of units, it was difficult to catch problems quickly when they occurred. Traditionally, when the restroom needed maintenance or supplies, someone might alert the event staff. The information slowly made its way through the central support team and reached the operator after changing hands multiple times. As a result, the restrooms stayed dirty longer and the event management spent its support resources passing around the message to the operator.

Solution: AirVote QR smileys were posted inside the restroom units with the question “How clean is this restroom?” A single scan of the smiley registers a vote – happy, so-so, or sad. Anonymous comments go directly to the operator with the location of the restroom. Happy responses are linked to the company’s social channels.

Result: The event management team gave outstanding feedback to the operator serving the event, as they received no problem reports about the restrooms. Meanwhile, the operator was receiving direct alerts from the users and was able to quickly clean dirty restrooms. 425-314-3334;


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