Product Focus - October 2021

Product Focus - October 2021

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Business Software

AllyPro software

AllyPro is business management software designed to reduce the cost of operations and simplify processes. It allows review of critical business information in real time, and it is designed to meet the specific needs of the portable sanitation industry, including comprehensive inventory, paperless dispatch, mobile application, complete customer CRM, billing and fleet maintenance. As a Software as a Service (SaaS) platform, the customer’s business can be accessed from any internet-connected device by users with proper credentials. It’s suitable for the small operator who may need to be on the move some of the time, as well as a large enterprise that requires multiple accesses to follow its business. The system allows the user to name and arrange varied field functions, describe equipment and customize status updates and services provided. 888-974-8488;

CRO Software Solutions

CRO Software Solutions is a cloud-based, interactive asset management software solution designed for the solid and liquid waste industries. It is designed to solve real-world challenges of asset management by linking customers, drivers, dispatchers and managers on a simple interface. It offers ease of implementation and a simple initial setup. 844-276-2467;

ServiceCore software

ServiceCore software is a QuickBooks-compatible, all-in-one solution custom-built for companies in service industries. Through route optimization, scheduling, customer management, accounting and other fundamental features, it is designed to help companies better manage their schedules, customers and inventory. 844-336-0611;

Fleet Management


ClearPathGPS’s dash camera solution provides additional fleet visibility and protection for field service businesses. Video captured is seamlessly linked to GPS tracking data and provides two forms of evidence in the event of a claim. Twenty-second video clips can be requested from within the portal and stored in the media manager for 30 days or downloaded locally for sharing/storing. Event snapshots can be sent by the driver to be documented in our GPS fleet tracking system on command and can immediately be viewed remotely by the operations team. Its 4G LTE connectivity means cloud upload and access to clips. 888-734-0384;

DPL Telematics 

AssetCommand Base

AssetCommand Base from DPL Telematics is the complete tool for companies to increase driver safety and productivity while decreasing the costs and risk of vehicle accidents and theft. It empowers managers to remotely shut down their machines, wirelessly locate them anytime via GPS, collect odometer/runtime readings, track service intervals and receive real-time alerts for speeding or potentially dangerous driving. Driver ID options include iButton or RFID badges to restrict access to authorized drivers and correctly log each driver’s activity. Users can also receive alerts for loss of power, boundary or curfew violations to curb unauthorized use. It is palm sized, has no external antenna and contains an internal backup battery to continue operating the unit if disconnected. To provide flexibility for seasonal usage, the device is billed on a month-to-month agreement, allowing customers to deactivate and reactivate anytime without penalty. 800-897-8093;

Ritam Technologies 

Summit Route Management

Summit Route Management from Ritam Technologies provides worldwide, single-click route optimizing with companion iOS and Android apps to increase productivity and efficiency. Start small and grow by adding billing, customer accounting and reporting in the comprehensive Summit Rental System. Efficient routing improves customer service and profitability, with the program providing cost metrics to measure performance, route progress monitoring (on maps), delivery/pickup routing separately or blended with service routes, proof of service, missed service follow-up, software workflow to improve accuracy, efficient billing, prorations for damage waivers, delivery charges, fuel charges and more. Optional customer access includes online payments. 800-662-8471;

Leasing/Financing Service

AP Equipment Financing application-only finance program

Application-only finance programs from AP Equipment Financing are available for businesses to purchase new or used revenue-producing equipment with costs up to $200,000. Applications have become simplified with no need for paper. Businesses can apply through a smartphone or computer, with fixed payments so owners can keep peace of mind with monthly payments that match their cash flow. 888-996-0305;  


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