Turn Your Drivers Into a Portable Restroom Sales Force

Tex-San Site Services workers look sharp and sell restrooms every day

Turn Your Drivers Into a Portable Restroom Sales Force

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Roy Baring encourages his drivers to present an image of professionalism and efficiency to the customers of Tex-San Site Services of San Antonio, Texas.

First, they all wear well-kept Tex-San uniforms — jeans and a plaid shirt with the company’s logo — and they are encouraged to meet and get to know on-site supervisors as they go about their servicing and delivery runs.

“We don’t want our drivers to just service and leave the site,” he says. “We encourage them to talk with the clients and get to know them and their needs.” The process has been an excellent way to help drivers promote Tex-San’s service-oriented culture. It has also made the employees feel they are an integral part of the company.

Driver bonus drives sales

To nudge his drivers to communicate with clients, Baring offers a $20 bonus for every new portable restroom that a driver has discovered is needed at a site. “Several of our drivers have taken off with this, and they’ve become a strong mini sales force,” Baring says. Last December, one driver alone sold 34 units. Most drivers are averaging 15 sales per month.      

The increased business is appreciated, but Baring is also excited by the number of customers who have called him to say, “Your man was just in here, making sure everything was OK. That helps us a lot, and we appreciate it.”

“This has been a win-win for us,” Baring says. “I knew this was making a difference when clients started calling me and saying, ‘Your driver thinks I need this. We better do it.’ That proved the clients respected the driver and his opinion and proved they didn’t think the driver was just trying to shove more units down their throats.”


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