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Advanced Treatment Units

Anua PuraSys sequencing batch reactor

The Anua PuraSys sequencing batch reactor ships in a kit that can be installed in hours in standard septic tanks. The kit includes a control panel, floats, predrilled siphon pipe, PVC pipe stands, siphon/sludge pump, aerator and drainfield pump. It can be used for new construction or in existing tanks to renovate biologically failed trenches or sand mounds. It uses a batch process where the treatment steps are completed in a timed sequence. The process is energy efficient; treatment occurs as needed using intermittent aeration, mixing and settling. It is certified to NSF/ANSI 40 Class I and NSF/ANSI 245 (nitrogen reduction). Residential and commercial configurations are available. 336-547-9338;

BioMicrobics FAST

BioMicrobics FAST is an integrated, fixed-film activated sludge treatment process with sequencing fixed reactor technology. Suitable for environmentally sensitive areas, the process removes more than 90% of total suspended solids and reduces the biochemical oxygen demand and nitrogen levels while being cost-effective and low-maintenance, as no replacement filters or media cleaning is required. After a separation process, an aboveground blower introduces oxygen to the tank to circulate water through the system’s media, where self-regulating microbes absorb organic material. Treated water leaves the tank for dispersal or reuse. The system can be placed in a new septic build (MicroFAST) or retrofitted into an existing tank (RetroFAST). It comes in multiple sizes for use in residential homes to large-scale commercial operations. 800-753-3278;

NextGen Septic GenX Retrofit

GenX Retrofit septic technology from NextGen Septic can be installed in any approved septic tank and works to repair a clogged soil drainfield. It includes a compact, stand-alone, automated, two-stage treatment system for domestic sewage that produces a clean-water output. The sewage is collected in a tank, where solids are broken down under anoxic conditions, while the wastewater is aerated with biomedia and low-noise submersible pumps in the secondary compartment. The second stage, which occurs in a separate treatment unit, treats nitrogen and phosphorus through a no-maintenance-required membrane and ozone disinfection system that lets water and salt pass through, while rejecting the solids and dissolved organic contaminants to create a clean-water output suitable for surface discharge. The clogged field begins to percolate water in as little as eight to 12 weeks, once the biomat thickness becomes small enough to allow water to get through at a reasonable rate, according to the maker. 513-673-3583;

Orenco Systems AdvanTex AX-RT Series

The AdvanTex AX-RT Series of advanced wastewater treatment systems from Orenco Systems is designed for onsite system repair and rehabilitation. All interior components are installed, plumbed and adjusted at the factory. Units can be shallowly buried for use between a functional, watertight septic tank and a functioning drainfield. The three-in-one design includes recirculation, treatment and discharge in a single unit to simplify installation and eliminate the need for additional tanks, basins, risers and lids. The system can be maintained with an annual service call. Filters and textile media are accessible and cleanable, and control panels are touch-safe. No blower is needed for the passively vented system. An optional UV disinfection unit is available. 800-348-9843;

Aeration Pumps/Systems

Geomatrix Systems SoilAir

SoilAir from Geomatrix Systems intermittently aerates the drain/leachfield and surrounding soils rather than constantly aerating wastewater in a tank. This process allows rapid rejuvenation of failed septic systems, extends the life span of new leachfields and enhances treatment, according to the maker. Systems can serve single and multifamily homes, as well as challenging and high-strength waste streams, such as restaurants, hotels, marinas, laundromats, health care facilities, grocery stores, food processing facilities and convenience stores. 860-510-0730;

Aeration Pumps/Systems

Wholesale Septic Supply Fuji Mac aerators

Fuji Mac aerators, distributed by Wholesale Septic Supply, use rare-earth magnets or neodymium magnets for power. This allows for a draw of 1.0 amp on the 80 model, producing 80 liters at 2.2 psi. The housing helps dissipate heat and noise more rapidly, keeping units cooler and helping vital components such as the coils and diaphragms last longer. The noise level is 30 dB at 5 feet, so they are extremely quiet. They come with an alarm barb tap, auto-stop switch and thermal overload protection, and they are UL listed. 936-681-8198;

Alarm Systems/Components

Grundfos Pumps LC 231 and LC 241 level controllers

LC 231 and LC 241 level controllers for emptying or filling from Grundfos Pumps allow a technician to set up a station in minutes and access data with the Bluetooth-connected Grundfos GO app integration. The controller has predefined settings and supports up to five control levels for analog level transmission or float switch operation. Integration of one or two pump controls is even easier for those on the move. 630-236-5500;

SJE-Rhombus EZconnex

The EZconnex four-port float switch connection system from SJE-Rhombus is a manifold/float connection system designed for easy installation. The manifold features four quick-release float switch connection ports. Red-blue-yellow-white wire pairs match a color-code system on the manifold housing for easy identification and field wiring. The system is rated for short-term water submersion. The mounting bracket is designed for quick access to the manifold and float switches for simple maintenance. The system can be used with up to four float switches. Each float switch includes a protective rubber boot, providing a dual seal to keep connections clean and dry. Sealing plugs are available for unused manifold ports. 888-342-5753;

Effluent/Sewage/Sump Pumps

Flygt - a Xylem Brand Concertor 

The Concertor smart, interconnected wastewater-pumping system from Flygt - a Xylem Brand senses the operating conditions of its environment, adapts its performance in real time and provides feedback to pumping station operators. It offers energy savings of up to 70% compared to a conventional pumping system; it also reduces inventory by up to 80% due to flexible performance. Clog-free pumping operation and clean wet wells can save up to 80% in vacuum cleaning costs, according to the maker. Its compact design reduces cabinet size by up to 50%. It offers a wide performance field to choose the right operating point, simplifying fine-tuning. 855-995-4261;

Franklin Electric SSI Series

SSI Series submersible pumps from Franklin Electric are designed to be a cost-effective, high-flow option available in 6-, 8- and 10-inch models with flows from 85 to 1,300 gpm at a maximum 1,250 feet of head. The stamped, stainless steel pumps are fully serviceable and corrosion-resistant. I-Blade technology is designed to improve the structural integrity of internal components, pumping more water per horsepower and improving efficiency. Utilizing TIG progressive welding, the metal materials are mixed during the process, creating a stronger bond for durability in harsh environments. 260-824-2900;

Polylok PL-CPE5A

The PL-CPE5A from Polylok is a submersible 1/2 hp, 115-volt, single-phase effluent pump with a 2-inch NPT vertical discharge. It has a maximum head of 48 feet and a maximum flow of 64 gpm. It is designed with a 3,450 rpm, oil-filled, permanent split-capacitor motor and has an amp rating of 8.5 for 115 volts, cast iron housing and volute with a cast iron vortex impeller that passes 3/4-inch-diameter solids. The stainless steel shaft is supported by two single-row, oil-lubricated ball bearings. The shaft seal is an inboard design with a secondary exclusion V-seal. Construction materials are carbon for the rotating face and ceramic for the stationary face. All elastomers are Buna-N, and the hardware is 300 Series stainless steel. It has a 20-foot UL/CSA-listed power cable suitable for submersible service and fitted with a three-prong plug. It is supplied with an integrated clip on its piggyback mechanical float switch for automatic operation. 888-765-9565;


Sim/Tech Filter STF-100A2

The STF-100A2 pressure filter from Sim/Tech Filter helps maintain proper and efficient year-round operation of mounds, sand filters and other pressurized distribution systems. The low-headloss (0.21 psi) pressure filter mounts on the discharge side of an effluent pump, acting as a last line of defense to prevent plugged holes and reduce effluent TSS. This mounting location also extends the time between servicing. The vortex action created by the pump scrubs the screen and the backflow through the filter after the pump shuts off, washing debris out. A single 2-inch filter can handle flow rates up to 83.8 gpm. It can be designed to handle almost any flow rate or load. Larger 3- and 4-inch filters are available. The standard screen filters to 1/16 inch, and optional socks allow for additional filtration to 0.024, 0.007 or 0.004 inch. 888-999-3290;

Grinder Pumps

Ashland Pump AGPR

The AGPR 2 hp residential grinder pump from Ashland Pump has a hybrid grinding system constructed of hardened 440 stainless steel to create a hybrid grinder/slicer cutting mechanism. It has a quick-change power cord, integral quick-change float switch option, 416 stainless steel solid shaft, durable polymer vortex impeller, carbon ceramic mechanical seal, internal start components and a solid-state switching relay. It is available with a 1 1/4-inch NPT vertical adapter or horizontal bolt-on adapter. It handles domestic wastewater by grinding solids to a fine slurry for worry-free operation in today’s ever-changing stream of wastewater. 855-281-6830;

Hand/Power Tools

Crust Busters agitator

The hand-held power agitator from Crust Busters has an 80-inch shaft and two- or three-blade propeller designed to mix a 1,000-gallon septic tank in five minutes. Options include 2-, 4-, 6- and 9-foot extensions and a short three-blade shaft that adapts to the two-blade unit. 763-878-2296;


BrenLin Seal-R

Seal-R septic tank lids from BrenLin create a strong seal between the septic tank and the riser, eliminating water infiltration between the tank and riser. They are made of durable materials, range from 12 to 42 inches and can be personalized with a service provider’s company information. The 42-inch lid meets growing demand for bigger risers to accommodate new technology. 888-606-1998;

Fergus Power Pump Duel Power Lid 

Duel Power Lids for septic tank installations or restorations from Fergus Power Pump are designed for new installations or to complete restoration projects by replacing a concrete lid. It is designed like the rafters in a house to give structure durability and support heavy wheel load without added weight to the lid. The top is slightly domed to meet compliance throughout the U.S. Lids can be insulated with R-value of 6 and are available in 18-, 24-, 30- and 36-inch sizes. 218-736-6772;

Nitrogen Reduction Systems

Jet Inc. J-1500CF Series

The J-1500CF Series nutrient-reducing BAT media plant from Jet Inc. offers variable capacity in a NSF 245 tested treatment system. It provides complete effluent treatment from 500 to 1,500 gpd. The 500- and 800-gpd PLT Series tanks are the lightweight, rotational molded alternative to the concrete J-1500CF Series. The seamless polyethylene tanks are easy to transport and install in difficult site conditions. The system uses a 700++ aerator, effluent filter and the Jet 197 control panel, which cycles the aerator to reduce nitrogen by over 60%. 800-321-6960;

Norweco Singulair TNT

The Singulair TNT (Total Nitrogen Treatment) system from Norweco is an advanced wastewater treatment system that reduces total nitrogen by more than 68%. Certified performance data from NSF Standard 245 verifies that average effluent contains 7 mg/L nitrate, 12 mg/L total nitrogen, 4 mg/L CBOD5 and 9 mg/L TSS. The system offers flow equalization, effluent filtration and low electrical usage. It is designed for easy installation, operation and maintenance to reliably minimize effluent nitrogen concentrations, according to the maker. Nitrogen reduction is achieved without requiring effluent recirculation or the addition of chemicals. All treatment is accomplished within the tank. 800-667-9326;

Premier Tech Aqua Ecoflo Biofilter

The Ecoflo Biofilter from Premier Tech Aqua is offered as a nitrogen-removal unit using a new add-on kit. Integrating a pressurized flow divider to recirculate a fraction of the water back to the primary tank, all records and management of the dosing pump’s cycles are monitored by a simplex control panel. It is available in ready-to-use rotomolded units or concrete units integrated into existing tanks made by local precasters. The 40% increased hydraulic load of the coco media has also allowed the development of the Ecoflo PACK, an all-in-one treatment system integrating the biofilter and primary tank delivered to sites in a single monobloc configuration, reducing wait and installation time. 604-346-8199;

Pressure Washers and Sprayers

Cam Spray CV Series

The CV Series cargo van drain jet from Cam Spray offers diesel-fired hot water for additional jetting power. Several models are available up to 4,000 psi and 12 gpm. A triplex plunger pump with power pulse valve provides an extra push when needed. Air purge and recirculation to the tank are provided for freeze protection. A 5-gallon fuel tank provides hours of runtime. It comes with a heavily built, powder-coated frame with full deck and 130-gallon water capacity; a 12-volt DC reel with 2-1 clutch drive allowing for free spooling; and a powered hose return. It is controlled by a push button or foot switch. Accessories include a four-nozzle set, storage box, tip cleaner, tiger tail, safety shield, rubber gloves, high-visibility safety vest, 50-foot washdown hose and trigger gun. 800-648-5011;

Easy Kleen Pressure Systems Portable Pickup Skid 

The Easy Kleen Pressure Systems Portable Pickup Skid is a self-contained system for portable cleaning. This unit was designed and manufactured in-house to fit in a 6-foot-6-inch pickup truck box. Forklift slots and a lifting eye makes loading the unit easier. Choose between a 14 hp Kohler or 13 hp Honda gasoline engine or a 9.8 hp Kohler diesel engine. All models are equipped with an oil-fired commercial hot-water, gearbox-driven General Pump offering 4 gpm at 3,000 to 3,500 psi, 225-gallon water tank, hose reel and winterizing system. It is suitable for municipal cleaning and construction, as well as building restoration, cleaning and maintenance. 800-315-5533;


TUF-TITE tank risers

Tank risers from TUF-TITE have internal supports or ledges to reinforce internal plastic safety lids. The ledges will strengthen the company’s plastic internal safety lids or a variety of internal safety devices made by others, such as concrete, fiberglass or rope netting. The riser lids come with the necessary mounting hardware, including safety screws. 800-382-7009;

Septic System Bacteria

Cape Cod Biochemical CCLS

CCLS from Cape Cod Biochemical was originally formulated for municipal waste treatment facilities, and the technology has been miniaturized for onsite septic systems. According to the manufacturer, it provides the same primary treatment required by treatment plants including BOD and COD removal, solids settling, solids digestion and odor control. 800-343-8007;

Century Chemical Bio-Tab 

Bio-Tab from Century Chemical sinks to the bottom of a septic tank where buildup problems begin. Its time-release technology is designed to gradually dissolve and create a growing area of activity at the bottom of the tank. There, self-reproducing bacteria and enzymes quickly grow as they digest and liquefy the organic waste. The tablet establishes itself by working from the inside out. Regular use, combined with routine pumping, is designed to help maintain a septic system in good working condition while also helping maintain the proper level of bacterial action and reducing odors and gases. 800-348-3505;

Ecological Laboratories PRO-PUMP/HC

PRO-PUMP/HC liquid live bacteria from Ecological Laboratories are a blend of microorganisms selected for broad-spectrum application in industrial and wastewater treatment. It contains over 30 strains of bacteria to resolve the problems that occur in septic systems. Its performance results in the rapid breakdown and removal of fats, oils and greases that build up in septic tanks and absorption fields, according to the maker. It is a consortium of vegetative non-spore-forming bacteria formulated to exhibit exceptional performance in low-oxygen facultative anaerobic environments. Regular treatment can help reduce surface solids, bottom solids and odor, satisfying customers and making pumpouts more cost effective. 800-326-7867;

J&J Portable Sanitation Products NuTank

NuTank septic system treatment from J&J Portable Sanitation Products is designed to replenish the enzymes in a septic tank. With high concentrations of billions of specific bacteria, it is engineered to break down solids, scum and sludge for a healthier septic system. Monthly usage can help reduce the potential for backup and costly repairs such as drainfield damage, according to the maker. It can help boost the progression of bacterial decomposition to help keep the septic tank and drainfield functioning, even battling harsh detergents and antibacterial products. Once a month, toss one dissolving packet into a drain or toilet and wash or flush down. It is environmentally friendly and safe for all plumbing. It comes prepackaged in 12 packets per jar and 12 jars per case. Company contact information can be added to each jar. 800-345-3303;

Lenzyme Trap-Cleer bacteria products

Private-labeled Lenzyme Trap-Cleer bacteria products include the contractor’s company name, and they increase revenue and help maintain customers’ septic and drainfields. They are designed to make septic pumping easier. According to the maker, they can eat grease and organic materials in septic lines and drainlines. 800-223-3083;

Septic System Bacteria

Surco Portable Sanitation Products Enz-O-Matic

The Enz-O-Matic biological organic waste degrader and odor eliminator from Surco Portable Sanitation Products includes a high concentration of nonpathogenic, live bacteria cultures designed to rapidly degrade organic wastes with a blend of surfactants and odor counteractant fragrance. It is nonpolluting, contains no acids or toxins, and is certified Salmonella-free. It contains over 200 billion live bacteria cultures per gallon, according to the manufacturer. The bacteria count doubles every 20 to 30 minutes to provide continuous enzyme production. Enzymes digest and liquefy grease, blood, urine, vomit, feces, sewage and other organic substances, neutralizing odors on contact. It can be used for drainlines, septic tanks and septic spills. 412-789-8683;

Walex Products Bio-Active Septic Tank Treatment

Bio-Active Septic Tank Treatment from Walex Products can help reduce solids and restore the population of worker bacteria and enzymes, helping keep septic systems healthy between recommended tank pumping, according to the maker. Monthly application involves flushing one packet down the toilet. It is safe for all plumbing and helps prevent backups and dissolves solids. Each bag contains a one-year supply. 800-338-3155;

Septic System Chemicals

Arcan Enterprises Septic-Scrub

Septic-Scrub chemical additive from Arcan Enterprises is designed to help remove sludge that builds up and sticks to the stone in a drainfield, pit or sand mound to rejuvenate the drainfield. According to the maker, it works in the first 24 hours after application. It can serve as part of a maintenance program. It works with all types of systems, is safe to handle and is environmentally friendly. 888-352-7226;

Septic Tanks - Poly, Fiberglass, Concrete

Den Hartog Industries low-profile septic tanks

Low-profile septic tanks from Den Hartog Industries are designed to provide safe and durable storage. The tanks are furnished with multiple fitting locations for a variety of plumbing configurations and two openings for buried lids or access/inspection risers. They are available with one or two compartments with capacities of 1,000, 1,200 or 1,500 gallons. They may be backfilled empty and have sectional ribbing designed to sustain vertical soil pressures of up to 500 psf at a maximum soil depth of 36 inches. 712-752-8432;

Infiltrator Water Technologies IM-Series Tanks

Injection-molded IM-Series Tanks from Infiltrator Water Technologies are available in multiple sizes including the IM-540 pump tank, IM-1060 and large-capacity IM-1530 septic tank. Lightweight, strong and watertight, the tanks enable shallow, multiple and serial tank installation options in septic and pump applications. All have integral heavy-duty lids that interconnect with the watertight click-and-lock EZsnap riser. The tanks also have structurally reinforced access ports, reinforced structural ribbing and fiberglass support posts to provide additional strength. The two-piece tank design nests for efficient shipping, and inboard lifting lugs make delivery and handling easier. The tanks frequently house advanced wastewater treatment systems such as the ECOPOD fixed-film bioreactor system or the ECOFILTER pump vault tank filtration system. 800-221-4436;

UV Disinfection Equipment

SALCOR 3G UV Wastewater Disinfection Unit

The 3G UV Wastewater Disinfection Unit from SALCOR is used for residential, commercial and municipal applications, and it is UL-certified NEMA 6P flood-proof and NSF/Washington State Protocol six-month tested (with 21 upstream treatment systems). It inactivates bacteria/virus pathogens, including superbugs. Rated at 9,000-gpd gravity flow, it is meant as a reliable building block for large water recovery/reuse systems, according to the maker. When installed in 12-unit parallel/series arrays with ABS pipe fittings, systems can disinfect more than 100,000 gpd. Gravity flow equalizes without distribution boxes. Each unit has a foul-resistant Teflon lamp covering, two-year long-life lamp with efficient installation, minimal annual maintenance and energy use of less than 40 watts. 760-731-0745;

Vent Pipe Filters

Simple Solutions Distributing WVI Inline

The WVI Inline activated carbon filter from Simple Solutions Distributing is installed in an attic or crawl space inline of the current vent to remove septic odor. The filter comes in 4- and 6-inch sizes, with the smaller able to be bushed down to 1.5-, 2- and 3-inch sizes. It comes with 2 pounds of Sulfursorb Plus activated carbon, which is poured into the 2-inch fill port. The unit is equipped to accept an optional screw-in saturation indicator that changes color to indicate when carbon needs to be changed. It is suitable for extreme cold climates, as it is enclosed in an attic or crawl space. It can be installed in any climate where septic or sewer vent odor exists and the roof vent filter needs to be hidden. 973-846-7817;


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