Product Spotlight - August 2020

Product Spotlight - August 2020

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B500 Max Pak makes a play to convince pumpers to switch to blower technology

To satisfy market demands in the wastewater industry, National Vacuum Equipment has miniaturized its industrial blower technology, gearing it toward septic pumping with the B500 Max Pak.

“We’ve had a lot of demand for blowers from our septic pumping customers over the years, so we designed the B500 Max Pak specifically for those applications,” says Jeff McDonald, a factory sales representative for National Vacuum Equipment. “It can be used to replace the vane pump and can often be mounted in a similar footprint to not take up more room on the chassis.”    

The B500 Max Pak uses a high-vacuum tri-lobe blower with an integral four-way vacuum/pressure changeover valve. This package is oil-free and constructed durably, moving up to 500 cfm. It is capable of running continuously at 24 inches Hg vacuum, with a maximum of 37 hp.

“Because there is no oil consumption, there’s also no oil discharge on these units,” McDonald says. “It is a cleaner-running unit that eliminates the chance for mess and pollution issues from spilling and leaking oil. When you are parking your truck on customers’ lawns and in their driveways, that’s an important distinction.”

The B500 Max Pak offers air injection cooling, easily accessible grease points, aluminum moisture trap, exhaust and ballast air silencer, an exhaust temperature gauge, easily maintainable prefilter, pressure relief valves and a blower flush kit. It is equipped with 3-inch plumbing hookups, a 1-2 speed increasing right-angle gearbox and a clockable gearbox bracket for easy matching of driveline angles. Its approximate weight is 760 pounds.

McDonald believes there are a host of reasons why pumpers consider blower packages.

“A lot of these guys have never used blower technology, but the ease of maintenance, increased power and lack of any mess is intriguing,” he says. “We feel the blower is the next step of vacuum technology. The trend in the industry has been to offer more capability and easier maintenance to keep these drivers on the job and working. We feel this is a bolt-on package that follows that trend.” 800-253-5500;


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