Injection-Molded, Potable Water Tank Made For In-Ground Use

Injection-Molded, Potable Water Tank Made For In-Ground Use
Injection-molded IM Series

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Injection-molded IM Series potable water tanks from Infiltrator Systems are NSF 61 certified for potable use. Available in 552-gallon, 1,287-gallon and 1,787-gallon capacities, the light blue tanks feature structurally reinforced access ports, reinforced structural ribbing and fiberglass support posts.

“The big interest we’re seeing for this is on the West Coast where our customers face significant water availability challenges,” says Jim Bransfield, director of marketing for Infiltrator Systems. “We fully expect this to be a great market opportunity for our industry in general, not only treating water but providing clean water as a resource.”

Made of virgin polypropylene, the water tanks are designed for buried applications and require no special installation, backfill or water filling.

“A lot of cisterns are above ground, but in buried applications we see it being used with a low-producing well so you have adequate water when you need it,” Bransfield says. “It also has great application for rainwater harvesting and any situation where you have a need to store water.”

The injection-molded design features a mid-seam joint with EPDM rubber gasket for a watertight seal. The two-piece tank is permanently fastened with noncorrosive plastic alignment dowels and locking clips.

“Water is a valuable resource. You want to make sure you have a watertight connection no matter how it’s plumbed or assembled,” he says.

Adaptable to most site designs, the lightweight tank is easy to transport; four lifting lugs and a lifting strap aid in installation.

“What makes it unique is the ability to be assembled locally,” Bransfield says. “It’s produced in two halves that are nested for efficient shipping.”

The 552-gallon tank (model IM-550C) is 65 inches long, weighs 191 pounds and has a maximum pipe diameter of 4 inches. The 1,287-gallon tank (IM-1280C) is 127 inches long, weighs 346 pounds and has a maximum pipe diameter of 6 inches. The 1,787-gallon tank (IM-1760C) is 176 inches long, weighs 501 pounds and has a maximum pipe diameter of 4 inches.

All tanks are 62 inches wide, 55 inches tall and have a 6-inch minimum burial depth and 48-inch maximum. Model IM-1280C has two fiberglass supports and model IM-1760C has four supports.

Reinforced access ports eliminate distortion during installation and pumpouts. Tanks can also be pumped dry. Two 24-inch access ports accept locking lids and risers. 800/221-4436;


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