Lesson Learned About The Need For Periodic Septic Tank Pumping

A customer learns the hard way about the importance of periodic septic tank pumping.

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This feature in Pumper reports noteworthy conversations that take place at the Pumper Discussion Forum, an online forum for industry professionals found at www.pumper.com. Pumper Discussion enables exchange of information and ideas on septic and drainfield installation and maintenance, trucks and equipment, portable sanitation, chemical and additives and much more. Information and advice in “Overheard Online” is offered in good faith by industry professionals. However, readers should consult in depth with appropriate industry sources before applying such advice to a specific business situation.

Statement: I got a call Friday from a man who I have seen a few times in my travels. When he speaks to me, he is so proud that he has never cleaned his tank, that the tank has never needed pumping. I know it’s his cheapness and frugality. Now he needs to find the tank and pump it out. It turns out his well is loaded with E. coli. I reminded him of our past chats and how I told him, “That’s a very dirty waste stream you’re putting out.” I didn’t mind at all saying that.

So I’m going there Monday, and before I start I’m going to draw him a quick cost analysis on what he has “saved” by not pumping, never mind bathing in and drinking fecal matter and urine. I wish I would have recorded that conversation for future marketing purposes.

We all do our best but guys like him are not good customers. I’ll help him out, but it’s going to be a premium price.


Let us know what you find and how much you charge him, hope it’s plenty.

I would bring about a 1,000 gallons of water with me from another tank so you have something to back-flush with. You know that tank is going to be solid.


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