Dewatering Tubes Used to Dewater and Store Sludge

Dewatering Tubes Used to Dewater and Store Sludge

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Problem: The City of Jackson, Mississippi, had three equalization basins at the Savanna Street Wastewater Treatment Plant that received overflow sewage during heavy rain events. Over the years, biosolids had built up to the point that there was a 70 percent reduction in the available storage volume. The city needed to remove approximately 92,000 dry tons of solids from the basins, while keeping them available to handle overflow during wet weather.

Solution: Denali Water employed hydraulic dredging together with TITANTubes from Flint Industries as the method to remove, dewater and store the solids. Because of the limited space, the tubes needed to be stacked four high, and the contractor was required to achieve at least 22 percent solids after 30 days of tube dewatering. The dredged slurry was injected with aged and mixed polymer flocculent and then pumped to the high-flow geotextile tubes.

Result: The dewatering process exceeded expectations by dewatering the sludge faster than anticipated. This allowed the contractor to keep pumping and safely stack the tubes, and to use fewer tubes than originally expected. The UV stability of the TITANTubes also allowed the city to put off hauling and disposal to a future budget cycle. 912/685-3375;


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