Use Technology to Enhance the Back End of Your Septic Services Business

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The latest tool technology can help make diagnosing septic system issues or installing new tanks easier, but it can also do the same for the back end of your business. Whether you’re looking to manage team schedules, simplify invoicing or engage clients better, there’s technology to help you.

Here are some examples of those tech options and how they can help in various areas.

  • Streamline bookkeeping — No one wants to be stuck behind a desk all day crunching numbers or figuring out who still has an outstanding balance. Utilizing apps to help process payments and keep track of outstanding invoices can help you get back to the job site quicker.

    For example, Joist, a mobile and web application for small-business contractors, allows you to estimate, invoice, record and process payments from the job site.
  • Simplify team scheduling and management — Ensuring everyone on your team knows where they are needed and what they are responsible for each day is vital to enhancing efficiency and ensuring quality project completion. Fieldwire, a construction field management platform designed for the job site, allows you to organize, assign and distribute work from any device along with enabling sharing of job site punch lists, blueprints and as-built drawings for easy review of work completed now or in the future. 
  • Take the hassle out of payroll — Wish payroll wasn’t so complicated or time-consuming? TSheets, a mobile time-tracking and employee scheduling app, lets employees view their schedule and clock in and out remotely. It also syncs with accounting and payroll software for accurate time tracking data for payroll.
  • Manage tool maintenance — Tool manufacturers are increasingly integrating software into their tools that allows for monitoring of tool usage, location and service needs remotely. Utilizing this technology and data can help you plan for tool maintenance and minimize unexpected job site downtime.

    For example, RIDGID Link, a mobile platform that interfaces with RIDGID tools equipped with Bluetooth technology, allows for real-time monitoring of key tool data including work completed, service history and more.
  • Enhance client engagement — Whether you want to send clients an appointment reminder or “thank you” discount code for their next service, messaging programs that automatically send out reminders and follow-up can be the ideal solution.

    For example, Apptoto, an automated reminder service, extracts contacts from your calendar and automatically sends text, email or voice appointment reminders and post-appointment follow-ups. 

Taking advantage of even just one of these services can lead to a more efficient business that leaves more time for the things you enjoy.


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