Product News: March 2018

Check out the latest product offerings for the pumping industry

Product News: March 2018

The Titan Class truck-mounted, dual-engine combination machine from Vac-Con

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Vac-Con Titan Class combination machine
The Titan Class truck-mounted, dual-engine combination machine from Vac-Con features enhanced twin cyclonic separators, one located on each side of the truck, for optimal efficiency and filtration. The Aeroboost three-stage fan balances airflow, resulting in less turbulence and more power. The water system features 1 1/4-inch plumbing and ball valves. Upgraded hydrostatic and auxiliary drive systems that operate the vacuum and water functions lower noise emissions and reduce overall fuel consumption without sacrificing power. 904-284-4200;

Franklin Electric FPS PowerSewer System
The FPS PowerSewer System from Franklin Electric is a low-pressure system available in 60-, 72-, 84- and 96-inch basin sizes, and it pumps wastewater to a collection or treatment area as an alternative to gravity sewer systems and septic tanks. The basin’s internal C-channel assembly releases from the top of the unit, designed to simplify accessibility and maintenance. The float tree is spring-loaded and easily removable, with a lift handle to simplify pump removal. The system features an isolated pump support that can accommodate heavier pumps for expanded applications. Inclusion of the FPS high-head grinder allows the system to produce a maximum shut-off head of 200 feet, with a maximum flow of 35 gpm. 260-824-2900;

HammerHead Trenchless XPR pneumatic hammers
HammerHead Trenchless’ XPR series of high-performance pneumatic hammers for pipe ramming and pipe bursting applications features a high-flow valve system that produces a more powerful impact. The XPR technology allows for the reverse function to be controlled above ground, simplifying tool removal from pushing collets and burst heads. The 26XPR is capable of installing casing 24 to 84 inches in diameter and is suitable for use in drainage culverts, pipeline work, and horizontal directional drilling assist methods, such as wash over casing installations, pipe assist or pipe extraction, and guided pilot bore ramming. It is also effective in pneumatic pipe bursting applications of pipes ranging from 15 to 36 inches in diameter. 800-331-6653;

Water Cannon Inc. - MWBE pressure washers
Pressure washers from Water Cannon Inc. - MWBE feature a recirculation module that cools the water while the trigger gun is closed. The triplex ceramic plunger pump is designed for commercial and professional daily use. To protect wear parts, it includes an overheat safety valve that will open and close automatically to allow the recalculating higher-temperature water to be released, allowing cool water to replace it. 800-333-9274;


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