WWETT Show 2016 Product Preview

WWETT Show 2016 Product Preview

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There are many reasons to attend the Water & Wastewater Equipment, Treatment & Transport Show. The education courses, networking with other industry professionals and a concert with 25-cent tap beers all are great reasons to attend. But then there’s the exhibit hall. Products from more than 600 companies take up the entire 540,000-square-foot Indiana Convention Center. This year exhibits are spilling out into the hallways.

You won’t want to miss this. (Register here if you haven’t already.) Here’s an advance look at some of the equipment you will see in February.

Amthor International
The 4,000-gallon aluminum Matador vacuum tank from Amthor International comes standard with a 5/16-inch-thick side shell and floor, full head baffles and no external rings. It is available as a dumping tank with or without full-opening rear doors, code or non-code, as well as with off-road construction options for various oilfield and mining applications. Various pump models are available, as are chassis and stock tanks. 800/328-6633; www.amthorinternational.com; Booth #4331, 4332, 4333, 4335.

AQUA-Zyme Disposal Systems
The Roll-Off Dewatering Unit from AQUA-Zyme Disposal Systems can reduce liquid sludge volume by 80 percent, with reductions in BOD, COD, FOG and TSS up to 98 percent. Solids can be landfill-ready in 24 hours. Units are mobile and can be transported with a standard roll-off truck. They are watertight, with 1/4-inch steel floor plates and 7-gauge sides, rollover tarps, quick-connect fittings, dual inlet ports, multiple drain ports with caps and a life span of 12 to 14 years. Standard sizes of 15 and 30 cubic yards are in stock, with custom sizes available. 979/ 245-5656; www.aqua-zyme.com; Booth #2006.

Ashland PolyTrap
The 4800 Series from Ashland PolyTrap is PDI-approved, and can be installed on the ground or belowground. It is non-stick for easy cleaning and is available in a multitude of sizes. The high-density polyethylene grease traps/interceptors will not rust or corrode and are lightweight with one-piece mold construction. Large commercial sizes are available up to 350 gpm. Grease, oil, lint, hair and solids traps/interceptors are also available. 800/541-8004; www.ashlandpolytraps.com; Booth #6237.

Banjo Corp.
The Dry-Mate 2-inch full-port polypropylene valve from Banjo Corp. is designed for safe and easy, spill-free connections. Its double ball valve design combines unrestricted flow with simple operation. The handles interlock, making it easy to identify which handle opens or closes first. The over-center clamps are easy to use, creating quick and positive engagement of the components. The two halves may be rotated 20 degrees either direction with respect to each other and still be clamped together and function properly. Both handles have interlock buttons, which prevent the balls from accidently being opened when the halves are separated. 765/362-7367; www.banjocorp.com; Booth #1325.

BASE Engineering
The ASKR handheld from BASE Engineering gives operators the ability to control industrial equipment/vehicles from outside of the cab, eliminating the need for most two-man teams. The operator has the freedom to move around the work site, controlling the vehicle with precision and accuracy from a safe distance while getting the best vantage point. The system has up to 12 custom functions (including Emergency Stop capability), various modes of operation to suit specific needs, a range of up to 2,000 feet and a 300-hour continuous use, rechargeable battery. 800/924-1010; www.baseng.com; Booth #4227.

The Super Mini roll-off trailer from Benlee allows a company to use an existing tractor to handle and control all roll-off needs. When coupled with a day cab, the length comes within a foot of a standard roll-off truck and carries the same 20-, 30- or 40-yard boxes. It can get into tight spots, and allows for large payloads. It is built with ArvinMeritor 25,000-pound axles, Parker 1-inch Tough Cover hoses and chromium trivalent-plated 1-inch steel lines. Units are available for immediate shipment with or without tarp systems. 734/890-6822; www.benlee.com; Booth #2343, 2344.

BLUEline rotary lobe pumps from Boerger are self-priming, valveless, positive displacement pumps. The series offers 21 pump models with flow rates up to 7,500 gpm. The screw rotor provides pulsation-free operation for the gentle conveyance of viscous and abrasive materials. All equipment is constructed using Maintenance in Place design. Through the quick-release cover, all wetted parts can be maintained or replaced by on-site staff without the removal of pipe or drive systems. 612/435-7300; www.boerger.com; Booth #2461, 2462.

Bright Technologies
The 1.7-meter, trailer-mounted belt filter press unit from Bright Technologies has an insulated control room with FRP walls, air conditioning, electric heat, a refrigerator, stainless steel desk, tool storage, locker, closed-circuit TV and remote operator controls. The modular design allows the room to be custom-manufactured to fit most single-drop trailers. Units are made for rapid setup, with folding conveyor and operator walkways. No special lifting equipment is required. 800/253-0532; www.brightbeltpress.com; Booth #4223, 4224.

Compact hydroexcavators from CANVAC Trucks come with aluminum vacuum and water tanks, cabinets, oil reservoir and cyclones. They are compact, maneuverable and user-friendly, with a Hibon 1,500 cfm blower in a heated acoustic enclosure. They are designed to be operated in bitter cold temperatures, with a durable 1 to 10 gpm at 3,000 psi water pump, a full-rotation all wireless 6-inch boom, 36- by 36-inch rear mudgate and a double-acting telescopic hoist to 50 degrees. The unit is mounted on a four-wheel-drive Freightliner for tough conditions. 289/880-7888; www.canvactrucks.com; Booth #5345.

Cat Pumps
The Model 3560 high-pressure water pump from Cat Pumps has two performance ratings – 35 gpm at 3,000 psi or 20 gpm at 4,000 psi. It is ideal for equipment operating in high-duty cycle/remote applications, such as hydroexcavating and jetting. It can be direct-driven hydraulically or pulley driven from motor or engine. V-packings and low-pressure seals are completely lubricated and cooled, increasing pump life. No external oilers are required. The wet end is easily serviced without entering the crankcase. Its 316SS discharge manifold is optimal for hydroexcavating and other high-duty cycle applications. 763/780-5440; www.catpumps.com; Booth #2262.

Champion Pump Company
The CPEH5 from Champion Pump Company is designed for pumping through a long run of pipe or high static heads. The cast iron 3/4-inch solids-handling effluent pump has a 65-foot shut-off head. It comes with an internal seal and secondary V-Cup exclusion seal. The high-efficiency 115-volt (or optional 230-volt) PSC motor with upper and lower ball bearings is designed for years of operation and is protected by a thermal overload switch. Power cords are available up to 100 feet. 800/659-4491; www.championpump.com; Booth #2377.

Chempace Corporation
Chempace Corporation can now supply the septic industry with bioForce septic maintenance packets in a recyclable container. This strong high-quality container is 100 percent recyclable and comes with a lid that locks with a tight seal to keep moisture out. The formulation is a quality controlled, certified bacteria that’s 100 percent biodegradable and environmentally friendly. Containers can be private labeled with many different label options. 800/423-5350; www.chempace.com; Booth # 3016.  

Cotta Transmissions
The TR2324 split-shaft PTO from Cotta Transmissions is designed for hydroexcavation, vacuum and similar vocational vehicles. Its flex design is modular with increased performance aimed at minimizing the cost to design or retrofit. Multiple output options allow the PTO and intermediate to be configured to meet specific needs. It handles 650 hp, up to 28,500 ft-lbs of torque, and 3,400 rpm max through speed. A single driveline connection is offered for multiple series drivelines. Multiple top shaft ratios are available, along with “A” through “E” pump pads and lube pump options. 608/368-5600; www.cotta.com; Booth #6021.

Cougar Vibration
The Cougar DC Truck Vibrator from Cougar Vibration, a division of Martin Engineering, provides power to improve the speed and efficiency of unloading pumper trucks and other mobile equipment. The vibration helps achieve more payload per cycle and fewer cycles per job. The small, lightweight unit requires minimal space, and uses a high-speed, low-amp 12- or 24-volt electric motor. Its weatherproof aluminum housing provides a high output-to-weight ratio. It is sealed against dirt, dust and water for long life in extreme conditions, and shielded, oversized, permanently lubricated ball bearings ensure reliable service life. It provides up to 3,200 pounds of vibratory force, and is supplied with mounting hardware and electrical connections. 800/544-2947; www.martin-eng.com; Booth #2004.

The commercial-duty V-117-850 vacuum reel from Coxreels is designed to extract unwanted particles and byproducts from the workplace. This direct hand-crank reel handles up to 50 feet of 1 1/2-inch standard vacuum hose with bullet cuffs. It has a solid one-piece steel U-shaped frame and open-drum design and a no-thread direct-connect port for fast and convenient vacuum hose installation. It is lightweight, compact and has CNC robotically spun and ribbed discs with rolled edges for safety, strength and durability. 800/269-7335; www.coxreels.com; Booth #6215.

Crescent Tank Mfg.
The Flat Vacuum Tank from Crescent Tank Mfg. can carry up to 10 portable toilets or anything needed for the job on the flat tank. It is made from 1/4-inch steel for integrity of the flat design. It can be custom-made for any job. Many chassis options are available. 585/657-4104; www.crescenttank.com; Booth #1102, 1103.

Crust Busters
The Crust Buster hand-held power agitator from Crust Busters has an 80-inch shaft and a two- or three-blade propeller that mixes a 1,000-gallon septic tank in five minutes. Options include 2-, 4-, 6- and 9-foot extensions, and a short three-blade shaft that adapts to the two-blade unit. 763/878-2296; www.crustbusters.com; Booth #4051.




Ditch Witch
The FX65 vacuum excavator from Ditch Witch was designed with the same standard features as the FX60, but enhanced to maximize operator efficiency and productivity. It has advanced airflow at 1,215 cfm, and is powered by a 74 hp turbocharged Deutz diesel engine. It comes with 500-, 800- or 1,200-gallon vacuum tanks and 200-, 300- or 500-gallon water tanks. It has an advanced, three-stage filtration system with a cyclonic filter that cleans the air prior to reaching the filter. 800/654-6481; www.ditchwitch.com; Booth #5216.

Ecological Laboratories
PRO-PUMP/HC liquid live bacteria from Ecological Laboratories is a blend of over 30 microorganisms selected for broad-spectrum application in industrial and wastewater treatment. Its performance results in the rapid breakdown and removal of fats, oils and greases that build up in septic tanks and absorption fields. It is a consortium of vegetative non-spore forming bacteria that exhibit performance in low-oxygen facultative anaerobic environments. Regular treatment surface solids, bottom solids and odor, satisfying customers and making pump-outs more cost effective. 800/326-7867; www.propump.com; Booth #5247.

Flo Trend Systems
The Sludge Mate Container Filter from Flo Trend Systems is a simple one-step process for dewatering a variety of sludges. It has no moving parts, requires minimal labor and maintenance and is easy to use. The Poly-Mate Polymer Mixing and Injection System conditions the incoming sludge. Sludge is then pumped into the unit’s inlet manifold through the Mix-Mate manifold. The Poly-Mate prepares sludge for ease of dewatering and clarity of discharged fluid. It dewaters alum and wastewater treatment plant sludge, septic tank waste, grease trap waste, lagoon sludge, slaughterhouse waste, wastewater residual, sump bottoms and industrial waste. 800/762-9893; www.flotrend.com; Booth #6136.

The 1600 Hydrovac from Foremost has a heated 42-inch van body and is recommended for both urban and industrial applications. It allows for water capacities of 1,600 gallons and a 13-yard debris body. Vacuum power is supplied by a Robuschi RBDV125 blower. A Cat 3560 wash pump and 740,000 Btu boiler are used. The boom is rear mounted, 8 inches in diameter, fully rotational and controlled by an Omnex wireless controller, which also controls the vehicle rpm, wash and vacuum functions. All off-load functions can be performed with the remote and via a sloped debris floor design and washout system. The dump door is 48 by 58 inches, providing a large area to allow for tank cleaning. An optional 4-inch Hydratech off-loading pump system allows for pumping off in a contained manner when discharging liquid loads. 403/295-5800; www.foremost.ca; Booth #6311.

Fruitland Manufacturing
The Eliminator 250 package from Fruitland Manufacturing is specifically designed for the portable sanitation service industry, and includes the Fruitland RCF250 commercial and continuous duty vacuum pump, creating optimal vacuum for the portable sanitation business (180 cfm). It has a heavy-duty and integral secondary shut off, oil-catch muffler, drive coupling, vacuum/pressure gauge and all-relief and drain valves. Hydraulic or gearbox drive adapters make vacuum system hook up easy, durable and professional. The package has a compact design measuring just 26 inches wide by 23 inches high, making installation on frame-space-limited portable sanitation service trucks easy. 800/663-9003; www.fruitlandmanufacturing.com; Booth #6007.

The Combo JetVac MC Series Advanced from GapVax is a system control that includes a monitoring feature allowing the operator to observe and troubleshoot the entire system. The display screen (one inside cab/one outside) will control hydraulics, blower and water pump operations with a complete compliment of gauges. All body functions, boom and hose reel functions, vacuum break, throttle and area and safety lighting are wirelessly controlled, while still maintaining proportional boom and hose reel control. The unit is ideal for jetting lines and is available with a hydroexcavation package. 888/442-7829; www.gapvax.com; Booth #6004.

Hannay Reels
The VAC Series from Hannay Reels is made for long-length, large-diameter vacuum hoses. The heavy-duty reels are available with gear-driven crank rewind or a chain and sprocket drive powered by an electric, hydraulic or compressed air motor. It is offered in single- or multi-wrap configurations. The single-wrap design is best used in areas with minimal width dimensions. The multi-wrap works best in areas requiring wider and lower configurations. 518/797-3791; www.hannay.com; Booth #5027.

Hi-Vac Corporation
The truck-mounted X-6 Hydroexcavator from X-Vac, a product of Hi-Vac Corporation, has a 6-cubic-yard debris tank and can store 570 gallons of freshwater with an option for a capacity of 1,000 gallons. The adjustable triplex water pump exerts up to 3,000 psi and is set independently of the blower speed. Vacuum systems range in size from 2,600 cfm at 27 inches Hg vacuum to 3,400 cfm at 16 inches Hg of vacuum. Its 6-inch vacuum hose exposes any type or size of underground utility, especially in residential areas where space is tight and crews want to avoid blocking residential streets. 740/374-2306; www.x-vac.com; Booth #1362.

VTB.XL series vacuum blowers from Hibon Inc. (a division of Ingersoll Rand) are designed specifically for the rigorous demands of the vacuum truck industry. They are available in nine sizes, offer high flows over 6,700 SCFM and deep vacuum exceeding 28 inches Hg. 888/704-4266; www.hibon.com; Booth #2428.


In The Round Dewatering
User-friendly horizontal dewatering drums from In The Round Dewatering are mounted on a roll-off frame. They can dewater 18,000 to 25,000 gallons per fill, providing liquid-free material overnight. The drum provides results with any material that will flock, including grease. Filling can be done multiple times prior to rotation, and the unit turns every two hours, usually overnight. It is energy efficient, as it only requires 1/4 hp to operate. 317/539-7304; www.itrdewatering.com; Booth #2361, 2362.

Keith Huber
The Knight PD air-mover from Keith Huber is capable of 6,100 cfm, and incorporates deep vacuum with the ability to pressure off-load. The Huber Master Control allows the operator to switch easily from wet to dry product with no downtime. Its wet/dry diverter valve filtration, deep-vacuum loading and high air conveyance are designed to help move sludges and dry product. 800/334-8237; www.keithhuber.com; Booth #4115.

Lely Tank and Waste Solutions
The 3,600-gallon septic truck from Lely Tank and Waste Solutions is built on a 56,000 GVWR Peterbilt chassis with an Allison 3000 RDS transmission. The tank is dual compartment with a 300-gallon water tank. The spring-mounted tank has top and rear manways with a 12-inch primary, 4-inch inlets and a 6-inch discharge with valves. The vacuum pump is a Masport HXL400 plug-and-play with oil catch and final filter. The systems include a jetter with 200-foot hose reel with electric return. Toolboxes are mounted on both sides, and the bumper has a receiver with trailer connections. 800/367-5359; www.lelytank.com; Booth #5316, 5317, 5319.

Logan Clutch Corporation
Self-adjusting, hydraulic or pneumatic Bell Housing PTO clutches from Logan Clutch Corporation are available for diesel- and gasoline-powered waterjet blasting machines. They mount directly to a diesel or gasoline engine’s flywheel, and replace older-style, mechanical lever-activated PTOs. Piston travel compensates for any disc wear, eliminating the need for mechanical linkages, levers and yokes. When pressure is removed, release springs separate the friction and steel disc pack, maintaining a running clearance when disengaged. Push-button remote activation from inside a truck cab or control panel is possible. 800/525-8824; www.loganclutch.com; Booth #4004.

The HXL400WV vacuum pump from Masport is a 400 cfm pump capable of up to 25 inches Hg and 20 psi for continuous duty. It is water stabilized so it can achieve those performance levels, make pump startup easier in cold weather and extend the life of the vacuum pump. It is compatible with tank sizes up to 5,000 gallons and can be PTO-, belt- or hydraulic-driven. 800/228-4510; www.masportpump.com; Booth #2401.


Mid-State Tank Co.
High-quality aluminum pressure vacuum tank trailers from Mid-State Tank have capacities up to 9,000 gallons. Tanks are constructed with internal baffles and external rings to satisfy a 14.9 psi design. They come in full frame with single-axle, tandem-axle or tri-axle suspension, depending on the capacity and design required. They are also available in stainless steel and DOT 407/ASME certified. 800/722-8384; www.midstatetank.com; Booth #6522, 6525.

Milwaukee Rubber Products
The Gas Alert Micro Clip from Milwaukee Rubber Products provides protection from atmospheric gas hazards. It offers visual compliance at a glance with the flashing green IntelliFlash. Easy one-button operation reduces training time and lets workers focus on the job at hand. For simple, cost-effective management of records, calibration and bump testing, it is compatible with the MicroDock II automatic test and calibration system and Fleet Manager II software. Its continuous LCD shows real-time gas concentrations while its compact and lightweight design makes it comfortable to wear. It is water-resistant with a built-in concussion-proof boot and multi-language support. It is powered by a rechargeable lithium polymer battery. 800/325-3730; www.milwaukeerubber.com; Booth #3032.

Moro USA
The AC5 fan-cooled vacuum pump from Moro USA is a continuous duty pump for industrial applications. It is capable of a continuous vacuum of 22 inches Hg, with a free-flow rate of 460 cfm capable of pumping nonvolatile liquids and sludge from long distances, with a suggested tank size of 2,000 to 6,000 gallons. It has an integrated check valve, changeover valve, automatic oiling system, industrial-duty bearings, Viton seals and high flow-rate asbestos-free spark-proof vanes. It doesn’t require a liquid cooling system. Dual cooling fans keep it operating efficiently even in rigorous conditions. It includes 4-inch flange connections and is available in pre-assembled pump packages with stand, secondary and oil catch. It can be drive, gearbox, hydraulic, pulley or engine driven. 800/383-6304; www.morousa.com; Booth #3122.

National Vacuum Equipment
Challenger Series 4310 Blower Pro Paks from National Vacuum Equipment have been updated with a new enclosure design to improve the ease of maintenance while dramatically decreasing sound levels. An internal ballast silencing system coupled with a number of exhaust silencer options yields a package that meets the needs of end users. They are available in frame- or top-mount models, with multiple drive options. 800/253-5500; www.natvac.com; Booth #2201.

One Biotechnology
One Biotechnology’s BioOne biological drain and septic system maintainer helps keep drains flowing freely and reduces odors and costly backups between pumping. It does not contain added enzymes or caustic agents, and does not emulsify FOG and move it down the line. It has met the EPA’s Safer Choice challenge, which means that every ingredient in the product has been reviewed by EPA scientists. Only products that meet their Safer Choice Standard, which includes stringent human health and environmental criteria, are allowed to carry the label. 800/951-4246; www.1biotechnology.com; Booth #1462.

Pat’s Pump & Blower
The General Pumps MWS50 high-pressure triplex plunger pump, distributed by Pat’s Pump & Blower, has a low-high pressure packing design with integrated cooling system and vertical fitted suction/delivery valves with a spherical design of sealing areas. It has splash lubrication, an external gearbox and a drain/priming valve. It can be used with recycled water and retrofitted onto any existing truck. 800/359-7867; www.patspump.com; Booth #3012.

Pik Rite
Pik Rite offers a 4,000-gallon polished aluminum vacuum tank on a Peterbuilt chassis. The unit is equipped with a Masport HXL 400 vacuum pump driven by a hot-shift PTO. The tank has a 20-inch rear clean-out manway, a 20-inch top manway and a mounted ladder with safety-grip tread. It has a 6-inch discharge valve with cam locks, and four 5-inch sight eyes. Body features include a 2- by 6-inch tubular rear bumper, an LED running-light kit, right- and left-side toolboxes, low hose hooks and matching polished aluminum low hose trays that combine to make the truck operator friendly. 800/326-9763; www.pikrite.com; Booth #4217, 4218, 4220.

Ram Commercial
The full line of Ram Commercial vehicles includes the efficient Ram 1500 that gets 29 mpg highway, the heavy-duty Ram 3500 that can tow up to 31,210 pounds, and the versatile Ram Chassis Cab that boasts up to 37,500 pounds gross weight rating. The soft-touch interiors on every truck and chassis cab were designed to increase driver comfort. Every knob, button and dial is designed to be simple enough to be operated by someone wearing gloves. 866/726-4636; www.ramtrucks.com/commercial; Booth #1001.

The ESep trap grease processor from RecoverE accepts grease as pumped from the interceptor and separates it from water and most solids through its energy-efficient, multi-stage GreaseBuster process. No additives are required, as the water and solids are returned to the customer’s process and the brown grease is recovered as a pasteurized, low-water biosolid. The fully automated and instrumented unit simplifies odor management, is flexible and can be scaled to the customer’s needs, whether 1,000 gallons a week or 300,000 gpd. 269/271-4977; www.recovere.biz; Booth #1323.

Screenco Systems
The Porta Spreader Screening System from Screenco Systems can be towed behind a pump truck to screen out all inorganic debris while land-applying septic or grease trap waste. It has a telescoping dump hose that flexes up and down and moves in and out while traveling across the field. The unit has a telescoping and adjustable tongue height, 2-inch ball receiver, hinged trash shoots and a powder-coated steel frame. The hopper is constructed from aluminum, with two 12-inch fan spreaders on the bottom rear of the unit. Material is filtered through 3/8-inch gapped steel screens. It works with 4- or 6-inch dump valves, with a capacity of up to 500 gpm. 208/790-8770; www.screencosystems.com; Booth #5324, 5325. 

Slew Master
Vacuum truck boom swivels from Slew Master offer high sealing capacities on the TGE and TE models. They automate the boom movement with high accuracy and 360-rotation capacity. HBS valves are available for slewing, and OVC valves for smooth rotation. The HBS range covers hydraulic and electric swivels to complement the range of supply. 416/628-1014; www.slewmaster.com; Booth #6126.

Superior Signal Company
The 5E Electric Smoker from Superior Signal Company can help find difficult leaks and odors in residential and commercial plumbing systems. Simply connect the blower to any plumbing clean-out or vent, and use an appropriate-size smoke candle to force smoke through faults and cracks to identify the sources of odor and hard-to-find leaks. It handles all residential and commercial smoke testing applications, using smoke candles from 30 seconds to 3 minutes. It weighs just 8 pounds and comes with 8 feet of industrial-grade flex-hose. 800/945-8378; www.superiorsignal.com; Booth #4116.

Tank Track
Tank Track software was created specifically to help septic businesses save time and money. A simple, user-friendly design equips business owners to manage customer and property information, schedule appointments quickly and easily, record pumping data and print work orders and invoices. It includes auto-scheduling for recurring jobs, a service-due notice system and detailed financial reports. Data can be accessed from any Internet location. All subscription levels include unlimited users and workstations, free data storage, unrestricted local backups, setup assistance and customer service. 888/704-1335; www.tank-track.com; Booth #4005.

The Omnibus Precision Power Control System from Vac-Con gives the operator control authority over all vacuum, water and engine functions. One simple control operates all of the vacuum and water system functions of Vac-Con combination machines, allowing the operator to use only as much power as needed, saving time and fuel while allowing precise movements of the hydraulic components. It uses an upgraded electrical system (CANbus) that improves hydraulic performance and optimizes hydrostatic vacuum efficiencies, which includes lower engine rpm and increased vacuum performance. It includes an easy-to-use, full-color operator display that contains all necessary operator functions on a single screen, along with a dedicated diagnostics page, chassis page and virtual circuit breaker. 904/284-4200; www.vac-con.com; Booth #1190.

Oversized and extra heavy portable washrooms can be handled with ease by the Hooklift Routrux from Vacutrux. It has a 4,000-pound traveling winch to pull it on and lift up to 9,000 pounds. It has an 800-gallon, two-compartment galvanized steel vacuum tank with Wally 202 hydraulic drive and is shown mounted on 33,000 gross vehicle weight rating Hino chassis. 800/305-4305; www.vacutrux.com; Booth #6305.

Vantage Trailers
Aluminum vacuum tank trailers and truck-mount bodies from Vantage Trailers are specialized for the environmental, septic, grease, portable restroom and other liquid waste markets. Tanks are offered with a variety of options, including multi-compartment and vacuum systems. Dealers can assist with installation services as well as repair and maintenance. 800/826-8245, www.vantagetrailer.com; Booth #1011, 1055.

Wallenstein Vacuum Pumps - Elmira Machine Ind.
A larger off-load valve boosts performance on 750 Series pumps from Wallenstein Vacuum Pumps - Elmira Machine Industries. They have 422 cfm airflow at 1,200 rpm and vacuum up to 28 inches Hg. Cooling options include air cooling (fan), liquid cooling (jacketed housing) or dual cooling, where air injection is combined with liquid cooling. Lubrication options include a shaft-driven oil pump or an automatic air pressure system that force lubricates with no moving parts. They have extra thick and wide vanes for longer service life and lower maintenance cost. A standard flush port allows routine internal cleaning. A quick-access endplate allows easy internal inspection with no bearings to pull. 800/801-6663; www.wallenstein.com; Booth #5367.

Dewatering containers from Wastequip separate liquids from solids, reducing the overall cost of waste disposal. They are ideal for wastewater treatment facilities, manufacturing facilities, spill sites, construction sites, refineries and mines, and can be custom-configured for specific applications. To ensure no leaks, they undergo stringent hydro-testing, and have a rear door with neoprene rubber or T-gaskets. Bolt-in, easy-to-remove liners are available. When removed, the container can be used for sludge containment. With a 1/4-inch floor, 7-gauge sides, all-continuous inside welds, solid steel nose cone and outside rail understructure, the containers are available in 20 or 25 cubic yard sizes, with round bottom or rectangular configurations. Custom sizes also available. 877/468-9278; www.wastequip.com; Booth #2259.

The Conde’ ProVac preassembled industrial liquid waste pumping system from Westmoor is designed to promote efficient grease trap pumping. The unit is quiet and lightweight and pumps at 120 gpm. Flip a switch to start the unit in vacuum mode for pumping. The built-in exhaust deodorizer keeps odor at a minimum. Flip the switch to pressure mode for off-loading. It can be used for servicing locations not suitable for large vacuum truck hoses, including indoor or remote, difficult-to-access jobs. 800/367-0972; www.westmoorltd.com; Booth #5124.


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