Inside the June 2010 Issue of Pumper

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Processing Pointers
Hapchuk Inc. will open the doors to its dewatering facility for attendees of the National Association of Wastewater Transporters Waste Treatment Symposium
Join the Disposal Discussions
To land spread or not to land spread? That is the question.
What’s Your Tiebreaker?
Don’t allow potential customers to choose a contractor based on price alone. Create a clear reason to hire you over your competition.
Thinking of Selling?
Use these 10 handy tips to position your pumping business for the highest return when you decide it’s time to move on
Right Credit, Right Reason
Don’t be afraid to borrow money when your business needs it. Just know good debt from bad debt and avoid getting overextended.
New Officers, New Directions
Roger Winter was elected president of the National Association of Wastewater Transporters for the 2010-2012 term.
Checking Out Check Valves
A poster looks for a device to prevent basement flooding when water is high and the pump fails
Poised For Pre-treatment
Disposal regulation and rising costs at the treatment plant are forcing pumpers to look at their own dewatering operations
Expanding the Menu
For more than 50 years, the Adkins family has continually taken on a new and varied workload to answer the shifting demand for local liquid waste services
Yes Man
Grand Bend Sanitation owner Andy O’Brien finds his one-word "business plan" speaks volumes about how to succeed
Florida Seeks Nitrogen-Reduction Strategies
An interim report on Florida’s plans to develop passive strategies for nitrogen reduction for onsite sewage systems has been issued.
Get Your Trenches in Order
Sequential distribution design allows the installer to work around drainfield layout challenges posed by obstacles or an unusually shaped lot
Imperial Industries Debris Collector Traps Litter
The Ultimate Debris Collector from Imperial Industries Inc. “combs” debris from septic waste so it can be land-applied according to state regulations or pre-treated for offloading at a disposal plant.
Industry News - June 2010
Labrie Appoints Hurst Regional Sales Manager; von Drehle Named Supplier of the Year; Zoeller Adds Clarus Environmental Product Line; Ranck Elected Chairman of Liquid Environmental Solutions
Product News - June 2010
Featured products of June