Inside the April 2010 Issue of Pumper

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Adapt & Overcome
Nevada’s Sani-Hut employs careful management practices and new technologies to weather 50 years of economic ups and downs
It’s in the Books
Industry trends and optimism for a growing economic recovery are evident at the 30th Pumper & Cleaner Environmental Expo
Selling Hygiene
You already have a contract to place a portable restroom on location. Now work to add a product that will allow users to walk away with clean hands.
Great Stuff!
At the Pumper & Cleaner Environmental Expo, attendees zeroed in on the best new products the liquid waste industry has to offer
Dealing with Debt
A difficult economy can mean strains on small-business finances. Take this advice to help keep debt from dragging your business down.
Reorganization for Maximization
Fifth Annual NAWT Waste Treatment Symposium restructured based on attendee comments
What Pump Oil Are You Running?
Using the right lubricant and providing good maintenance, pumpers report they’re keeping vacuum pumps running smoothly for years and years
Double Duty
Pumpers share their tips on effective employee cross-training to get the most out of the workforce
Keeping Up Appearances
Sharp-dressed restrooms, clean and responsive service brings repeat business for California’s Big Valley Sanitation
Back to School
Staying on top of alternative onsite system technologies and learning about greywater recycling are hot topics for Oregon’s industry association
Minnesota May Inventory, Inspect All State Septic Tanks
By Sept. 15, Minnesota should know the location of all septic systems in the state.
Fill ’er Up!
With proper soil treatment system design, effluent should rise to the top of the trench rock or other distribution medium before flowing to a second trench
Industry News - April 2010
Godwin Pumps Names Managers; Planet Care Acquires Eco-Pure; Earth Friendly Adds Sales Managers; Complete Group to Distribute Five Peaks Products; Dragon Products Launches New Web Site; SouthWaste Acquires Florida Processing Facility