Inside the August 2009 Issue of Pumper

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A Winning Smile
Florida’s Total Septic uses a happy face logo and television advertising to drive home the company message of do-it-all customer service
Classy Truck of August
This month we feature Ronnie’s Septic Tank Service Inc.
Is the Classy Truck in Your Yard? File or Pile?
Follow these six steps to better paperwork organization and you’ll soon break free from menacing office clutter
Pull ’er in the Garage
As summer gives way to fall, it’s time to make sure your fleet is prepped to handle cold-weather challenges
Drainfield Detective Story Appreciated Getting Credit
Maintain a good credit rating and you’ll still find financing at a time when money’s tight
Expect More Maintenance, Buy and Sell Inspection Requirements Propane Pump Tank Looks Tempting
But posters caution a waste hauler to consider all the problems recycling a 1,000-gallon fuel tank might pose to safe truck operation
Truck Size Matters
A variety of factors help pumpers determine the size of a new vacuum rig
Answering the Call
An industrious family celebrates 40 years of pumping tanks and making friends in their Maryland hometown
Primed for Action
Vacuum pump manufacturers offer latest innovations to improve efficiency and performance
The Future of Private Waste Processing
As Orlando’s Select Processing prepares to host the 2009 NAWT Waste Treatment Symposium, company president Steve Macchio talks about treating waste for pumpers
Regulator Clarifies Ohio Onsite Rule Proposal Stop Short on Trenches?
More research is needed to determine whether new distribution media products require smaller drainfields
BDP Industries 3DP Belt Filter Press Industry News - August 2009
Vanair Acquires Air N Arc; Satellite Industries Enhances Web Site; Crest Precast Launches New Web Site; Ohio Approves Puraflo Residential Wastewater System