Product Spotlight - November 2021

Franklin Electric pump attacks clogging and binding issues

Product Spotlight - November 2021

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No matter if it’s in a commercial or residential system, effluent and sewage can be tough on the equipment that moves it. So having the right pump for the application is crucial. Franklin Electric used its experience in the industry to identify an area of need and developed the Little Giant 16G Series of grinder pumps.

“Clogging and pump binding is a topic we’ve seen only get more attention as time goes by,” says Kyle Johnson, product manager of grinder pumps for Franklin Electric. “Issues can compound when you look at fractional horsepower of sewage/effluent pumps, because they lack the power to clear debris.”

According to Johnson, the Little Giant 16G can provide the right amount of power and torque to grind debris into slurry. “In many cases, transitioning from a 4/10 or 1/2 hp pump to a 2 hp grinder is impractical, and this is where the 1 hp grinder pump often proves to be the best fit,” he says. 

For this reason, the Little Giant 16G Series are 1 hp pumps offered in both 115- and 230-volt options. The units are primarily for residential and light commercial applications and serve as a drop-in replacement for any effluent or sewage pump that is struggling with clogs and binding, Johnson explains. 

Johnson says that Franklin Electric used its vast experience building pumps to design the 16G grinder pump to work effectively. 

“We continued to build on our organizational commitment to quality, integrating additional features throughout development,” Johnson says. He explains that product benchmarking “focused on multiple aspects, including grinding capability and accelerated life testing.”

The series incorporates a sealed, 20-foot replaceable power cord, a heavy-duty Class F motor with silicon carbide mechanical seals, nonskid feet and dual discharge types and sizes. 

“The 16G Series cutters provide an astounding 745,200 cuts per minute, preventing flushables and other debris from causing clogs and downtime,” Johnson says. “We continuously improve our products and processes to deliver valuable and innovative solutions that better serve our customer’s needs,” Johnson says. Each pump comes with a three-year warranty and is 100% factory wet tested. 844-250-4982;


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