Product Focus - October 2020

Product Focus - October 2020

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Oxford Plastics Systems StrongFence 

Oxford Plastics Systems’ StrongFence provides safe access for pedestrians through roadway and construction areas. The barricade system is stable and sturdy in any weather conditions. The heavy-duty, plastic base is ADA compliant and nonconductive. Plastic mesh and anti-climb top sections may be added to reach a height of 6.5 feet. Sections interlock to prevent tampering. The fence bases and top sections stack for easy transport and handling. 800-567-9182;


Allied Graphics Decals

Decals from Allied Graphics are designed to stand up to tough environments. Their adhesive is designed exclusively for the portable restroom industry to stick and stay put on units. The decals use premium, long-life vinyl and ultraviolet inks to hold up and look good for years, according to the maker. The decals can also be applied to sinks and trailers. 763-428-8365;

Graffiti Removal

Century Chemical Graffiti Wipes

Graffiti Wipes from Century Chemical are designed for fast, easy cleanup of ink from nonporous surfaces. The abrasive, yet nonscratching fabric aids in cleaning and can be used on a variety of surfaces, including portable restrooms, showers, partitions and hand-wash stations. They are premoistened with an environmentally safe and biodegradable cleaning formula that removes paints (including enamel), ink and permanent marker. A few swipes with a single wipe dissolves unwanted paint and graffiti, according to the maker. Each case contains six canisters, with each canister holding 70 wipes that are 9 1/2 by 12 inches. 800-348-3505;

Odor Control

LunarGlo LunarVent solar exhaust fan

The LunarVent solar exhaust fan from LunarGlo has been improved in design and function, as it’s now lighter, stronger, shorter and more aesthetically pleasing than the previous model. It has the same strong solar cell and moisture-proof fan assembly as before. However, an outlet redesign with a larger exhaust area enhances the amount of fumes the unit will expel during daytime operation and provides greater natural airflow during nighttime hours. 574-294-2624;

Surco Portable Sanitation Products Fresh Lube Pump oil exhaust freshener

Fresh Lube Pump oil exhaust freshener from Surco Portable Sanitation Products is ultraconcentrated so that little is used during operations. Its oil-based formulation, which includes a cherry fragrance and odor neutralizer, is added to vacuum pump oil, counteracting malodors while freshening the surrounding air, minimizing complaints. It works in septic pumpers and portable restroom service trucks that use vacuum pump oil. It also works while pumping vaults, grease traps and dairy fat. It is available in 1-gallon totes, 5-gallon pails or 55-gallon drums. 412-789-8683;

Walex Products Ovation

Ovation air fresheners from Walex Products contain odor control technology and freshening capabilities designed to last more than 30 days. The product can be used in portable restrooms, vehicles, homes, storage rooms or anywhere a boost of fragrance is needed. They are lightweight, 3.5 inches in diameter and available in three fragrances and colors: fresh/blue, citrus/orange and lavender/purple. To use the disc, tear open the package, remove the disc and pin it or hang it anywhere. If it’s being placed in direct contact with surfaces that can be damaged by this contact, such as finished wood, polished surfaces and certain plastics, packages should be torn open and the disc left in the package and placed near the source of foul odors. 800-338-3155;

Portable Restrooms

J&J Portable Sanitation Products Echo

The Echo portable restroom from J&J Portable Sanitation Products is a durable unit designed to withstand constant use and abuse. It is easy to clean and maintain and includes a domed floor with drains in front of the tank top for easy cleaning and no puddling. It includes an easy-to-clean deep-sump holding tank and a hover handle. The sides and roof have built-in handgrips for easy moving. 800-345-3303;

NuConcepts VIP

The VIP from NuConcepts uses extruded aluminum structural elements, polyethylene walls and sun-strong fiberglass doors. It is solar powered and self-contained; it has a flushable porcelain toilet, sink with auto-off faucet, LED interior lights, exterior in-use light, power roof vent, acrylic mirror and roto-cast tanks. Options include air conditioning (requiring 110 volts), interior heating, winterizing package, water heater, city water and sewer connections, dump valves and a power converter. 800-334-1065;

PolyJohn Comfort XLT

The Comfort XLT from PolyJohn has a large static tank that holds 60 gallons or a flushing tank that holds 45 gallons of waste, making it suitable for private and public events (weddings, concerts, fairs, festivals or parties), whether formal or informal, where guests seek a little more room. Options include a larger tank and hand-wash sink. 800-292-1305;

Sansom Industries Zenith

The Zenith portable restroom from Sansom Industries has an 80-gallon holding tank with deep sump, blow-molded construction, a roomy interior with ample headroom, smooth interior surfaces for easy cleaning, stainless steel fasteners, a three-roll paper holder and attractive aesthetics, according to the manufacturer. Many custom options are available. 844-972-6766;

T blustar RapidLoo PRO

The RapidLoo PRO from T blustar can be assembled easily in less than three minutes without the use of tools and may be transported and stored in a four-unit package, utilizing the space of one assembled restroom. By reassembling the four-pack, the three units packed inside are protected from ultraviolet light. It helps enable 75% transport cost savings and 75% saved warehouse space. It includes a double door spring, an easy-slide handle for closing the door, three grab handles on each panel, extended skids in the base with anchoring locations and a SkyScraper Kit for lifting. Available accessories include a solar-powered light, recirculating flush, freshwater flush and an internal hand-wash sink. 404-482-0736;

Portable Restroom Mover

Deal Assoc. Hitch Hauler

The Hitch Hauler from Deal Assoc. is a portable restroom carrier that fits into a standard 2-inch hitch receiver. It is designed to carry one restroom and the Super Mongo Mover hand truck, and leaves the vehicle’s brake lights and turn signals visible. A pickup’s tailgate can be lowered without removing the unit, and when not in use, simply pull the hitch pin. It can be stored in the back of the truck or sport utility vehicle, with nothing hanging off the back. It allows carrying restrooms with a pickup truck outfitted with a slide-in tank or expands a pickup truck’s carrying capacity to three restrooms. 866-599-3325;

Portable Sinks

Armal Aqua Stand

The Aqua Stand outdoor portable hand-wash sink from Armal is designed to withstand any weather and can be used for construction, special events and in municipal parks. Its 23-gallon water tank has a tamper-resistant lid. It has foot-pump operation and optional soap and paper towel dispensers. It is double-sided, lightweight and easy to maneuver and use. It fits inside the Armal Wave restroom and most other portable restrooms for easy transport. 770-491-6410;

Manitu Traders multipoint hand-washing station

The multipoint hand-washing station from Manitu Traders is constructed from high-density polyethylene. It features two separate tanks: one on top for freshwater and one on the bottom for collecting wastewater. The design of the top tank lid allows it to collect and use rainwater. It offers four different settings, with one to four hand-washing points. It has hands-free activation, as it’s operated by gravity force using a mechanical foot pedal. It doesn’t require hydraulics or an electric connection, and the top tank includes a belt that soap and paper towels dispensers can be installed from. The bottom tank includes a belt to be picked up for easy transportation and movement. It is available in 875- and 1,300-use sizes.

Satellite | PolyPortables Tag 4

The Tag 4 portable sink from Satellite | PolyPortables balances the fundamental strengths of the company’s original TagAlong sink, with improved design and functionality to offer a more operator-friendly, free-standing hand-wash station. It holds almost any size soap and towel dispenser. A new locking mechanism, easier suction port and freshwater tank access, plus larger handgrips on all four sides, make it a convenient, everyday option, according to the manufacturer. It has been enhanced with a siphon pumpout port at the base, providing easier access to isolate graywater from freshwater. The unit is serviceable from both sides, allowing graywater and freshwater tanks to be easily emptied and drained. 800-883-1123;

T.S.F. Tuff-Jon 90-gallon free-standing sink

The Tuff-Jon 90-gallon free-standing sink with trash container from T.S.F. provides two wash stations; hands-free, foot-operated pumps; towel dispenser; and 10-cup-capacity soap dispenser. A lifting bracket allows for easy positioning in high-rise applications. The lifting bracket has a 1/4-inch wire cable, weighs 30 pounds and is safety orange. The unit is constructed from easy-to-clean polyethylene, with 45-gallon waste and freshwater capacities, a towel dispenser, trash container, protective skid plate and freshwater drain plug. It weighs 85 pounds. 800-843-9286; www.tuff‑

Restroom/Shower Trailers

A Restroom Trailer Co. (ART Co.) 1404-W

The 1404-W restroom trailer from ART Co. is designed for fast and easy setup with a sleek, streamlined appearance. The 14-by-8-foot, four-station unit comes with foldout steps and stabilizer scissor jacks. Units are available in Embassy, Cellar, Estate and Chalet interior finishes and in several exterior color combinations to match existing fleet colors. Standard features include a 535-gallon waste tank, 200-gallon freshwater tank, heavy-duty steel frame, integral trailer skirting, 2 5/16-inch adjustable trailer hitch, heavy-duty tongue jack, maple cabinetry, Corian countertops, LED lighting, and ducted heat and air conditioning. Options include flip-up steps, AM/FM/MP3 stereo and pipe-mount leveling jacks. 269-435-4278;

Ameri-Can Engineering shower trailers

Shower trailers from Ameri-Can Engineering are available in 15 models, including handicapped accessible and ADA compliant. Shower/restroom combination trailers and decontamination shower trailers are also available. Each trailer is designed for rugged, long-term use and easily accommodates a large number of users with comfort and cleanliness, according to the manufacturer. The trailers are easy to set up and service and are user friendly. Shower trailers are available in many different sizes, colors and floor plans. All trailers have an extra-large, steel, epoxy-lined waste tank; Torflex axles; a lockable equipment room; onboard poly freshwater tank; and on-demand propane hot-water heater. 574-892-5151;

Comforts of Home Services ADA line

The ADA-accessible line of restroom, shower and combination trailers from Comforts of Home Services is in full compliance with federal guidelines for the interior of the trailer. Access options include a stand-alone, commercial aluminum ramp system. The trailer is lowered using electric, one-button execution for 20-foot and smaller models. Trailers longer than 20 feet have an ADA lowering module with attached aluminum ramp. The hydraulic lowering system is designed for customers renting the trailer or moving the trailer numerous times at the same venue. It takes less than 15 minutes to lower the ADA module and then lower the aluminum ramp. 630-906-8002;

JAG Mobile Solutions Smart Shower

The Smart Shower from JAG Mobile Solutions is a compact, fully compliant, eight-stall shower trailer. A 9,900-pound gross vehicle weight rating means maximum mobilization safety. A “Class A” commercial driver's license is often not required to transport the unit, depending on local regulations. It has a compact profile box of only 25 feet, making maneuvering more showerheads into smaller spaces a possibility. It can save more than 60 square feet of real estate when mobilizing for disasters and special events. It includes sinks, large stalls and dressing areas sized to meet federal and state contract requirements while providing a full-size experience for patrons, according to the manufacturer. 800-815-2557;

Lang Specialty Trailers shower trailers

Shower and restroom trailers from Lang Specialty Trailers have private cabins available, helping companies get compliant quickly and keep their workforce safe in light of the pandemic. Trailers can be rented month-to-month and placed immediately, providing convenience over permanent facilities. This can help lower expenses and eliminate downtime waiting for permanent facilities to be built. 724-972-6590;

McKee Technologies - Explorer Trailers Comfort Station

The Comfort Station restroom from McKee Technologies - Explorer Trailers has heavy-duty steel construction and comfortable private facilities designed for use in remote locations and extreme conditions, according to the manufacturer. Loading and transport is simple using either the incorporated crane-lift hooks or forklift skid. The washroom includes a stainless steel sink; easy-to-clean, fiberglass-reinforced plastic interior wall panels; and metal floors. It has a 90-gallon freshwater tank and 130-gallon waste tank. The utility closet includes service access to the thermostat, water and electrical. It’s wired for 110-volt electrical service. 866-457-5425;

Rich Specialty Trailers Wedding Event Trailer

The Wedding Event Trailer from Rich Specialty Trailers is designed to allow the wedding party to change clothes or touch up makeup. The trailer is built with two private restrooms and also a separate room for the bride with an adjourning toilet and sink, full-width sink mirror and full-height wall mirror. Blue accent mirror lighting can be turned on or off with a wall switch. A winter package can be ordered with a decorative, heat-producing fireplace. A Durabuilt fiberglass roof package is also available with deluxe exterior wide aluminum trim. Additional features available include waterproof items such as the composite trim and composite cabinet packages. 260-593-2279;

Service Vehicles

Amthor International Flat Vac

The Flat Vac multipurpose portable restroom vacuum tank from Amthor International allows the operator to carry up to 12 restrooms on top of the tank and pull a restroom delivery trailer. The tank has a rounded bottom with a full-length, formed sump design for drainage and full baffles for strength. The flat tank has wastewater and freshwater compartments, as well as an option for a chemical or brine compartment. It is available in steel, stainless steel or aluminum. It comes with a workstation and a vertical cabinet with an aluminum extruded door and shelves. A liftgate is installed behind the tank to load and unload restrooms. All units are custom-built to specifications. 800-328-6633;

Crescent Tank vacuum tank

The Crescent Tank vacuum tank is completely flat inside and out. It can carry up to 10 portable restrooms, and the weight capacity is the same as a flatbed truck. It has no baffles, allowing it to be emptied completely to avoid internal corrosion. With the included pump at specified cubic feet per minute, unnecessary fatigue of the structure is eliminated and the life of the tank is prolonged. It is made from 1/4-inch-thick steel for structural strength. Its workstation is designed for the portable restroom industry. The liftgate rail width allows units to fit, and multiple liftgate decks and rail options are available. Freshwater is held inside the external 1/2-inch-thick poly tank. It can be installed on any chassis within the specifications required for each model based on axle ratings and maximum load capacity. 585-657-4104;

FMI Truck Sales & Service WorkMate

The WorkMate service truck from FMI Truck Sales & Service has equal weight distribution of the sidewinder tank designed to extend brake life and improve handling. The two food-grade poly water tanks are plumbed to carry brine, freshwater, premix or any combination of fluids with no corrosion or rusty water. The ergonomically designed workstation with more than 60 cubic feet of storage space saves time and effort during the workday, minimizing restocking and driver movement. With the ability to carry four restrooms, delivery and pickup expenses are greatly reduced. An E-track load securement system eliminates the need for ropes. Its modular design allows components to be easily replaced or transferred if damaged. The entire vacuum system is plumbed using hot-tar hose and Masport components. Marine-style wiring is used, and all of the electrical systems are contained in a watertight panel with automatic reset circuit breakers. 800-927-8750;

KeeVac Industries KV999

The KV999 from KeeVac Industries carries a 999-gallon portable restroom vacuum tank for operators who want to stay under the U.S. Department of Transportation tanker endorsement requirement. It is available in steel, stainless steel and aluminum, with single- or dual-side service, holds 699 gallons of waste and 300 gallons of freshwater and includes a two-unit fold-down restroom carrier with trailer hitch. The tank can be mounted on a variety of chassis and with a variety of pump options. Each unit also comes with an upgraded DC-10 washdown pump and hose reel from Hannay Reels. Exterior controls and dual cabinets are designed for operator safety and convenience. An arctic package and safety lighting are available. 866-789-9440;

Pik Rite Flatbed Restroom Hauler

The Flatbed Restroom Hauler from Pik Rite has a 650-gallon tank, flatbed and liftgate. The tank has a 400-gallon waste compartment and internal 250-gallon freshwater compartment for even weight distribution. The truck includes a National Vacuum Equipment 304 vacuum pump, dual 2-inch fill hoses, 20 gpm washdown system, dual-spring return freshwater hose reels and dual 2-inch bucket fills. A 20-inch top manway, 5-inch sight eyes and clear hose sight tube are included. The truck is also equipped with a 98-by-102-inch aluminum flatbed and Thieman TVL liftgate. Two diamond plate toolboxes are mounted on the passenger side. The truck has an LED running light kit with a durable, fully molded wiring harness. 800-326-9763;

Robinson Vacuum Tanks PR1200A

The PR1200A from Robinson Vacuum Tanks is a 1,200-gallon aluminum portable restroom service truck, split for 900 gallons of waste and 300 gallons of freshwater. This model is set up standard with dual side service including toolbox, suction hose and bucket fill. The unit comes with a bumper capable of towing a trailer, and it has a folding platform to haul two portable restrooms. The range of chassis options includes choice of the chassis manufacturer, two-wheel or four-wheel drive, and gas or diesel. There are also multiple options for vacuum and water pumps. 814-933-0927;

Slide-In Units

Imperial Industries 550-gallon steel slide-in unit

The 550-gallon steel slide-in unit from Imperial Industries includes a 100-gallon poly water tank, Masport HXL3V vacuum pump with 9 hp Honda engine, 30 feet of 2-inch waste hose, a 50-foot garden hose on a hose reel, TOICO Industries water pump and a 3-inch discharge. It is available as a stand-alone unit or situated on a 7,000-pound gross vehicle weight rated tandem-axle trailer. 800-558-2945;

TankTec slide-in tank

Slide-in tanks from TankTec range from 100 to 995 gallons. The tanks are available in single-compartment for grease and septic or two-compartment for portable restroom service. 888-428-6422;

Transport Trailers

Johnny Mover Trailer Sales trailer

The portable restroom transport trailer from Johnny Mover Trailer Sales has skid locking, using an iron bar with a chain-binding system to secure multiple units. Models are available to handle six to 20 restrooms, and all feature brakes, paint options, lighting, leaf-spring suspension, front deflectors to protect units from road spray and debris, and optional powder coating and chrome wheels. 800-498-3000;

Liquid Waste Industries trailer 

Custom-built portable restroom delivery trailers from Liquid Waste Industries carry six to 24 restrooms and come with or without sides. They are built with heavy-duty steel and come standard with torsion axles, electric brakes, flush-mounted lights, and 10- or 13-inch wheels and tires. Custom upgrades include gates, leaf-spring axles, fold-down ramps, LED lights and choice of hitch. 877-445-5511;


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