Wallenstein 1600 Series Rotary Vane Pump

Wallenstein  1600 Series Rotary Vane Pump

The Wallenstein 1600 series high-airflow rotary vane pump, made by Elmira Machine Industries Inc., combines high vacuum with quieter, low-rpm operation.

Available in both air- and liquid-cooled models, the pump can generate airflows of 800 cfm at 15 inches Hg and 1,000 rpm, and offers rapid vacuum recovery and velocity loading. It is suitable for either a retrofit on an existing truck or for installation on a new truck, says James McKee, sales and engineering manager.

“This pump is capable of full vacuum at low rpm,” McKee says. “Compared to a blower, it spins slowly, but still achieves high airflow.”

The pump can be angle-gearbox, belt- or hydraulically driven, depending on an operator’s preference and available space. “It fits neatly under a truck frame,” McKee says.

The pump’s design features quick-access end plates for easy maintenance; a 4-inch vacuum/offload valve; and an integrated final filter with an anti-spin check valve. The liquid-cooled model also features air injection, which keeps the pump cool under demanding applications, such as longer lifts or pumping heavy solids or sludges. Depending on customer preference, the unit comes with mechanical piston-pump lubrication or forced-air lubrication, McKee says. 800/801-6663; www.wallensteinpumps.com.


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