Exhaust Odor Control

A poster is looking for variety in scented oils used in conjunction with the vacuum pump to freshen the work environment

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I get some good cherry-scented pump oil from a company called Surco, and wintergreen from another. Are there any other fragrances out there? And are there many other companies that supply scented oils?



Masport sells PumperScent. Chandler Equipment sells a scented vacuum pump oil, and I’m sure others do, but those come to mind.



I used the PumperScent on an older truck. That stuff flat out works. You have to keep the tank filled (refill every 2-3 days, depends on how much you’re pumping), but it takes up valuable real estate on the truck since it’s an add-on tank. I use the Chandler pump oil on my trucks now. Great consistency (manufacturer recommended if you’re using Jurop pumps).



The PumperScent is a box that is installed after your oil-catch muffler. It’s got a bunch of Wiffle-like balls that the oil clings to. Then when the pump runs, the exhaust passes by all the surfaces with the oil on it. The oil is atomized (I think) into the exhaust air from the pump and makes it smell better.



At the Pumper & Cleaner Expo several years ago, I purchased some additive from Chempace to add to my regular pump oil, and am very pleased with it. It cut down the odor problem by 70 percent. I eliminated most of what was left using other means.



Did it work that well for grease traps too? Septic tanks aren’t really a big problem; the wintergreen oil is just fine for that, but does almost nothing against the stench that some grease traps emit. When we had the Masport system, it was great. But all my trucks now don’t have the room required for another tank bolted on.



The only way I have found to eliminate odors when cleaning grease trap tanks is to stop cleaning them. Sorry I cannot help you on this one.



We had a piston vacuum pump with vertical exhaust. It helped push the odor up and away. I want to try it on a vane pump, but would it blow oil all over the top of the truck? Anybody tried?



We have an exhaust on our pump and occasionally oil does spit out if you don’t drain the pot, or if you run through your pump you can get a bath. But I make sure when pumping not to work near any cars, etc., just in case.


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