4 Technologies to Help You Combat Portable Restroom Odors

4 Technologies to Help You Combat Portable Restroom Odors

LunarVent solar ventilation fans from LunarGlo.

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The portable sanitation industry consistently prioritizes the user experience, and controlling unpleasant odors is at the forefront of these efforts. From embedding fragrances directly into restroom wall panels to using solar-powered ventilation fans, the innovations in odor control are diverse. Check out some product options below.

LunarGlo LunarVent 
LunarVent solar ventilation fans from LunarGlo utilize the same high-efficiency solar cells used in LunarGlo solar lighting units. Its ventilation fan can move air at more than 40 cfm during daylight hours, providing a complete restroom air exchange in less than two minutes on average. When mounted to a standard 4-inch vent stack and used in conjunction with a scented wafer placed near the fresh air inlet, the fan rapidly removes unpleasant odors, helping create a safer, more hygienic atmosphere in portable restrooms. 574-294-2624; www.lunarglo.com

Armal Wave Scent Box
The Wave Scent Box from Armal incorporates a fragrance — vanilla balm, rose sensation, apple blossom, pinewood trail or strawberry field — in the wall panels of the restroom during the manufacturing process, ensuring a pleasant scent. The unit has a heavy-duty, spring-coil door with a wind-resistant device to ensure closure when unlocked and an overlapping wall assembly for greater safety. Options include a recirculating kit with filter and freshwater flush that works in combination with the pump kit. 866-873-7796; www.armal.biz

Century Chemical Toi-De-Fresh
The Toi-De-Fresh line of portable sanitation products from Century Chemical is available in Super Concentrated and Premixed formulas in both formaldehyde and non-formaldehyde variations. A variety of in-stock fragrances are available, in addition to standard offerings such as grape, piña colada and vanilla. The recently reformulated 2-ounce baby powder fragrance toss-in packet provides strength, longevity and odor control. The items can be paired with Super Mask masking agent and the company’s line of all-purpose cleaners and citrus degreasers. 800-348-3505; www.centurychemical.com

Johnny’s Choice Toss-Ins
Johnny’s Choice Toss-Ins are a pre-measured portion packet of dry deodorant in a water-soluble pouch for use in portable restrooms. The portion packs make it easy and convenient to provide service without a mess. They can control foul odors in portable restrooms in all seasons. They have a non-staining royal blue color to hide waste and a fruity floral scent. They also help break down toilet paper and waste, which helps pumpouts. They are available in three sizes. 888-729-6478; www.johnnyschoice.com


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