Reinvigorate Your Business Marketing Efforts

If you feel like you’re in a slump with your approach to getting the word out about your business to potential customers, here are some tips to consider

Reinvigorate Your Business Marketing Efforts

Carter Harkins and Taylor Hill

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Developing marketing strategies on a regular basis is just part of the job for a business owner.

And if you’ve done something great in the past, then you know that feeling when inspiration hits and you’re ready to run with it. Ideas are flowing, you’re eager to get to work, and the profits just keep pouring in.

But then there are times where the opposite is true. You’re in a slump. None of your ideas excite you. And, frankly, your marketing — and your sales — reflects that.

Is this where you’re at? In a place where your marketing is no longer wowing you? We’re here to
offer some inspiration.

The power of storytelling

Storytelling can be a powerful tool when marketing your brand. If you think back on some of the best speeches, lectures, and seminars you’ve attended, the speaker likely hooked you with a powerful story — whether they played into humor, empathy, suspense or something else.

What stories do you have to tell that could boost your marketing and help you connect with your customer base on a deeper level? That could set you apart? That would make your brand more memorable?

Some tips:

  • Tell a story around a specific event, then ask customers to share theirs.
  • Be authentic and real so that your customer’s connection is genuine.
  • Strive for simplicity, focused on a single message or idea. Less is more.
  • Use your medium correctly. Longer stories should be a blog or article, but anything on social media should be short, sweet and easy to follow.
  • Be reflective of your brand’s core values and mission.

The important role of creativity

If you want your business to really stand out, using creativity in your marketing strategy is a must. Does this sometimes mean working outside your comfort zone and taking chances? Absolutely.

Ask yourself these questions:

  • What will increase engagement?
  • What will make my brand stand out?
  • What will generate buzz?
  • What’s something people will remember?

The impact of technology

We’re in a day and age where technology cannot be ignored, especially when it comes to marketing your business. The biggest problem with technology is that once you seem to get it mastered, everything flips on its head and new techniques and methods come out of the woodwork.

So, stay up to date on it all. Right now, AI and ChatGPT are taking the world by storm, so start engaging with these tools and see how they can help you. When used correctly, technology can give you a big advantage and a huge edge on your competitors. You just need to stay on top of the game.

The benefits of collaboration

Marketing should never be a solo effort. It’s a team sport and should be treated as such. Embrace collaboration. Consider every idea. Ask your team to think outside of the box. Ask them to come up with new ideas, and have the best one win a prize.

And ask advice from those you normally wouldn’t, whether it’s team members that don’t normally engage in the marketing side of things or the person ahead of you in the grocery line. A simple, “What would make your local plumbing company really stand out?” to a random stranger could get you an answer that changes the name of the game significantly.

Another option is to connect with influencers who can help you reach a wider audience and build credibility. Who in your industry or a similar industry could you collaborate with to promote your brand and products?

The value of customer feedback

Your business wouldn’t be anything without a solid and loyal customer base. If you’re in a marketing slump, why not reach out to your biggest supporters and get their input? Put out a poll, asking them what they’d like to see from your company — more posts, more learning opportunities, more videos?

In addition, figure out what your customers are expressing frustration with. Is there a certain aspect of your service that should be changing? You can use their input to make improvements and then communicate those improvements through your marketing.

What are some of the best ways to get customer feedback?

  • Send out surveys.
  • Ask for feedback in person.
  • Reach out via social media.
  • Always ask for reviews.
  • Check out your customer analytics.
  • Reward them with promotional offers.

Customers know what they want from you. You just have to ask them what it is.

The significance of continuous learning

Many marketing strategies fail because a company found something successful, then stuck with it for too long. Commit yourself to staying ahead of the curve and never stop investing in ongoing education about the best (and newest) marketing strategies. There are tons of resources out there, you just need to take advantage of them.

Attend the class, book the seminar, and pay for the opportunities where you can learn more. Spending some time and money on improving yourself early on could be the deciding factor in whether your sales go up or down in
the months ahead.

The effectiveness of setting high standards

There’s no denying that marketing can be competitive. Be sure to set your standards high, even if you feel they might be too high. Setting ambitious goals will always keep you moving forward, and it can empower you to stay ahead of the pack, too. Other local companies will keep wondering why you seem to be the first one on every new marketing trend, but for you it’ll be no mystery. It’s because you never lowered your standards.

Are you inspired?

If you want your marketing to amaze you (and your clients), start by thinking outside of the box. Embrace creativity, storytelling, customer feedback, new technologies and more and see what happens.

And remember, marketing isn’t just about selling products or services. It's about connecting with your customers and figuring out what will resonate with them. Try stepping outside of traditional approaches and embracing new ideas and strategies. You may surprise yourself.

About the authors: Carter Harkins and Taylor Hill are the authors of Blue Collar Proud: 10 Principles for Building a Kickass Business You Love and the owners of Spark Marketer, a "no bull" digital marketing company that’s been getting sh*t done for home service businesses across the nation for a decade. They’re trusted thought leaders in the industries they serve, which is why you’ll find them regularly speaking at service industry trade shows and conferences and writing for trade magazines. Tired of empty promises and ready for focused digital marketing and balls-to-the-wall dedication that gets your business seen? Visit


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