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For pumpers and plumbers, generating a phone call is not difficult. However, driving quality leads from the phone is another story.

According to a recent CallRail stat, 64% of marketers believe generating a quality lead is the biggest challenge facing brands. The pumping and plumbing industry is no different. With a hyper-competitive market and advertisements everywhere, it is increasingly more difficult to know where your best leads are coming from. This is where call tracking can exponentially increase your profitability.

Why is it important?

To be successful in marketing, you must be data-driven. Companies big and small are investing in analytics to better understand what is working and what is not working. According to a Marketing Evolution poll, 40% of businesses are going to increase their investment in data analytics and 64% of marketers report that understanding your data is extremely important to survive in today’s marketplace.

One of the key insights to big data is understanding the consumer journey. This is where call tracking comes into play for pumper and plumbers. Call tracking gives you valuable insights on where the call comes from and what marketing campaigns deserve credit. From there, marketing managers can invest their budget into the campaigns that are driving real results — connecting call tracking with all paid forms of advertising. Furthermore, call tracking can give you insights into your sales team conversion metrics.

With real-time call recording, you can test sales scripts and monitor the representatives that are closing deals effortlessly. At the end of the day, if phone calls are producing value, you must leverage call tracking to become more efficient with ad dollars.

How does it work?

The actual nuts and bolts of call tracking can vary widely depending on the software. However, most call tracking technology starts at the phone number. You will be assigned a new business number that all phone calls are wired through that connect directly to your front desk or your real business phone number.

When a prospect calls the phone number, the software is triggered, and tracking begins. On your dashboard, you will see the call recording, location, duration, source and keyword. Furthermore, you can get as granular as you would like with call source. For example, call tracking software could track if the call came from a display campaign, social media post or Google Ad. From there, you will be able to see what the prospect searches, what ad was viewed, and if they come from a remarketing audience.

For marketing managers, this level of insight can change campaign performance overnight.

The benefits

Call tracking allows you to better track your return on investment for all marketing campaigns. When you understand what is pushing the needle, you can invest with confidence. Often, marketing managers blindly spend ad dollars. This is highly problematic and can end with a loss of revenue, market share and leads. Ultimately, utilizing call tracking software gives your team the transparency needed to turn a positive rate of investment month over month.

With that said, company owners and marketers want to know what decisions will win the ROI battle. First, call tracking allows you to determine peak call hours. From there, you can put your best agents on the phones and work leads quickly and effectively. This data allows you to shift sales infrastructure around away from non-productive hours towards the time of day that converts.

With accurate information at your disposal daily, you can make decisions quickly and effectively. Instead of relying on outdated spreadsheets and human error, you can easily read a call tracking dashboard and take actionable insights every week. You can take that information and support your sales and marketing in new and exciting ways.

Beyond just an analytics dashboard and reports, the actual recording brings a new layer of data for your team. Not only can you track your sales team, but you can better understand the customer journey. Specifically, listening to the call recordings can give you insights into consumer needs, trends and marketing strategies that might have never crossed your mind.

It is common for pumpers and plumbers to craft new pricing and services based on the needs of the customer over the phone. This type of information goes beyond data points on a report and dives deeper into the mind of your customer.

About Plumb Solutions: Plumb Solutions is a data-driven digital advertising firm that has helped plumbing businesses grow for more than a decade. We have helped our clients get more leads, more customers, more website traffic and more phone calls in a short amount of time. We do this by implementing time-tested solutions that target high-value customers. With our wide range of services, we are able to build strategies tailored to each company’s business goals. Our team of marketing experts focuses on lead generation and conversions for greater ROI and sustainable growth.


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