Inside the May 2010 Issue of Pumper

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Words of Wisdom
Simple lessons from a liquid waste industry mentor set Oklahoma pumper and septic system installer Will Frye on the path to profits
Classy Truck of the Month
This month we feature Septic Solutions
Repair Work Can Lead to a No-Win Situation
As a septic service contractor, I’m sure there’s been countless cases where you flipped the lid and found more than you bargained for.
Be a Straight Shooter
Transparency in employer-employee communications will promote an efficient workforce and position your company better for an economic recovery
Keep Stressing Professionalism
My husband and I owned a pumping business for over 20 years.
Looking for Concrete Answers
As they evaluate a pattern of septic tank corrosion, experts seek the aid of pumpers who discover deterioration during cleaning and maintenance work
Teach Your Children
Financial literacy is a badly neglected educational need. There are places you can turn to help kids learn to handle money and build wealth.
Courses Improve Accessibility, Focus on State Issues
Beginning this fall, state associations can book the National Association of Wastewater Transporters one-day, eight-hour traveling waste treatment course for their annual conference.
Still Doing Shovel Time?
Contractors weary of slinging dirt offer incentives to customers for adding risers or digging their own tank access holes before a service call
New FL Series of Liberty Pumps
The new FL Series of submersible effluent pumps from Liberty Pumps offer higher head capacity, better motor protection, increased durability and easier installation, says Chuck Schwabe, national sales manager.
Change is Good
Tweaking the business plan helps a veteran North Carolina septic service company cope with the challenges of a stumbling economy
New Jersey Legislature Revives Controversial Bill
The New Jersey legislature revived a bill to delay an anti-sprawl, water quality management rule that gives state environmental officials more power to control expansion of onsite treatment and sewer service.
Dual Tanks Serve a Purpose
Writer is incorrect in asserting that effluent flow is not slowed through use of a two-compartment septic tank
Industry News - May 2010
Rietsema is SJE-Rhombus Distributor Sales Manager; Medo USA Launches Web Site; Capital Rubber’s Feldman Receives Payton Volunteer Award; PSMA Holds Wastewater Conference, Trade Show
Product News - May 2010
Featured products of May