Product Focus: Portable Sanitation

Product Focus: Portable Sanitation

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Allied Graphics decals

Decals from Allied Graphics are designed for the portable restroom industry to stick and stay on units and in tough environments. The long-life vinyl decals use ultraviolet inks to look good for years, according to the maker. The decals can also be applied to sinks and trailers. 763-428-8365;

Roeda decals

Roeda decals utilize 4 mil permanent adhesive vinyl and UV fade-resistant inks for applications such as portable restrooms, restroom trailers, hand sanitizer stands and outdoor sinks. They come in a variety of stock UV inks, but can also be printed with any custom Pantone match. Decals can be cut to any size or shape. A UV clearcoat or lamination adds extra protection against the elements. Options and adhesives are available using existing logos or having new designs made. 800-829-3021;


Safe-T-Fresh by Satellite Industries Graffix

Graffix from Safe-T-Fresh by Satellite Industries is an environmentally safe liquid gel used to remove paint and chemical-resistant coatings and does not contain MEK or other harsh, flammable chemicals. It is designed to remove multiple layers of oil and latex paints from various substrates, including HDPE, wood, brick, stone or metal. The gel is formulated to adhere to vertical surfaces without running. It contains no water and is intended to be used undiluted. Spray it on the surface to be treated, allowing a minute for the formula to activate. For best results, wipe it off with the provided sponge. A rough towel or rag is also acceptable. Deep penetrations of ink or paint may require a second application. In that case, apply it and allow the gel to soak an additional 2 to 4 minutes. Wipe it with a sponge and rinse if necessary. 800-883-1123;


Century Chemical Toi-De-Fresh

The Toi-De-Fresh line of portable sanitation products from Century Chemical is available in Super Concentrated and Premixed formulas in both formaldehyde and nonformaldehyde variations. A variety of in-stock fragrances are available, in addition to standard offerings such as grape, piña colada and vanilla. The recently reformulated 2-ounce baby powder fragrance toss-in packet provides strength, longevity and odor control. The items can be paired with Super Mask masking agent and the company’s line of all-purpose cleaners and citrus degreasers. 800-348-3505;

J&J Portable Sanitation Products Truex Power Packets

Truex Power Packets from J&J Portable Sanitation Products are a nonformaldehyde, water-soluble, portion-control deodorizer using multiple odor control components that engage when needed. The formula utilizes advanced fragrance and long-lasting, deep-blue, non-staining color. They work to continuously break down paper and waste, reducing mounding for increased odor control in the holding tank to provide long-lasting protection in the most demanding environments. They are available in a variety of exclusive fragrances and sizes. 800-345-3303;

Surco Portable Sanitation Products Potty Fresh Summer Plus

Potty Fresh Summer Plus portable restroom deodorant from Surco Portable Sanitation Products is designed to replace formaldehyde deodorants used in heat and humidity. It has two biocides, neither of which is formaldehyde, so it is eco-friendly and safe to use. It has a strong fragrance and deep blue nonstaining dye. Metazene neutralizes odor molecules in portable restroom tanks and ambient air. A choice of powerful fragrances freshens the surrounding air, minimizing customer complaints and callbacks. The non-staining dye hides waste, paper and debris. 800-556-0111;

Walex Products Porta-Pak Max

Porta-Pak Max from Walex Products contains 50% more color, 50% more odor control, and double the fragrance of the original Porta-Pak. It is ideal for hot conditions, heavy traffic or any time a product is needed that’s a step above the usual deodorizer. It is formaldehyde-free, biodegradable and contains nonstaining dye. Drop one packet into the bowl for weeklong odor control. 800-338-3155;


PolyJohn PJN3

The PJN3 from PolyJohn has a spacious interior and a translucent roof. It features anti-slip floors, maximum ventilation, a two-roll paper dispenser and an occupancy signal latch. Options include a hand-washing sink or hand-sanitizing dispenser, convenience shelf with hook, locking kit and gender signs. It is available in the standard static tank model or with an optional recirculating flush tank. Its waste tank design makes cleaning and servicing easy, according to the maker. Each unit comes with a door-mounted mirror, handle and a nonsplash urinal. It is made from high-grade polyethylene. 800-292-1305;

Sansom Industries Zenith

The Zenith portable restroom from Sansom Industries has an 80-gallon holding tank with deep sump, blow-molded construction, a roomy interior with ample headroom, smooth interior surfaces for easy cleaning, stainless steel fasteners, a three-roll paper holder and attractive aesthetics, according to the manufacturer. Many custom options are available. 844-972-6766;


Armal transport dolly

The Armal transport dolly can be used to move any Wave standard portable restroom. It is made of lightweight aluminum and is compact, making it easy for one operator to maneuver a restroom quickly. It is designed for rigorous daily use and speeds the process of picking up and/or dropping off portable restrooms safely and efficiently. 770-491-6410;

Deal Assoc. Super Mongo Mover

The Super Mongo Mover hand truck from Deal Assoc. easily tips back and moves portable restrooms, and can carry full-size ADA handicap restrooms. The tall frame provides leverage so even smaller service technicians can move restrooms safely and easily. The alloy aluminum and steel frame is lightweight and strong, and only anodized aluminum touches the restroom body to prevent rust-staining. It is available with four, six or eight wheels with either pneumatic or flat-free foam tires. 336-599-3325;


T.S.F. Tuff-Jon 90-gallon free-standing sink

The Tuff-Jon 90-gallon free-standing sink with trash container from T.S.F. provides two wash stations; hands-free, foot-operated pumps; a towel dispenser; and a 10-cup-capacity soap dispenser. A lifting bracket allows for easy positioning in high-rise applications. The lifting bracket has a 1/4-inch wire cable, weighs 30 pounds and is safety orange. The unit is constructed from easy-to-clean polyethylene, with 45-gallon waste and freshwater capacities, a towel dispenser, trash container, protective skid plate and freshwater drain plug. It weighs 85 pounds. 800-843-9286;


A Restroom Trailer Co. (ART Co.) 1404-W

The 1404-W restroom trailer from ART Co. is designed for fast and easy setup with a streamlined appearance. The 14-by-8-foot, four-station unit comes with foldout steps and stabilizer scissor jacks. Units are available in Embassy, Cellar, Estate and Chalet interior finishes and in several exterior color combinations to match existing fleets. Standard features include a 535-gallon waste tank, 200-gallon freshwater tank, heavy-duty steel frame, integral trailer skirting, 2 5/16-inch adjustable trailer hitch, heavy-duty tongue jack, maple cabinetry, Corian countertops, LED lighting, and ducted heat and air conditioning. Options include flip-up steps, AM/FM/MP3 stereo and pipe-mount leveling jacks. 269-435-4278;

Ameri-Can Engineering shower trailers

Shower trailers from Ameri-Can Engineering are available in 15 models, including handicapped accessible and ADA compliant. Shower/restroom combination trailers and decontamination shower trailers are also available. Each trailer is designed for rugged long-term use and to accommodate large numbers of users with comfort and cleanliness. The trailers are easy to set up and service and are user-friendly, according to the maker. Shower trailers are available in many sizes, colors and floor plans. All trailers have an extra-large steel, epoxy-lined waste tank; Torflex axles; a lockable equipment room; onboard poly freshwater tank; and on-demand propane hot-water heater. 574-892-5151;

Comforts of Home Services ADA line

The ADA-accessible line of restroom, shower and combination trailers from Comforts of Home Services is in full compliance with federal guidelines for the interior of the trailer. Access options include a standalone, commercial aluminum ramp system. The trailer is lowered using electric, one-button execution for 20-foot and smaller models. Trailers longer than 20 feet have an ADA lowering module with attached aluminum ramp. The hydraulic lowering system is designed for customers renting the trailer or moving the trailer numerous times at the same venue. It takes less than 15 minutes to lower the ADA module and then lower the aluminum ramp. 630-906-8002;

DRE Custom Trailers four-station trailer

DRE Custom Trailers offers a 12-foot, four-station restroom trailer with steel frame construction and a smooth-side aluminum exterior skin. It has a 7,000-pound suspension and aluminum wheels, with a one-piece fiberglass roof, adjustable-height hitch and a 110/12-volt converter system. Its control panel controls the power unit, radio, lights, water pumps and AC. It is designed for very low floor height, with one-step entry, LED lights throughout, power vents, a backup water pump and easy access to the mechanical room. It comes with a 275-gallon waste tank and 150-gallon freshwater tank. Options include a cold-weather package and interior murals. 704-633-6098;

JAG Mobile Solutions Smart Shower

The Smart Shower from JAG Mobile Solutions is a compact eight-stall shower trailer. A 9,900-pound GVWR provides mobilization safety. A Class A commercial driver’s license is often not required to transport the unit, depending on local regulations. A compact profile compared to some traditional trailers allows more units to be placed in a tighter area when serving special events or responding to emergencies. 800-815-2557;

Lang Specialty Trailers ADA trailers

ADA trailers from Lang Specialty Trailers offer a balanced blend of ADA requirements and luxury features. Manufactured efficiently to meet the Americans with Disabilities Act, these trailers also check the boxes of comfort and pleasing aesthetics. They provide exceptional ramp utility that requires no tools for installation, allowing for ease of access to the trailer cabin. Each trailer offers first-rate metered faucets, waterless urinals and A/C units to ensure optimal comfort within the unit. The interior and exterior lighting is efficient and inviting, providing a stunning illumination to the cabin, according to the maker. 724-972-6590;

NuConcepts-Very Impressive Portables Majestic

The Majestic solar-powered and self-contained restroom trailer from NuConcepts-Very Impressive Portables is available in two- or four-unit configurations. Common sealed roto-cast holding tanks help make servicing easy. Using high-grade, computer numerical control-cut fiberglass panels and wood-free-floor construction, the luxury restroom trailer is built for ease of maintenance and durability, according to the maker. It has arched doorways, curved countertops, flushing porcelain toilets, brushed aluminum ceilings, recessed LED ceiling lighting, beveled glass mirror and plank flooring in each spacious private restroom. 800-334-1065;

Optimus Industries OI-3

The OI-3 restroom trailer from Optimus Industries sets up quickly utilizing different stabilizer options, and has easy set-up steps stored inside wide entry doors with large grab handles. It has a durable, spacious and easy-to-clean interior with fiberglass walls, solid-surface countertops and composite trim and cabinets. The unit is outfitted with quality commercial fixtures for years of trouble-free operation, according to the maker. The interior features are finished with transit grade flooring for durability. The exterior features seamless fiberglass with a composite backer that will not rot, warp or degrade and is easy to repair. It also includes vacant/occupied indicators. It sits on a 7,000-pound torsion axle along with 16-inch aluminum wheels and radial tires for a smooth ride. 574-226-0691;

Rich Specialty Trailers Neptune Anti-Virus

The Neptune Anti-Virus restroom trailer from Rich Specialty Trailers is built with permanent interior walls that kill microbes known to carry viruses. The material is imported from Europe, where it was tested and used in medical applications and proven to be effective at killing viruses, including COVID-19, according to the maker. The anti-microbial forms a colorless and odorless polymer that bonds to treated interior surfaces, forming a protective barrier. The trailer is built using composite materials on the walls, ceiling and floor, making the trailer water-resistant for easier maintenance and cleaning. Men’s and women’s restrooms come standard, along with three hand-wash sinks on the exterior rear of the trailer, allowing use without entering the restrooms. The sinks use self-closing faucets to save water, and dividers between sinks can also be ordered providing another barrier to reduce the risk of spreading infection. 260-593-2279;


Crescent Tank vacuum tank

The Crescent Tank vacuum tank is flat inside and out. It can carry up to 10 portable restrooms, and the weight capacity is the same as a flatbed truck. It has no baffles, allowing it to be emptied completely to avoid internal corrosion. With the included pump at specified cubic feet per minute, unnecessary structural fatigue is eliminated. It is fabricated from 1/4-inch steel for structural strength. Its workstation is designed for the portable restroom industry. The liftgate rail width allows units to fit, and multiple liftgate decks and rail options are available. Fresh water is held inside the external 1/2-inch-thick poly tank. It can be installed on any chassis within the specifications required for each model based on axle ratings and maximum load capacity. 585-657-4104;

FMI Truck Sales & Service WorkMate

The WorkMate service truck from FMI Truck Sales & Service is designed with efficiency and operator comfort in mind, according to the maker. The ergonomically designed workstation can be operated all from the driver’s side of the vehicle and, with over 60 cubic feet of storage space, there’s enough room for supplies. The unit can be modified to carry up to six toilets without a trailer. With its compact design, the unit pairs well with Isuzu’s maneuverable and fuel efficient N-Series chassis as well as Hino, Ford, Ram, GM or International chassis. The modular design allows for easy replacement of components if repair is needed. 800-927-8750;

Imperial Industries Flatvac

The 1,000-gallon stainless steel Flatvac from Imperial Industries can carry up to six portable restrooms. The baffled, internally divided tank offers 700 gallons of waste capacity and 300 gallons of freshwater capacity. In addition, the unit offers dual-side bucket fill, dual Hannay hose reels with 50 feet of hose, a Pumptec X-5 washdown pump, Masport HXL4 plug-and-play vacuum pump system, Thieman liftgate, and a 3-inch stainless steel boom with 30 feet of 2-inch intake hose and a suction nozzle. 800-558-2945;

KeeVac Industries KV999

The KV999 from KeeVac Industries carries a 999-gallon portable restroom vacuum tank for operators who want to stay under the U.S. Department of Transportation tanker endorsement requirement. It is available in steel, stainless steel and aluminum, with single- or dual-side service, holds 699 gallons of waste and 300 gallons of freshwater, and includes a two-unit fold-down restroom carrier with trailer hitch. The tank can be mounted on a variety of chassis and with a variety of pumps. Each unit comes with an upgraded DC-10 washdown pump and hose reel from Hannay Reels. Exterior controls and dual cabinets are designed for operator safety and convenience. An arctic package and safety lighting are available. 866-789-9440;

Pik Rite Flatbed Restroom Hauler

The Flatbed Restroom Hauler from Pik Rite has a 650-gallon tank, flatbed and liftgate. The tank has a 400-gallon waste compartment and internal 250-gallon freshwater compartment for even weight distribution. The truck includes a National Vacuum Equipment 304 vacuum pump, dual 2-inch fill hoses, 20 gpm washdown system, dual-spring return freshwater hose reels and dual 2-inch bucket fills. A 20-inch top manway, 5-inch sight eyes and clear-hose sight tube are included. The truck is equipped with a 98-by-102-inch aluminum flatbed and Thieman TVL liftgate. Two diamond plate toolboxes are mounted on the passenger side. The truck has an LED running light kit with a durable, fully molded wiring harness. 800-326-9763;

PortaLogix service truck

The mid-size PortaLogix service truck accommodates waste, water and the ability to carry up to six units. It utilizes a transverse waste tank and freshwater tank that doubles as the truck bed. It can carry 800 gallons of wastewater, 350 gallons of freshwater while transporting standard size restrooms. They feature dual-side service allowing operators to access water drop points on all four corners of the bed. Customers can also choose between two- or a four-wheel drive. Equipment can be permanently stored on the vehicle, making emergency requests quick and efficient to handle. The service trucks can also be driven without a CDL. 585-484-7009;


TankTec slide-in tank

Slide-in tanks from TankTec range from 100 to 995 gallons. The tanks are available in single-compartment for grease trap and septic service or two-compartment for portable restroom service. 888-428-6422;


F.M. Manufacturing 30-foot trailer

The 30-foot flatbed trailer from F.M. Manufacturing has three 3,700-pound torsion bar axles, side roller for easy loading, low-profile tires, solid front header and tie-downs on both sides. The customizable trailer has electric brakes on all axles and LED lights. 877-889-2246;

Johnny Mover Trailer Sales trailer

Portable restroom transport trailers from Johnny Mover Trailer Sales have skid-locking, using an iron bar with a chain-binding system to secure multiple units. Models are available to handle six to 20 restrooms, and all feature brakes, paint options, lighting, leaf-spring suspension, front deflectors to protect units from road spray and debris, and optional powder-coating and chrome wheels. 800-498-3000;

Liquid Waste Industries trailer

Custom-built portable restroom delivery trailers from Liquid Waste Industries carry six to 24 restrooms and come with or without sides. They are built with heavy-duty steel and come standard with torsion axles, electric brakes, flush-mounted lights, and 10- or 13-inch wheels and tires. Custom upgrades include gates, leaf-spring axles, fold-down ramps, LED lights and choice of hitch. 877-445-5511; 

McKee Technologies - Explorer Trailers Transporter

The Transporter from McKee Technologies - Explorer Trailers has easy-to-adjust carrier slats that box in any size restroom skid. Multiple-size skids can be configured securely in the same load, providing safe, flexible transportation for many styles of portable restrooms. Models range from 8 to 48 feet, accommodating up to 24 units. All include fully independent suspension axles designed to eliminate side-to-side shock transfer. An optional front wind deflector protects units from road spray, stones and wind loading. Hot-dip galvanizing is available for corrosion protection. 866-457-5425;  


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