Case Study - September 2020

Case Study - September 2020

Centrifugal pumps end cycling issue  for manufacturer

Problem: A Midwestern vacuum truck builder was experiencing constant overheating and failure of washdown pumps due to cycling. The manufacturer had been using a pressure switch, which was required because the pump they were using would fail if left on while not being used. Leaks in the lines and valves would constantly turn the pump on and off. Cycling was also causing the pressure switch to fail.

Solution: DC10 centrifugal pumps from MTH Pumps (with the use of a simple bypass line) are designed to run for up to two hours at shut-off without any heat or mechanical seal problems. This eliminates the need for valves and pressure switches, reducing costs and the number of problems in the field. They are manufactured with all cast stainless steel wetted parts and a standard dry run seal. 

Result: After more than five years of service, the manufacturer has a near-flawless record of no failures with the pumps. 630-552-4115;  


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