Product Focus - August 2019

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Imperial Industries rechargeable remote

An industrial-grade rechargeable and wireless remote with LCD screen from Imperial Industries can be customized for the septic industry, enabling a view of the live tank level and real-time maintenance intervals (with the SeeLevel option only). It allows users to open and close valves and manipulate the blower from pressure, vacuum or neutral all from the remote. 800-558-2945;

Hoses and Fittings

Kuriyama of America Alfagomma T704HA Series THE BOOMER

The Alfagomma T704HA Series THE BOOMER industrial sewer vacuum hose from Kuriyama of America is made with a 1/4-inch-thick red gum rubber tube for abrasion resistance. The corrugated black conductive SBR/NR blend cover provides abrasion- and ozone-resistance. The rugged hose is suitable for dry or wet abrasive materials and can be grounded. It is available in 2-, 3-, 4-, 5-, 6-, 8- and 10-inch I.D. sizes. 847-755-0360;

Pressure Lift Power Booster

The Power Booster from Pressure Lift has Versa-Flow technology to allow multiple pieces of equipment to be combined to increase workloads and reduce job expenses. The user can combine pressure washers or jetters with any vacuum equipment, freeing workers for other jobs. Versa-Flow technology breaks up soils, decreasing load times and completing jobs quickly. It streamlines projects and helps minimize maintenance cost. 866-504-6596;

Hose Reels


COXREELS T Series truck-mounted, spring-driven hose reels are designed for abusive and demanding environments. Used in rugged, mobile, heavy-duty applications, the professional-grade hose reel has a sturdy dual-pedestal base and Super Hub dual-axle support system to increase stability, reduce vibration and strengthen structural integrity. It has ribbed discs that are CNC robotically spun with rolled edges for added safety and durability, as well as a 1-inch solid steel axle and lubricated precision bearings for smooth rotation. Hose reels are available in 3/8-, 1/2-, 1/4- and 1-inch I.D. sizes. They have an external fluid path with 90-degree brass swivel, nitrile seals and synthetic nitrile tube neoprene black cover hose. Stainless steel rollers come on 3/4- and 1-inch models. Options include EZ-Coil Rewind Safety System that retracts the reel up to 80% slower than conventional reels. 800-269-7335;

Hannay Reels VAC Series

VAC Series reels from Hannay Reels are designed to store and handle vacuum hose up to 4 inches I.D. and 150 feet long. The series is available in a variety of configurations, including the heavy-duty VAC-5000. This reel is equipped to handle longer length and large-diameter vacuum hose. Constructed with a sturdy steel channel frame and spoked discs for weight savings, it provides easy and fast winding of vacuum hose. It offers a single-wrap configuration and is best used where width dimension is minimal, such as between cab and tank or mounted transversely to the frame of the truck. Other reels in the series include the VAC-9000, which allows for multiwrap solid disc configuration, as well as the vacuum hose storage-only VAC Series Storage Reel. 518-797-3791;

Reelcraft Industries Series 3000

Reelcraft Industries Series 3000 reels are all-steel construction and compact for a wide range of bench mount or mobile applications with critical space requirements. These reels fit within a 1-by-1-foot space. The reels have multiple slotted mounting holes to accommodate many configurations. An optional guide arm accessory is available for multiple adjustment positions of the hose or cord. The hose reel models are available with up to 25 feet of 1/4-inch or 20 feet of 3/8-inch air/water hose. The cord reel models are available with 30 feet of 12/3 cord with multiple cord ending options including a new quad box receptacle. 800-444-3134;


Satellite Vacuum Trucks TVLR Series

Designed for use on van and stake bodies, cutaways and step vans, the TVLR railgate series from Satellite Vacuum Trucks is designed to be a reliable, low-maintenance, general-purpose liftgate. This railgate is wide enough for two standard units and is available for above-bed and special low-bed application. The all-aluminum AATVLR is available if overall weight is a concern. The series includes improved sliders with bottom rollers, a strong frame design, two-piece platform options, a fully enclosed pump and cylinder, steel or aluminum platforms, a level ride platform, auto safety latch system, 1,250 to 3,000-pound capacities, and torsion-assist platform closing. 800-883-1123;


Cleral USA On Board Scales Reflex Basic and SIM

Reflex Basic from Cleral USA On Board Scales is an onboard weighing system for vacuum and hydroexcavator units. SIM, short for Suspension Intelligent Management, is an optional embedded computerized load distributor. SIM automates management of lift axles and the weight of the primary axle groups by assessing the weight of each axle group and distributing the weight by controlling the air pressure of the lift axles. This is done in real-time, even while driving. The system can manage three groups of lift axles independently. The SIM control raises and lowers the air pressure of the lift axle in accordance with legal load limits. The operator does not have to worry about adjusting the axles to prevent overloads. The system will also adjust for terrain to improve traction and raise lift axles when in reverse and lower them again at a preset forward speed. 866-901-7372;

Vacuum Pumps/Blowers

Elmira Machine Industries/Wallenstein Vacuum 753 Series

The 753 Series vacuum pump from Elmira Machine Industries/Wallenstein Vacuum incorporates extra-wide vanes that allow up to an inch of wear, designed for longer service life and lower maintenance costs. It provides 422 cfm airflow at 1,200 rpm and is precision-machined to provide vacuum levels up to 28 inches Hg. Options include air, liquid or dual cooling systems where air injection is combined with liquid cooling. A pump-flushing port is included on the top valve for convenient routine maintenance. The quick-access housing end plate allows for easy internal inspection with no bearings to pull. Oil lubrication is via a mechanical piston pump driven by shaft rotation or available with a sight-feed valve oil regulator system using vacuum/pressure to draw oil with no moving parts. 800-801-6663;

Fruitland RCF870

The RCF870 vacuum pump from Fruitland is available in clockwise and counterclockwise rotation with top- and side-mount, four-way valve locations. The pump is available with hydraulic, angle (gearbox) and belt-drive options. It can be mounted on all Eliminator-style packages. It is a true 4-inch pump with 4-inch pipe connections producing 512 cfm and weighing 575 pounds. It is fan-forced air-cooled with an available air injection cooling system for continuous duty at higher vacuum. It includes an integral oil reservoir with low-consumption oil pump, an integral final filter and vane-wear test ports. 800-663-9003;

Moro USA PM80W

The Moro USA PM80W water-cooled vacuum pump is designed and built for low maintenance, long life and trouble-free service in tough industrial applications, according to the maker. It is a 424 cfm pump with 28 inches Hg maximum vacuum and 29 psi maximum pressure capability. It comes with Kevlar vanes, visual inspection ports in the casing, and Viton oil seals. Its low rotating speed is designed to extend pump life. With sealed or oiled bearings, there are no grease points. The oiling system is direct-feed and sealed to reduce downtime for routine service and maintenance. 866-383-6304;

National Vacuum Equipment Challenger 1600

The Challenger 1600 high-vacuum blower from National Vacuum Equipment is a 1,600 cfm tri-lobe blower designed for continuous duty at maximum vacuum. It is available in ready-to-install hydraulic or belt-drive packages using corrosion-resistant stainless steel internal components. Available packages include silencers, check valves, moisture trap, cyclone, four-way vacuum/pressure changeover valve and a powder-coated skid. 800-253-5500;

Presvac Systems PV750

The Presvac Systems PV750 rotary vane pump is designed for continuous full-vacuum operation in extreme conditions. It offers 400 cfm at free air, 350 cfm at 15 inches Hg, a maximum vacuum of 27 inches Hg and maximum pressure of 35 psi. Dual fans and twin ballast ports efficiently cool the pump. The solid housing with deep cooling ribs allows for greater heat transfer from the vacuum chamber. Aluminum fans and shrouding work like a heat exchanger to aid in heat reduction. Multiple manifold and drive options are available for truck, trailer or stationary applications. 800-387-7763;

Vacuum Pumps/Blowers

Westmoor Conde Flush Kit

The Conde Flush Kit from Westmoor makes it easy to periodically flush the pump on a vacuum truck, helping to prolong its life. It can be used by simply turning on the pump and opening the ball valve. Made of durable aluminum, the unit has instructions on the side. It can be mounted in any convenient location. 800-367-0972;

Vacuum Trucks/Tanks

Amthor International Matador

The 4,000-gallon aluminum Matador code or noncode septic/grease vacuum tank from Amthor International comes standard with a 5/16-inch-thick side shell and floor, full head baffles and no external rings. It is available as a dumping tank with or without a full-opening rear door, as well as with off-road construction options for various applications. Various pump models are available, including numerous stock tanks and chassis. 800-328-6633;

Bucher Municipal North America CityFlex 205

Developed for tight spaces, including septic pumping applications, the CityFlex 205 from Bucher Municipal North America operates efficiently where others can’t even reach. It is provided with multiple cabinets with lockable roller shutter doors, light and heating. The compact and smart design brings the cost of insurance, road tax and ongoing service down. All functions can be managed through a simple control panel on the back. With the arctic option, the user can also operate in temperatures down to 5 degrees F below zero. It includes a telescopic boom, fully automatic end cover and movable partition. 704-658-1333;

Crescent Tank vacuum tank

The Crescent Tank vacuum tank is completely flat inside and out. It can carry up to 10 portable restrooms, and the weight capacity is the same as a flatbed truck. It has no baffles, allowing it to be emptied completely to avoid internal corrosion. With the included pump at specified cubic feet per minute, unnecessary fatigue of the structure is eliminated and the life of the tank is prolonged. It is made from 1/4-inch-thick steel, for structural strength. Its workstation is designed for the portable restroom industry. The liftgate rail width allows units to fit, and multiple liftgate decks and rail options are available. Freshwater is held inside the external 1/2-inch-thick poly tank to avoid internal wastewater contamination. It can be installed on any chassis within the specifications required for each model based on axle ratings and maximum load capacity. 585-657-4104;

LMT galvanized vacuum tanks

LMT has developed a line of hot-dip galvanized vacuum tanks for the portable restroom and septic service industries. Developed in conjunction with a large operator in the portable sanitation industry, the single or multicompartment vacuum tanks are designed to provide longevity. They are cost effective, as hot-dip galvanizing is the process of coating steel with zinc by immersing the tank in a bath of molten zinc at over 800 degrees F. Special design considerations are required to allow the zinc to flow freely and completely to fully coat both the interior and exterior of these vacuum tanks. Galvanized vacuum tanks are available in custom sizes and configurations and can be designed to meet specific storage requirements and chassis specifications. 800-545-0174;

Pik Rite steel 3,600-gallon vacuum tank

The Pik Rite steel 3,600-gallon vacuum tank is designed for strength and reliability. Its 3-inch internal plumbing keeps the exterior clean and simple. The vacuum pump mount is attached to both frame rails and easily supports pumps from any major pump manufacturer. Four sight eyes provide level indication for the waste compartment. The tank interior is equipped with walk-through baffles and a 20-inch rear manway for easy clean-out. The LED running light kit is installed with a fully molded wire harness. Operator work lights and a strobe light are mounted on the top rear lighting bracket. Polished aluminum hose trays, and the low hose hooks are coated with protective liner. 800-326-9763;

Vacutrux SepticTrux

SepticTrux from Vacutrux are available on chassis from 33,000 to 86,000 GVWR single axle, tandem or tri, with tank sizes from 1,800 to 5,400 gallons. Vacuum systems are powered by vacuum pumps from Elmira Machine Industries / Wallenstein Vacuum. 800-305-4305;

Washdown Pumps

MTH Pumps DC10

The DC10 pump from MTH Pumps is a 12-volt DC washdown duty pump that provides cast 316 stainless steel construction and is made to exceed OEM specifications for vacuum trucks. It can replace original units on any truck and is a suitable pump for filling sinks, recharging restroom tanks and cleaning portable restrooms. The large seal chamber for the mechanical seal box provides a wide fluid passage area for maximum cooling of the seal faces and allows debris and gases to be flushed away. It is designed to handle up to 25 gpm and reach pressures up to 40 psi. 630-552-4115;

Water Heaters

Dynablast CAB420FLS-12V

The Dynablast CAB420FLS-12V water heater produces 420,000 Btu with an output temperature of 175 degrees F at 5 gpm to work in colder climates and for improved digging in clay-filled areas. It is designed to fit most municipal hydrovac trucks with its 24-by-24-inch footprint. It is ETL certified, providing improved heat transfer between the Schedule 80 pipe and water. It comes with two service access panels and two momentary override controls, which improve serviceability. The cabinet is designed with a reversible door for a variety of truck configurations and uses 14-gauge steel with polyester UV-protected, powder-coated paint with an aluminum discharge cap and stainless steel hardware. 905-867-4642;

Easy Kleen Pressure Systems hot-water heaters

Easy Kleen Pressure Systems manufactures efficient, high-pressure, oil-fired hot-water/steam heaters that are ready to install for vacuum trucks and hydroexcavators. A range of heater options are available, such as dry steam, redundancy packages, Schedule 80 and 160 stainless steel or A53 boiler pipe, fine-tuned temperature and flow control systems. All coils are manufactured in-house, with CRN boiler-approved coils available. These heaters can be mounted in an existing cabinet or supplied as a completed cabinet unit that is ready to install. 800-315-5533;

Water Pumps

Cat Pumps 4DX Series

The Cat Pumps 4DX Series high-pressure pump comes with premium DC electric motors for on-the-go pressure wash power. The pump and motor assemblies provide 1 to 3 gpm at pressures from 400 to 1,000 psi and operate on any standard direct current source. Convenient integrated unloaders accurately set and maintain system pressure. Reliable and easy to service, the built-in unloaders divert water flow during bypass, reducing load on pump and motor and increasing system life. Crankcase oil is prefilled so pumps are ready to use. Multiple build-to-order configurations are available. 763-780-5440;


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