A Hose Fit For All

A Hose Fit For All

A hose fit for all 

Cold temperatures tend to leave many vacuum hoses stiff and brittle, meaning operators are required to spend more time uncoiling and moving the hose to guard against cracks and splits. Kanaflex KanaBoom and KanaBoom Lite don’t have that problem.

The new hoses, distributed by Milwaukee Rubber Products, are medium-duty wet and dry material handling vacuum hoses with a static dissipative polyurethane liner. According to the maker, they are usable in temperatures ranging from 40 degrees below zero to 140 degrees F, and they are ideal for general construction hydroexcavation use, such as rock, gravel, sand, and crushed concrete, along with industrial vacuum equipment, roof vacuuming, dry fertilizer, and petcoke.

“That polyurethane liner is great because it is not only durable, it maintains flexibility, even in frigid cold temperatures,” says Dennis Noble, sales manager of Milwaukee Rubber Products. “The feedback we’ve gotten from the operators already using this in the field has indicated that it will last up to three times longer than our previous hoses.”

The flexible polyurethane liner is abrasion-resistant, while the hose has a rigid PVC helix, and a smooth bore with a PVC corrugated outside diameter with static dissipating materials, while the external helix provides for easy dragging. In addition, its abrasive-resistant polyurethane tube prevents material buildup and helps provide quiet operation.

“You wouldn’t normally think of a hose making noise, but when you are moving a high amount of material, that friction on the inside of the hose can actually get pretty loud with some hose types,” Noble says. “That smooth polyurethane liner helps that material pass quietly, which makes this hose a great choice for urban areas and neighborhood work. You’ll just be less disruptive.”

Kanaflex KanaBoom and KanaBoom Lite hoses are available in inside diameters as small as 1 1/2 inches for grease traps and other small inlets and up to a large, industrial-size 8-inch variety for large construction jobs.

“When our hose customers are looking for a new hose, the biggest things they care about are its longevity and its flexibility,” he says. “We are happy to sell one that offers both.”

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