Portable restroom company uses new cleaner to remove graffiti

Portable restroom company uses new cleaner to remove graffiti

Problem: Rent-A-John in Ann Arbor, Michigan, had problems with units near frat houses. Graffiti artists had rendered about 40 portable restrooms unusable due to damage. If they tried to rent any of those units with any graffiti remaining, they would come back with even more damage. The units were marred with gang graffiti, paint, marker and pencil. Even though they tried many graffiti removers and scoured and power washed diligently, these units ended up stored in the back lot, as they could no longer rent them.

Solution: When Surco Portable Sanitation Products introduced a new graffiti remover called TagOff, the owner gave a sample to technicians who clean the units and sought their feedback. He reported that it took off 3-year-old graffiti on units they had stored as useless. Using TagOff, a Magic Eraser, and a scrubbing sponge, along with a power washer, they were able to remove 99 percent of the graffiti, even pencil.

Result: Formerly useless portable restroom units are back in rental. The company is able to clean up any new graffiti damage using TagOff. 800-556-0111; www.surco.com.


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