Two steps toward glistening restrooms

Two steps toward glistening restrooms
Two steps toward glistening restrooms

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One of the best ways to market your portable restroom business is to make sure units in use at high-attendance special events are always clean and smelling fresh. To accomplish that, you need the right kind of cleaner. Thetford reports the company’s two-step ProFresh process will do the trick.

The first step of the process involves applying Washdown Cleaner & Active Deodorizer, designed to clean, degrade waste and eliminate foul odors. According to Julie DuPei, the company’s product manager of chemicals and accessories, the first step is a blend of cleaners, fragrance and deodorizers that degrades odor-causing waste and eliminates fecal, urine, smoke and garbage odors.

“This is the step that really gets into the crevices of the portable restroom to eliminate odor-causing waste,” she says. “I guess you could say it’s our first line of cleaning defense.”

The cleaner is designed to continue to work long after the fragrance is gone. It is designed for use on the interior and exterior surfaces of portable restrooms, hard-surface floors, in and around dumpsters, septic system pumps, garbage trucks, and sewage treatment. It is available in 55-gallon drums, 5-gallon buckets, and 1-gallon jugs in several fragrances, including bubble gum, mulberry, cotton fresh, cherry, lemon and cinnamon.

The second step of the cleaning process is Thetford’s Fragrance Enhancer & Odor Eliminator. It is designed to refresh fragrance and absorb foul odors to keep restrooms smelling fresh long term.

“I guess you could call step two more of the finishing product,” DuPei says. “Once your units are clean, this is the product you apply to help keep them that way.”

The product works by physically bonding with foul-smelling molecules, preventing them from circulating into the air. According to DuPei, the company performed extensive research and field tests before bringing the process to market.

“We worked on this one for close to two years,” she says. “It took a lot of experimenting and working closely with portable restroom operators to come up with the ideal formulation. We are very happy with the result.” 800-354-4135;


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