OCOR Multiple Segment Lobe Pump Delivers Continuous Flow and High Pressure

OCOR Multiple Segment Lobe Pump Delivers Continuous Flow and High Pressure

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The Multiple Segment Lobe Pump from Ocor Corporation is a positive displacement helical lobe pump that delivers continuous flow and high pressure without the pulsation characteristic of traditional lobe pumps. The pump delivers the same displacement efficiency at any speed and is fully reversible, making it a suitable solution for multiple applications.

“Basically, it’s a very unique type of positive displacement pump, because it has no internal contacting surfaces,” says Ocor president Brian O’Connor. “It can pump almost anything — water, air, gas. As long as it will fit inside the individual rotor pocket, it will transport from the inlet to the discharge.

“It’s operating at constant efficiency no matter what the speed, so you can pump at 10 rpm or you can pump at 1,000 rpm depending on how much flow you want, and you can change within that range at any time. You have a completely variable-speed pump.”

What makes the pump unique is the ability to separate flow into multiple pump segments. Each segment is made up of two counter-rotating rotors, rotationally sequenced on parallel shafts to produce continuous, non-pulsating flow. Each nesting rotor pair is separated by stationary plates to prevent crossflow in the displacement chambers.

The pump is capable of producing high pressure when run in one direction and becomes an efficient vacuum pump when run in the opposite direction.

“It is a media pump, a compressor, a vacuum pump and/or a blower,” O’Connor says. “The applications are endless.”

The Multiple Segment Lobe Pump operates under most conditions and won’t freeze in cold temperatures. 619/328-1310; ocor@cox.net.


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