Sludge King Dewatering Container Eliminates Cake Buildup

Sludge King Dewatering Container Eliminates Cake Buildup
Sludge King dewatering container eliminates cake buildup

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The AquaCat Sludge King dewatering container from Park Process is designed for light gravity sludge and slurries with fine particles that require the addition of a flocculent for effective dewatering.

“A lot of pumpers are taking waste to different wastewater plants to get rid of it, and they’re getting charged so much for doing it,” says Russ Caughman, Park Process general manager. “Particularly, grease trap waste is a problem. So instead of paying big bucks to get rid of grease trap waste at a wastewater plant, innovative pumpers are finding it more cost-effective to process greasy wastewater at their own facilities.”

The dewatering container features radius-edged filter screens that provide extra filter area and eliminate 90-degree angles that can trap cake when dumping.

“A lot of times cake will stick in those corners and not come out of the box because of that 90-degree angle,” Caughman says. “When you round that off and make a radius there, the cake doesn’t tend to stick. You get dryer cakes and quicker dewatering times.”

Plastic panels installed between the bottom ends of the wall filters and middle wall filters fill the void in the container bottom where water could collect, providing a nonstick surface.

“It’s got a lot more surface area than your standard dewatering box,” Caughman says. “You form three compartments in that box by putting two center panels in there. When you’re feeding the box, you can control how much flow goes into which compartment. You can shut down a valve and open the other ones more so you get an even flow going into all three compartments.”

The watertight dewatering boxes have an internal porous structure supporting a filter media, along with drain ports to allow the filtered water to escape. All AquaCat models feature permanently mounted plastic filter media.

“The filters are cleanable and reusable,” Caughman says. “They’re bolted in, so they can be replaced by just unbolting brackets that hold the filter media in place and then pull the filter off. It can be taken out at some point to clean it or repaint it somewhere down the line.”



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