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TLC for Your PTO: Keep Your Rig Running

A few months ago we talked about selecting the right PTO for your rig. After you’ve gone through that painstaking process, you want it to last as long as your truck. Proper installation and sound maintenance practices are the keys to keeping your PTO working for the long haul. Read our tips here. pumper.com/featured

Don’t Make a Deal: Hold Your Ground on Price

If you charge enough money to cover costs and still make a profit from your portable restroom rentals, you’ve probably experienced some backlash from customers who want you to cut them a deal. Saying yes is easier in the moment but eventually you will pay for that with diminished profits. Here are several tactics to help you avoid caving when a potential customer thinks your prices are too high, and still win the contract. pumper.com/featured

Overheard Online

Anybody can buy the equipment. The difference between a good and OK waterblasting company is the people and what they know.

- Are You Ready to Start Waterblasting? pumper.com/featured

Onsite System Overload: Technology to the Rescue

When a soil treatment area has been organically and/or hydraulically overloaded it is possible to remediate the STA using an advanced pretreatment unit. ATUs and media filters are often the best solution in these scenarios. Read more tips on remediating a soil treatment area in this exclusive online article that continues the series on remediation of onsite systems. pumper.com/featured


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