The Best Way To Remind Customers To Call For Service

What’s the best procedure for sending out service reminder cards?

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I have recently joined my father’s septic service business and have been tasked with implementing a new customer database. We already have a software program covering all of our accounting activities. We are just looking for something that has the ability to recognize when customers are due for their next service and potentially print out a reminder card for us to send in the mail or email the customer directly. Does anyone have advice or recommendations?


When I do a job, I recommend to the customer when it is next due, and put a number in front of their address in the workbook records. Most of my customers are annual, two or three years. I simply put a 1Y, 2Y or 3Y in front of their address. I work on the reminder cards in the winter months when business is slow.

I try to write a short note on the card by hand, because I have found over the years that adding this small personal touch increases the response. Your customers can tell that you actually spent a little time to remember them, and not just simply pushed a button on your computer. I usually address it to the customer or current resident – just in case they moved and I did not know it. Then the reminder will go to the new owner, instead of forwarding it to the old owner, or return it back to you. 


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