Portable Sanitation and Special Events

Coordinating portable sanitation at special events often requires equipment designed to provide service to a large number of attendees over a brief period of time. We offer up options for equipment and accessories geared toward serving large gatherings.
Portable Sanitation and Special Events
Product Focus :: Portable Sanitation and Special Events

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Coordinating portable sanitation at special events often requires equipment designed to provide service to a large number of attendees over a brief period of time. We offer up options for equipment and accessories geared toward serving large gatherings.

Portable restrooms

Mobile urinal

Pluto3 mobile urinals from Atlas Portable Sanitation enable organizers to increase capacity and reduce waiting lines at large special events. The units are easy to maintain and stackable for convenient transport. Four people can use the unit simultaneously, and the raised walls provide extra privacy. The unit comes with stainless steel security bars and a plastic seal for vacuum entry. www.plutourinal.com.

Flushing portable restroom

The Aspen Elite portable restroom from Five Peaks has a freshwater flush system and hand-wash sink. It incorporates a separate freshwater tank behind the waste tank. The 64-gallon dual-tank system holds 19 gallons of freshwater and 45 gallons of wastewater. The hands-free flush system is operated by an enclosed foot pump. The tank’s flip-style lid makes servicing easier. It includes the 21-gallon-capacity Sierra Forearm hand-wash sink with a large basin, operated by a hands-free foot pump. The lid flips open for filling and is secured by a locking latch. 866/293-1502; www.fivepeaks.net.

Four-person portable urinal

The KROS urinal from Kros International USA incorporates built-in partitions to allow up to four men to urinate side-by-side with privacy. It stands 6.5 feet tall, has a 3.5- by 3.5-foot base, holds 105 gallons, weighs 190 pounds and features a large integrated tank. It can be used for events or to curb public urination problems in urban settings, decrease the load on portable restrooms, and shorten long waiting lines. 855/576-7872; www.krosinternationalusa.com.

Easy-to-clean portable restroom

The Tufway portable restroom from Satellite Industries has a spacious, well-ventilated interior to reduce odors. A combination of floor and molded-in wall vents promote continuous airflow. The urinal drains down the vent pipe to prevent unwanted tank odors from entering the cabana. The seat is positioned at the furthest point from the urinal, away from odor and user’s direct sight. The unit is a low-maintenance, easy-to-service restroom that can withstand impact and abusive handling without cracking or breaking. Adding slope to the tank and floor surface forces liquids to drain, not puddle, and the sump-design tank improves deodorizer coverage and assures quick, complete waste removal. 800/328-3332; www.satelliteindustries.com.

Urinal unit

The Urinal Unit from PolyPortables is built within the shell of an Enhanced Access Unit. The 61- by 61-inch portable restroom can service up to four men at a time comfortably. The trough tanks mimic plumbed troughs. It has a walk-through shell, two 70-gallon urinal trough tanks and multiple service ports accessible from inside the unit at either end of each waste tank. 800/241-7951; www.polyportables.com.

Interchangeable temporary restroom

The Stop, Drop & Go interchangeable temporary restroom from JAG Mobile Solutions operates as a series of non-axled boxes designed to be moved and placed either by forklift, tilt-back, roll-off or with a trailering system. They can be placed into tight quarters by forklift, have a reduced overall height and offer ideal egress. They are available in a variety of configurations, including ADA-compliant models, in sizes from 8 to 24 feet, with custom or factory interiors. 800/815-2557; www.jagmobilesolutions.com.

Service Vehicles/Components

Flat-tank restroom hauler

The Flat Vac versatile multipurpose portable restroom tank truck from Amthor International allows the operator to carry up to 12 restrooms on top of the tank, as well as pull a restroom delivery trailer. The tank has a rounded bottom with a full-length formed sump design for drainage and full baffles for strength. The flat tank has separate wastewater and freshwater compartments, as well as an option for a chemical or brine compartment. It is available in steel, stainless steel or aluminum. Each unit comes with a workstation and a vertical cabinet with an aluminum extruded door including numerous shelves. A liftgate is installed behind the tank to load and unload restrooms. All units are custom-built to specifications. 800/328-6633; www.amthorinternational.com.

Portable restroom service truck

The WorkMate portable restroom service truck from FMI Truck Sales & Service has sidewinder tanks with equal weight distribution to extend brake life and improve handling. Two food-grade poly water tanks are plumbed to provide brine, freshwater, premix or any combination of fluids with no corrosion or rusty water. With over 60 cubic feet of storage space, the ergonomically designed workstation minimizes restocking and unnecessary driver movement. It has the ability to carry four restrooms on the bed, and an E-track load securement system eliminates the need for ropes. The vacuum system is plumbed using hot tar hose and Masport components. 800/927-8750; www.fmitrucks.com.

Vacuum tank

The rectangular vacuum tank from Crescent Tank Mfg. allows for the design of an all-in-one vacuum and restroom transport truck. Its low profile offers a lower center of gravity and makes space for a bed to haul portable restrooms, hand-wash stations and other equipment. Liquid waste is held inside the rectangular tank; fresh water is kept in a separate poly tank. The vacuum tank can be configured for volumes of 100 to 1,000 gallons. 585/657-4104; www.crescent-tank.com.

Portable restroom service tank

Stainless steel 1,200-gallon, two-compartment portable restroom service tanks from Mid-State Tank are available on Chevrolet chassis with pressure/vacuum pumps for dual service and a water system. Tanks are available in aluminum or stainless steel for septic and portable restroom service trucks. 800/722-8384; www.midstatetank.com.

Quick-connect coupling

GatorLock Couplings from Green Leaf Inc. allow for the quick connect and disconnect of tanks, pumps, transfer lines and more. The locking mechanism reduces the possibility of unintentionally opening the cam levers, which could result in personal injury and costly spills. Polypropylene couplings are highly resistant to chemical solvents and environmental stress. The line includes 1/2- through 3-inch locking cams, as well as 1/2- through 4-inch nonlocking in Series A-F. The maximum operating pressures are 90 to 125 psi at 70 degrees F. 800/654-9808; www.grnleafinc.com.

Easy-to-operate service truck

The Princess II from Keith Huber Corporation is an easy-to-operate unit equipped with a high cfm vacuum pump, rear restroom carrier gate and four large water-resistant cabinets with more than 30 cubic feet of storage space. It features a 1,500-gallon tank with 1,100-gallon waste/400-gallon freshwater capacity; a pressurized water system with a 12-volt motor-driven pump delivering 45 psi at 7 gpm; 50 feet of 1/2-inch water hose and a spring-loaded retractable hose reel; a 160 cfm vacuum pump driven by a transmission-mounted push-button PTO; a valved 3-inch intake with 50-foot quick disconnect hose; dual suction ports with water and hose reels; a four-way valve to control vacuum loading and pressure discharge; and a 2-inch water tank drain with remote-mounted driver’s side valve for quick bucket fill. 800/334-8237; www.keithhuber.com.

Portable restroom service vehicle

The PRSV portable restroom service vehicle from Ledwell is designed to overcome service obstacles through improved efficiency, safety, performance and durability. It is available with tank capacities of 900, 1,500, 1,750 or 2,000 gallons, comes with an interior-coated freshwater tank with a 20-inch manway, dual restroom carrier, 160 cfm direct-drive vacuum pump, electric rewind vacuum hose, 3-inch discharge, and carbon or stainless steel construction. 888/533-9355; www.ledwell.com.

Pumping service unit

Portable restroom service trucks from Vacuum Sales have rotary vane pump options that include models from Presvac, Fruitand, CVS and Jurop. They are rated at 28 Hg full vacuum, with 200 to 800 cfm, and include heavy-duty tank construction, with relief set at 14.5 psi. Tanks are dual compartment with load-dampening baffles to ensure driving safety on- and off-road. They are available in carbon steel, aluminum, 304 or 316 stainless steel or 316 high-polish stainless. They come in 850- to 2,000-gallon capacities. Options include transfer pumps, heated valves, custom hose trays and toolboxes. 800/547-7790; www.vacuumsalesinc.com.

Transport Trailers

Portable restroom transport trailer

The portable restroom transportation trailer from Johnny Mover Trailer Sales has a skid locking system that secures multiple units using an iron bar locked into place with a chain binding system. Models are available to handle from six to 20 restrooms, and all feature front deflectors to protect units from road spray and debris, brakes, paint options, lighting and leaf-spring suspension, with optional powder coating and chrome wheels. 800/498-3000; www.cesspoolcleaners.com/johnny.html.

Easy-loading transport trailer

Restroom delivery trailers from Liquid Waste Industries are made from heavy-duty steel and feature double torsion axles, electric brakes and flush-mounted lights. Available with or without 4-foot side rails, trailers have built-in winch straps on all corners and a T-beam down the middle to secure one side of the skid. Hooks are evenly spaced along the sides to weave through and over skids. Trailers are 23½ inches high for easy loading and unloading. Custom upgrades include gates, leaf spring axles, fold-down ramps, LED lights and choice of hitch. 877/445-5511; www.lwiinc.com.

Versatile transporter trailer

The galvanized Explorer transporter trailer from McKee Technologies – Explorer Trailers has easy-to-adjust carrier slats that box in virtually any size of restroom skid and allow multiple-size skids to be configured securely in the same load. Models range from 8 to 48 feet, accommodating up to 24 units. All models include fully independent-suspension axles that virtually eliminate side-to-side shock transfer. They are available with a front wind deflector to protect restrooms from road spray, stones and wind loading. Hot-dip galvanizing provides corrosion protection. 866/457-5425; www.explorertrailers.com.

Portable Restroom Movers

Transport dolly

The Armal transport dolly is used to move WAVE portable restrooms from one location to another. It is made of lightweight aluminum, making it easy for one operator to maneuver a portable restroom quickly and effectively. It is made for rigorous daily use, and speeds up the process of picking up and/or dropping off portable restrooms in a safe and efficient manner. 770/491-6410; www.armal.biz.

Restroom hand truck

The Super Mongo Mover hand truck from Deal Assoc. moves both standard and ADA handicap restrooms. Its aluminum and steel frame is lightweight and strong, and is available with up to eight wheels for use on soft ground. The operator stands on the rear axle so their body weight works to help tip the restroom, while the long handle provides leverage, making it easier to tip back heavy restrooms with minimal strain. It can be carried on the back bumper of a vacuum truck or trailer, or strapped to a restroom for transport. 866/599-3325; www.dealassoc.com.

Slide-In Units

Stainless steel slide-in unit

The 400/200 slide-in unit from Best Enterprises is built with 304 stainless steel. It carries 400 gallons of waste and 200 gallons of freshwater. It is equipped with a 3-inch dump valve, 2-inch sight glasses, a Hypro Roller pump and motor, and a Conde Super 6 vacuum pump with a platform-mounted Honda 5.5 hp electric-start engine. 800/288-2378; www.bestenterprises.net.

Slide-in portable restroom unit

The PMT980 portable restroom service unit from Imperial Industries is a steel two-compartment tank with 680-gallon waste and 300-gallon freshwater capacities. The production unit has most of the same features and benefits as a custom model. It is available in two models, a standard truck-mounted unit with a Masport HXL4V vacuum pump or in a modular unit with a Masport HXL3V vacuum pump and 9 hp Honda gas engine. The modular unit is self-contained and can be mounted on a standard chassis frame or a flatbed. The modular unit comes complete with the electrical package and is prewired and plugs into a standard chassis trailer outlet adapter. 800/558-2945; www.imperialind.com.

Versatile slide-in unit

Slide-in tanks from KeeVac Industries are manufactured from 54/54-grade aluminum. Units are available in 300- to 2,000-gallon capacities, with flanged and dished heads. They are manufactured in several different styles, including waste only, two-compartment or three-compartment units. Pump choices include Masport, Conde and Jurop in both gasoline and diesel. Larger units for trailers and roll-off trucks are also available. Units come with vacuum/pressure pumps, washdown pumps, 50-foot washdown hose and 30-foot Tiger Tail hose. Primary, secondary and oil catch mufflers complete the package. 866/789-9440; www.keevac.com.

Weight-distributed slide-in

The standard slide-in unit from Lely Manufacturing has a Conde Super 6 vacuum/pressure pump, with an electric-start Honda 5 hp engine. Its freshwater compartment is designed for equal weight distribution. Options include Jurop or Masport pumps; and steel or aluminum construction. It has a 3-inch discharge with a valve and camlock fitting, a 12-volt water pump with 50 feet of hose and a nozzle, and 30 feet of 2-inch Kanaflex hose with a valve and wand. Units are available in multiple sizes, and can be primed and painted to specification. 800/334-2763; www.lelyus.com.

Self-contained sanitation unit

The PickupTanx self-contained sanitation unit from Vacutrux Limited is designed for quick, problem-free pump-outs of portable restrooms and other small liquid waste pumping jobs. The vacuum tank and components are hot-dip galvanized for corrosion protection and finished with textured primer and a polyurethane topcoat. Units are available as single or multi-compartment tanks with standard in-stock sizes of 300, 450, 660 and 840 gallons, as well as larger custom-built sizes, for chassis sizes from 3/4-ton pickup to multi-axle heavy trucks. They have Wallenstein vacuum pumps with gas or diesel engine drive from 5.5 to 40 hp. All accessories and hoses are included. 800/305-4305; www.vacutrux.com.

Water Tanks

Freshwater delivery system

The WaterWorks freshwater delivery system from PolyJohn Enterprises uses an on-demand electrical pump to deliver up to 93 gallons of freshwater. A semi-transparent tank shows how much water is available, and an auxiliary tank can be added to double capacity. The system weighs 46 pounds empty, making it easy to transport. Its compact size fits inside most closets. An access cover and water-draining valve make cleaning easy. For graywater storage, 250- and 300-gallon tanks are available. The system is designed to operate on regular household current, and the circuits are protected by GFCI and a low-water electrical shut-off. 800/292-1305; www.polyjohn.com.

Decals/Lighting/Restroom Accessories

Portable restroom decals

Portable restroom decals from Allied Graphics can help companies advertise other services they provide. They typically include the company name, telephone number, website and QR code so customers can scan directly to a company website. Service decals can relay the service schedule to users of restrooms and customers. If you are unable to service a unit, a lack-of-service tag is beneficial to inform a customer as to why the unit was not serviced. Decals use a special adhesive system to properly bond to textured surfaces. 763/428-8365; www.allied-graphics.com.

Custom signs and decals

Custom decals, and magnetic and aluminum signs are manufactured to order by J.C. Gury Company. The company also makes vinyl cut decals for vehicles, equipment, portable restrooms, rental fence signage and advertising job site signs. 800/903-3385; www.jcgury.com.

Custom portable restroom decals

Screen-printed pressure-sensitive decals with vibrant ultraviolet inks from Roeda Signs and ScreenTech Imaging advertise company names to portable restroom users. They are made of a 3.5 mil white outdoor vinyl with a coated high-tack adhesive and a 90-pound paper liner back-slit for easy application. Decals are designed to get attention, and durable to make a lasting impression. Screen-printed mini magnets are also available in portable restroom and pumper truck shapes. Larger vehicle magnets are also available. 800/829-3021; www.screentech.com.

Ground protection mats

Recycled plastic ground protection mats from AlturnaMATS protect the turf/subsurface, while providing access to equipment without the risk of getting stuck. Multiple styles of ground protection mats are available. They have a load rating of 120 tons and provide a fast, effective way to build a temporary road durable to withstand the weight of heavy equipment. Outrigger pads are also available. 888/544-6287; www.altmats.com.

Portable restroom tissue

BTP1500 1,500-sheet 1-ply toilet tissue from BulkTP meets both weekly service needs and high-traffic event demands. Combining the high capacity of the small-core roll and the versatility of the household roll, it will fit in every restroom manufacturers’ dispenser and last until the next service. It is packaged in either 48- or 60-roll cases. It is finished with “tale tape” that acts like a tab for starting the roll so users don’t have to fight the glue. 888/645-4225; www.bulktoiletpaper.com.

Soft portable restroom tissue

Simply Soft toilet tissue from Del Vel Chem Co. offers an alternative to standard tissue with the small-core roll lasting 2½ to 5 times longer and the double roll lasting 1½ to 3 times longer than standard rolls. Each roll is individually wrapped and packaged for protection. 800/699-9903; www.delvel.com.

Rust-resistant economy padlocks

Brass economy padlocks from Lock America are available keyed alike in five distinct colors to match the most common portable restrooms. They feature durable chrome-plated brass shackles and brass bodies, making them virtually rustproof. They allow an operator to prevent theft of paper products, which can be a significant long-term expense, deter vandalism and provide better customer service by ensuring clean units. 800/422-2866; www.laigroup.com.

Solar-powered lighting

Solar-powered lithium technology provides the energy to the 4 LED bulbs in roof-mounted lights from LunarGlo. Circuitry controls the consistent light source at 6 lumens during operation. Lights are waterproof and withstand high-pressure washing. The unit turns on at dusk and off at dawn. There are no moving parts to fail. It exceeds California’s Occupational Health and Safety Administration Title 8, Section 3317 requirements. It mounts in roofs up to 7/8-inch thick in less than 3 minutes using only a drill. For added security, plastic adhesive can be used during mounting to better secure the light. 574/294-2624; www.lunarglo.com.

Portable restroom magnets

Highly visible portable restroom magnets from Magnets by Stamp Works are an ideal leave-behind for customers. These high-quality full-color weatherproof magnets can be used instead of business cards, and come in custom shapes like a company’s portable restroom. 800/758-2743; www.stampworks.net.

Center-pull tissue and dispenser

The Center Pull Toilet Tissue and Dispenser from National Tissue Company allows the user to touch only the tissue needed, creating a safer, more sanitized environment. One pull dispenses a high-quality, fully embossed, perforated sheet, eliminating waste and reducing consumption. 800/962-9588; www.nationaltissue.com.

Compact solar light

The Model PR-1F solar light from Startronics Solar Lighting is compact, at 5.25 by 5.25 by 2 inches. It is equipped with a high-quality solar cell featuring a protective coating and bezel. A small rechargeable battery and solid state circuit board turn the lights on at night and off during the day. The case mounts on top of the roof with two fasteners. A small PVC fixture cap contains the LEDs and attaches to a bushing that protrudes through the roof. 800/811-1985; www.startronics-solar.com.

Restroom Trailers

Custom-manufactured restroom trailer

Custom-manufactured restroom trailers from Advanced Containment Systems have heavy-duty steel-frame construction approved and certified by the U.S. Army. They come with 400-plus-gallon sloped holding tanks built into the chassis free-flowing drainage. Options include climate control, no-touch flush and sink controls and high-quality sound systems. Amenities are offered with many size and layout options, including ADA options. 800/927-2271; www.acsi-us.com.

Easy-setup restroom trailer

The Fortress 204 restroom trailer from ART Co. is designed for fast and easy setup with a sleek, streamlined appearance. Optional hydraulic jacks enable technicians to level the trailer with the press of a button. The steps store beneath the trailer and roll out by pressing two release buttons and pulling, then automatically lock in place. Available in several configurations, the 20-foot trailer can accommodate up to 10 stations. Standard features include a hidden dump valve, 780-gallon waste tank, unibody frame, integrated skirting, heavy-duty 2 5/16-inch trailer hitch, heavy-duty tongue jack, lockable exterior storage compartments, aluminum cabinetry, stainless steel sinks, rubberized flooring, a durable, easy-clean interior with aluminum trim, and ducted heat and air conditioning. 269/435-4278; www.arestroomtrailer.com.

Three-station restroom trailer

The three-station 14-foot restroom trailer from Comforts of Home Services has a 450-gallon waste tank that provides 1,125 to 1,350 uses between servicing. It offers three private restrooms, which can be unisex or gender specific. It comes standard with a 13,500 Btu air conditioner and 5,600 Btu heat strip, which can keep the trailer comfortable down to 50 degrees F (optional packages are available to operate the trailer in colder climates). The standard interior package includes white FRP walls with wood trim, choice of sheet vinyl floor, pedestal sinks, RV-style foot pedal flush toilet and a utility room. 630/906-8002; www.cohsi.com.

Corrosion-resistant access platform

Fiberglass-reinforced plastic, or FRP, corrosion-resistant grating, stair treads and railings from Fibergrate Composite Structures are used to build platforms that provide safe access to restroom trailers. The components are manufactured with specially formulated resin systems that will not rust or rot, reducing overall maintenance. The slip-resistant surfaces provide added safety, and the lightweight composite products will reduce the overall weight of trailer systems. 800/527-4043; www.fibergrate.com.

Solar-powered restroom trailer

Solar-powered, self-contained restroom trailers from NuConcepts are designed for the special-event market where space, capacity, electrical or water connections may be limited. Units have a 40-gallon freshwater tank, 65-gallon waste tank, incandescent lighting, enclosed stainless steel sink and flushing china toilet. Each restroom offers an average of 125 uses between servicing. Options include air conditioning, powered roof vents, water heaters, interior heat, power converters and winterization. 800/334-1065; www.nuconcepts.com.

Convertible portable restroom trailer

The Wendy convertible portable restroom trailer from Rich Specialty Trailers can be used as a construction site or special event restroom unit. By locking an interior door, it offers a five male and one female station floor plan to be used on a male-dominated construction site. By locking a different door, the floor plan can be converted for events with three male and three female stations. It is available with onboard freshwater and a winter package. 260/593-2279; www.richrestrooms.com.

Remote-site restroom trailer

The CUSITEC 3000 S portable rest-room transport trailer from Sanitarios y Quimicos de Mexico was designed for remote areas where a service truck is too costly or not available on a daily basis. It has a two-compartment self-contained bottom tank, with 126 gallons for wastewater and 65 gallons for freshwater. It can be used up to 3,000 times before servicing, and features an easy-discharge valve and 42-gallon water tank for the hand-wash unit. 915/239-8919; www.syqonline.com.

Portable restroom trailer

The Tow-Let portable restroom trailer remains sanitary and usable while being towed from job to job for up to a month before service is required. Permanently mounted on a trailer, the unit is a self-contained polyethylene portable restroom with a 50-gallon waste tank and 30-gallon freshwater tank for washdown. A solar-powered 12-volt system powers the washdown pump, which charges the hose on a self-retracting reel. The unit also includes a single-user hand-wash sink, LED interior lighting with control panel and a storage box for supplies. Larger size tanks (including a 300-gallon waste tank for long-term placement) are available, and units can be customized to match company colors. It can be towed behind any vehicle with a 2-inch ball receiver. 712/623-4007; www.tow-let.com.

Shower Trailers

Mobile shower trailer

Mobile shower trailers from Ameri-Can Engineering are available in handicapped-accessible and ADA-compliant models. Each trailer is designed for rugged long-term use and to easily accommodate large numbers of users with comfort and cleanliness. They are easy to set up and service. Trailers are custom crafted from the frame up. They are available in many different sizes, interiors and floor plans, with extra-large steel epoxy-lined waste tanks and TorFlex axles. 574/892-5151; www.ameri-can.com.

Self-contained shower trailer

The self-contained shower trailer from Black Tie Products has an onboard 1,200-gallon freshwater holding tank and generator, attached stair system, and sinks that extend from under the trailer for convenient setup and takedown. It is designed to promote efficient flow of a high volume of users, with two rooms each having eight individual shower stalls and private dressing areas, along with six sinks, electrical outlets and mirrors attached to the outside of the trailer. It is ideal for use at multiday events. 877/253-3533; www.restroomtrailersonline.com.

Portable Sinks

Portable hand sanitizer

The TJ Handy Stand portable hand sanitizer unit from T.S.F. Company has four foam sanitizer dispensers, and comes assembled at 18 pounds. It has a dome top, with a 6-gallon base with a fill cap and drain plug in the base so it can be filled with water for stability. The base also has holes so the unit can be staked down. It comes in a variety of colors. 800/843-9286; www.tuff-jon.com.

Odor Control Products

One-way airflow vent

The 360 Siphon from 360 Products can be used when a one-way airflow updraft is needed to eliminate high-pressure conditions in enclosed spaces, primarily in waste holding tanks but also in restroom trailers. It provides an oxygen-rich environment to promote aerobic waste breakdown and exhaust odors and gasses into the open air. It works in any wind condition, stationary or mobile, and the design will not allow a downdraft to occur in the vent pipe. The siphon has no moving parts, requires no maintenance and operates at 100 percent effectiveness at any angle. 503/559-8094; www.360productsinc.com.

Natural odor control

Environoc 301 from Biodyne Midwest contains a beneficial consortium of 29 strains of naturally occurring, nonpathogenic, and nongenetically modified microbes selected for their capabilities to handle degradation of common organics in wastewater, and the reduction of hydrogen sulfide odors, making it effective in reduction of foul odors associated with portable sanitation and septic systems. The environmentally safe product features a high plate count of over 1 billion microbes per mL (20 drops). 888/970-0955; www.biodyne-midwest.com.

Waste tank treatment packs

Porta-Treat packs from Bionetix contain natural and safe aerobic bacteria that digest odor-causing compounds and waste. The bacillus spores used have been shown to reduce large waste particles that settle to the bottom. The cellulose present in toilet paper is reduced to odorless carbon dioxide and water. The bacteria release extracellular enzymes to help minimize waste so the bacteria have better access. By reducing waste and odor-causing compounds, the holding tank is left fresh and clean, reducing downtime and maintenance costs. Simply toss the water-soluble pouches into the holding tank. 514/457-2914; www.bionetix-international.com.

Urinal screens

Urinal Screens from Chempace freshen the air for up to 30 days. VOC-compliant in all 50 states, fragrance gradually releases to provide 24-hour odor control in portable restrooms. They eliminate odors at the source by releasing optimized bacteria that clean the urinal. The design reduces splash back, which cuts cleaning time. The translucent design allows full view of the urinal drainpipe for trapped debris. They are available in mango, spiced apple and soft linen fragrances. 800/423-5350; www.chempace.com.

Fragrance oil

Oil Works ready-to-use fragrance oil from Green Way Products by PolyPortables combats odors from pump exhaust and portable restrooms. Simply add a small amount to a scent box or restroom holding tank, use as an additive with pump oil, or use to recondition fragrance disks. It is available in multiple fruity or floral fragrances. 800/241-7951; www.polyportables.com.

Portion control tablet

EverPro portion control tablets from J & J Chemical Co. are available in Bronze and Mini sizes, and are ideal for frequent pumping and the high pace of special events service. The self-mixing solution creates a correct charge every time. The effervescing action disperses the charge completely and evenly throughout the holding tank. There is no need to stir or mix, increasing efficiency. Tablets are available in multiple sizes and fragrances. 800/345-3303; www.jjchem.com.

Deodorizing urinal screens

Deodorizing Urinal Screens from Johnny’s Choice by Chemcorp Industries Inc. provide effective screening for urinals, and also freshen and deodorize. Optimized bacteria reduce odors and surface buildup in urinals. In addition, the upper surface has protrusions to reduce splash back, which also reduces cleaning time and improves sanitation. Each screen comes with a set of month and date tabs, which can be used as installation or replacement date reminders. They are available in mango and apple spice fragrances. 888/729-6478; www.johnnyschoice.com.

Nontoxic restroom deodorizer

Portable restroom deodorizer from Porta Pro Chem Co. is nontoxic, nonallergenic and free from phosphates, formaldehyde, dichlorobenzene, enzymes and heavy metals. It neutralizes odors by forming a nonvolatile complex with the odorant. The chemistry safely bonds the odors in solution rather than chemically modifying them. It is environmentally safe and biodegradable. It is offered in full strength and economy concentrate, as well as ready-to-use. Many fragrance choices are available in totes, drums or pails. 888/673-5846; www.ccountrysupply.com.

Portable restroom deodorant

Xtreme Clean portable restroom deodorant from Surco Products comes in easy-to-handle water-soluble packets, meaning no more sticky packets, blue fingers or wasted product. It is made with a clean and easy-to-handle water-soluble membrane, and contains Metazene molecular odor counteractant and a powerful biocide. Portion control prevents overuse, waste and theft. 800/556-0111; www.surco.com.

Bacteria-action urinal screens

Bravo urinal screens from Walex Products are a urinal odor-control product featuring bacteria action that deodorizes and cleans. The fragrance release lasts 30 days. The shape and ribbed surface reduce splashing and the product fits in all styles of urinals. 800/338-3155; www.walex.com.


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