Businesses Utilize Fleet Tracking Technology, Insurance Brokers to Increase Efficiency & Value

Businesses Utilize Fleet Tracking Technology, Insurance Brokers to Increase Efficiency & Value
Fleet tracking program leads to fuel savings

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  Fleet tracking program leads to fuel savings

Problem: Valet Waste faced fleet challenges that required a more advanced GPS tracking system to solve. Nick Choma, Regional Manager for the company’s office in western Florida, sought a sole provider to affordably increase efficiency and monitor driver behavior.

Solution: Looking for a fleet management software product that allowed for customization, Choma chose the GPS Insight Fleet Tracking Solution. The features and flexibility of the software includes reporting on the amount of time spent inside and outside of landmarks, such as customer locations.

Result: Valet Waste has seen its fuel card bill drop 16 percent in the first two months of using the new software, which represents a 168 percent return on investment in fuel savings alone. “We require our employees to visit our clients routinely, and GPS Insight has been able to confirm those visits and track the frequency of those visits, to help ensure our promise of customer service was being upheld,” says Choma. “Now we can validate ‘how’s my driving’ complaints by pulling up Google Earth and focusing in on the time, day and vehicle. It is difficult to exonerate or punish an employee based on hearsay, and GPS Insight provides the proof.” 480/663-9454;

  Septic pumper uses software to increase fuel economy

Problem: It was a hot day last June, and Judy Malone with A & M Septic in Valley View, Texas, was making her typical round of service calls. She had used an entire tank of gas in her Chevy pickup and realized she would need to fill up before heading home. With fuel prices creeping higher, she began to look for ways to save.

Solution: Malone decided to call Jon Denney with SAFE Software and see if there was a way to utilize the mapping portion of the program to reduce her driving and fuel consumption. Denney showed her how to export her scheduled inspections to a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet and then upload it into a website that would create an interactive Google Map.

Result: After doing this for a week, Malone cut her fill-ups in half, while seeing three more customers per day. 800/604-7351;

  Insurance brokerage finds savings for large portable restroom operator

Problem: Bill Malone of A Royal Flush Inc., of Bridgeport, Conn., a large portable restroom operator, was searching for a better value in insurance coverage. He contacted Heffernan Insurance Brokers.

Solution: Heffernan Insurance Brokers performed a complete review of the company’s current policy coverage, and the exposures of the business. Several areas of concern were found and addressed. The policy was rebuilt from scratch, and coverage was put in line with the needs of the business. Additional coverage was added in some areas, including pollution coverage, and coverage on trailers and equipment, and an umbrella was added to increase overall limits. The review also revealed an incorrect class code had been used on the workers’ compensation policy.

Result: The wrong class code was removed from the workers’ compensation policy. Even after increasing limits and coverage to be in line with business needs, cost was reduced. Malone felt relieved with the correct coverage and savings. 800/208-6912;


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