Singulair Green Aerobic Wastewater Treatment System

Singulair Green Aerobic Wastewater Treatment System

The Singulair Green aerobic wastewater treatment system from Norweco Inc. features a light, versatile high-density polyethylene septic tank that’s suitable for installation applications where traditional tanks cannot be used.

“These tanks do not require specialized equipment, like a boom crane, to install and deliver, because the unit weighs just less than 1,000 pounds,” says Mike Benton, sales manager for Norwalk, Ohio-based Norweco. “All an installer needs is a utility trailer big enough to haul the tank and a mini-excavator. It’s a great tool for opening up new markets for installers.”

Suitable for new and retrofit applications, the Singulair Green features 1,300-gallon capacity and can treat up to 600 gallons of wastewater per day, utilizing a three-chamber system. In the first, or pretreatment chamber, material that won’t break down settles to the bottom. In the second, or aeration chamber, an aerator introduces oxygen into the wastewater, which creates a favorable atmosphere for bacteria growth.

“We use a motor and an aspirator shaft instead of a compressor,” Benton explains. “And all components go below grade, so it’s a very clean installation – there’s nothing sticking up that a homeowner can see or hear.”

In the third, or clarification chamber, a Norweco Bio-Kinetic filter prevents remaining debris from entering the drainfield, and a non-mechanical surge-control feature ensures wastewater remains in the system long enough to get properly treated.

“It equalizes surges within the tank, so wastewater can’t just push through,” Benton notes.

The filter is certified to NSF International Standard 46, if customers want an optional disinfection device that consists of adding a feeding tube and Norweco Blue Crystal chlorination tablets. The Singulair Green system overall is certified to NSF Standards 40 and 245, Benton says.

To ensure quality, Norweco processes and blends its own polyethylene resins used to make the tanks, which can support up to three feet of dirt fill on top. That makes it easier to match inlet heights in retrofits, and prevents flotation in areas with high water tables, Benton says.

The Singulair Green can operate as a gravity-fed system or with a pump, and features a three-year warranty and lifetime exchange program for components.

“For example, if the aerator goes bad after the warranty expires, the customer can exchange the aerator for a new one and pay a discounted, pro-rated price based on the age of the component,” Benton says. “It protects the consumer from ever having to pay full retail price for new components.”

In addition, the system is designed to run for only 30 minutes per hour, which reduces operating costs. 800/667-9326;


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