Faster, Smarter, Greener

Software solutions help you go paperless, speed up service calls and track service technicians in the field for the ultimate in efficiency.
Faster, Smarter, Greener
Clear Computing Inc.

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Whether it’s locating a buried septic system, providing on-site data or backtracking a portable restroom route, today’s GPS-enhanced software can help minimize mistakes and maximize profits, eliminating piles of paperwork in the process. Customizable electronic forms and hand-held devices make it possible for drivers and technicians to locate tanks, provide site maps, add photos to inspections and update restroom inventories faster than ever. From route mapping to work orders, job summaries, invoices, payment reminders, customer history, vehicle and employee records, today’s sophisticated software can seemingly do it all — and in real time. That leaves more time for you and your team to do what they do best: build your business and provide the best service possible.

Here are some of the latest technology products designed for the liquid waste industry:

Ritam Technologies LP

The Summit Profit Builder from Ritam Technologies LP provides thorough customer accounting and operations management. Features include individual and batch e-mail of invoices and statements, integrated credit card processing, service reminder cards for pumping or inspections, auto-repeat jobs for contract work, maintenance agreements (automated billing with periodic service schedules), diagrams and site photos (tied to job history), route optimization, street-level mapping, GPS/AVL integration, customer accounting and credit control, as well as driver/technician efficiency tracking. The system can be customized to match business policies and in most cases data can be imported from old programs. 800/662-8471;

Clear Computing Inc.

Stop-by-stop real-time profit and loss reporting from Clear Computing’s Total Activity Control tracks costs at the completion of each job. The “loss leaders” feature is part of the program’s cost-saving package, designed to reduce operating costs by 15 to 25 percent by implementing paperless invoicing, smart phone communications and prepayment for services. 888/332-5327;


RouteManager from DesertMicro integrates routing, dispatching, billing, customer management, inventory control and document management. Available for the single user or for use in a multi-user, multi-location environment, the software tracks service and schedules follow-ups for restroom and septic service. GPS and hand-held driver terminals capture activity and service information updated to the dispatch office for an up-to-the-minute view of work progress. The program’s online billing and payment system allows customers to request or change service, receive, view or pay their bill online. RFID tracking options for managing containers and inventory are available. 800/547-7082;

EZTrakR Systems Inc.

EZTrakR with PulseStar download reader and iButton memory chip technology from EZTrakR Systems Inc. is designed to record portable restroom services, track employee productivity, provide visual mapping and routing and one-touch service route scheduling, as well as offer daily updated inventory control and one-touch billing integrated with QuickBooks. Each download records time and date of delivery, pickup or service. Customer accounts are updated with time and date of service after each download. The program can create service routes with an exact time log for each stop. Missed stops are immediately available for viewing. The program automatically updates yard and delivered units inventory. 866/529-1938;

Linko Data Systems Inc.

The Remote Inspector computerized inspection form from Linko Data Systems Inc. eliminates paper forms in the field. The system includes a tablet-PC with company inspection forms users select and fill out on the screen. Entered data is immediately available at the office for billing or customer follow-up. The tablet enables the user to take photos and include them with the inspection or service report as well as digitally capture signatures. Reports can be printed in the field or e-mailed to the customer. 877/546-5699;


Panomorph pipeline inspection system software from POSM (Pipeline Observation System Management) offers simultaneous forward and unwrapped video footage. The program offers precise, automatic measurement and distance recognition for optimal observation and defect coding. The software is compatible with all RS Technical inspection systems, captures up to 70 feet per minute (30 fpm recommended for highest quality) and offers accurate measurements from X and Y axis for lateral, joint and crack measurement. All data can be uploaded to a POSM server and linked to GIS. 859/274-0041;

RouteOptix Inc.

RouteOptix vehicle routing and mapping software from RouteOptix Inc. utilizes Microsoft MapPoint software for an interactive visual interface, providing customer information, routing, dispatching, asset tracking, reporting as well as customized forms, general ledger integration, billing and accounts receivable. 866/926-7849;


Sanitation Management Software from Operasoft uses Microsoft Dynamics CRM technology. The system requires no on-site installation and can handle order taking, dispatching, GPS tracking, invoicing, and integrates with many accounting systems. The onboard touch-screen shows drivers a job list and prints receipts on site, while dispatchers can track progress in real time and receive job completion information. A biometric pay terminal eliminates punch cards and manual calculation. Fleet maintenance is managed by creating and tracking repair orders for mechanics before the driver returns from the route. 888/986-7372;

SAFE Software

The SAFE Software Program from SAFE Software organizes routes, schedules service calls and creates work orders, invoices, contracts, inspection and vehicle maintenance documents. The program also tracks expenses, customer inventory, rentals and monitors alarms. Documents, such as invoices, contracts and work orders, can be e-mailed from current Outlook or Windows Live Mail accounts. Reminders and follow-up e-mails can be sent with a personalized message. The program also can create online customer maps that can be viewed using a smart phone or PC with Internet access. 800/604-7351;

Septic Tracker

The Septic Tracker software management system can schedule routes, map disposal sites, update customer accounts and send service reminder cards. The program offers customizable company information, generates pump-out, delinquent customer, dispatching, holding tank and income reports. It also can generate work orders with a calendar scheduler, provide vehicle service reports, import files from other programs and track employee data. The software works with Windows 2000, Windows XP, Vista and Windows 7 operating systems. 888/308-0651;

SuccessWare Inc.

SuccessWare21 from SuccessWare Inc. manages jobs from phone call to dispatch, invoice completion and payment processing. Purchasing, inventory and payables are integrated in the job process. Features include an accounting package generating full ledger reporting, sales force management and detailed customer management. The program manages service and maintenance agreements and enables technicians to access customer history. 716/565-3500;

Westrom Software

The Service Program from Westrom Software is a QuickBooks add-on that tracks restroom rentals and sends them to QuickBooks for invoicing. The program creates routes and verifies units are being cleaned. It also works with MapPoint and MapQuest for mapping and routing, as well as iPhones and Androids. The program can create work orders for septic tank, holding tank and grease trap pumping, as well as log gallons dumped, dump locations, time pumped/dumped, and record dump fees by county, permit or tax key. It also tracks tank and rental locations and can link drawings to customer records. 866/480-1879;


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