2023 Classy Truck of the Year: Wonderful Workhorses

2023 Classy Trucks set the high standard for septic service for their lucky owners

By Jim Kneiszel

As we look back on 2023, pumpers have faced many challenges, and their trusty vacuum service trucks have helped them meet every one of them. Many pumping companies have been busier than ever, and they’ve been asking their trucks to work just as hard as they do. The daily and weekly service schedule grows, more tanks get pumped, more contractors are stretching the pumping season to accommodate customer demands.

And what goes along with increased workload? The need for new, bigger and more powerful vacuum trucks. And they must be reliable, efficient, well-designed and thoughtfully produced to keep you on the road and earning a living. The industry’s truck-builders have responded to this growing demand and continue to work through supply chain issues to produce high-quality rigs pumpers are proud to own and happy to be driving when they pull up to customers’ homes and businesses.

Need evidence of the quality truck products manufactured for pumpers in the U.S. and Canada? Look no further than the trucks you see displayed here — our dozen Classy Trucks of the Month for 2023. What you see here are some great examples of the best commercial truck chassis, carrying quality-built tank and pump or blower combinations. There are loads of shiny bits, the latest driver convenience features, and trucks wrapped in paint and graphics that rival the best any service industry can produce.

This is some really good stuff, and we thank the pumpers who have submitted their favorite trucks for the Classy Truck feature. We know that hours upon hours of work went into designing the specs for their trucks and detailing the rigs for proper presentation in the magazine. We congratulate all the monthly winners and encourage all Pumper readers to submit their own favorite trucks for future issues.

Now comes the fun part. And we need your help. With your input, we’ll pick the Classy Truck of the Year for 2023 and feature the service vehicle and its owner in our February 2024 issue.

Here’s another look at the rigs featured in the past 12 issues of the magazine. Follow the instructions to cast a vote for your favorite at www.pumper.com/classy.