2019 Classy Truck of the Year: Sittin' Pretty

Don’t let their elegant appearance fool you. Our 2019 Classy Trucks can get down and dirty.

By Jim Kneiszel

The 2019 Classy Trucks represent a hardworking fleet that makes life easier and more profitable for their lucky owners. Their beauty on the outside complements the rugged, day-in day-out dependability today’s pumpers require.

Let’s face it, septic service is a fast-paced business and your truck has to show up to appointment after appointment and never fail you. That means big tanks, powerful engine and transmission, and a pump powerful enough to pull long distances and up steep grades when needed.

But your trucks also have to enhance your professional image. It’s not acceptable anymore to show up at a job site in a busted down rust bucket and expect to gain the respect of your customers. You need shiny paint, chrome accents and graphics that sell your service as you drive down the road.

These trucks have all of those ingredients, in spades!

With your vote, you can pay tribute to the men and women who had the vision to design these great trucks to suit the workload of their busy pumping companies.

Look over the 18 Classy Trucks and choose your favorite. Reader votes will be tallied and added to the picks from our team of COLE Publishing judges to choose the winner. But make your pick quickly. Voting ends Dec. 20, so get to it.