2018 Classy Truck of the Year: We Salute You

Let's pay tribute to the owners of the 2018 Classy Truck monthly winners and cast our ballots for the top truck from this fantastic field.

By Jim Kneiszel

When I review the Pumper Classy Trucks, I often wonder to myself, “What drives these contractors to go the extra mile to deck out and detail their rigs and send them in for our contest?” These owners often spend a little more in cash and time to spec the rigs just they way them want them and then carefully prep them for a photo shoot. They show pride not only in their new or refurbished rigs, but also in their small businesses.

Small businesses don't always have the extra money laying around to pay a bill for extensive graphics or a fancy paint job for their rolling equipment. And they certainly don't have a lot of spare time on their hands to wax every nook and cranny on a hardworking vehicle. But they find a way to make details like that happen, and we enjoy paying honor to folks for their efforts.

They have every reason to be proud of joining the hundreds of folks who have made the annual Classy Truck over the years. And I suspect, as proud as they are of their trucks, these business owners are also proud of the traditions of their businesses — often multigenerational family operations — and show just as much cleanliness and professionalism in the work they perform day to day.

Please join me in saluting the owners of the 2018 crop of Classy Trucks. We raise our hoses to honor you!

Take a few minutes to look over the 18 Classy Trucks and choose your favorite. Reader votes will be tallied and added to the picks from our team of COLE Publishing judges to choose the winner. But make your pick quickly. Voting ends Dec. 21.