Drastically Reduce Freshwater Use With Vac-Con's Recycler Combo Unit

This efficient machine averages only 50,000 gallons of freshwater usage annually


James Dolan of Vac-Con gives viewers a full walk-through of the company’s Recycler combination unit, offering viewers a close look at its freshwater tree, water pump, charge pump, oil reservoir and primary operator control panel.

“It is our Vac-Con combination unit, and it has the ability to run recycled water,” Dolan says. “There’s a drastic reduction in water costs. To give you an idea of the numbers, it’s 3% of your standard usage. ... You’re paying less for water, and you’re paying less for fuel since you’re not having to stop and go so much. If I had to pick one word to describe the truck: efficient.”

The Recycler features 120 minutes of runtime and is capable of 6,000 feet of runs. On average, it uses only 50,000 gallons of freshwater annually.

For more information, visit www.vac-con.com or call 904-284-4200.


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