Superior Signal 5E FLEX Battery-Powered Smoke Blower

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Superior Signal 5E FLEX Battery-Powered Smoke Blower

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Superior Signal’s new 5E FLEX battery-powered smoke blower is specifically designed for smoke testing building plumbing and sewer laterals. The 5E FLEX is compatible with leading 18- to 20-volt tool batteries and, utilizing a high-quality power adapter, the blower integrates seamlessly with an existing electric tool set. Additionally, it can also run off any 12- 24-volt power source – such as a car or truck battery – using the DC clips power adaptor. The 5E FLEX gently pushes smoke through the system in just a few minutes and takes only seconds to see results. Smoke testing is a cost-effective solution ideal for hard-to-find odors, leaks and other faults in commercial, residential and municipal facilities. While the 5E Blower is popular for a variety of plumbing applications, it is also particularly useful in testing sewer laterals, and can clearly illustrate where a fault or leak may occur on private property. USA-made, the 5E FLEX comes with an 8-foot industrial grade hose. Used with Superior’s 1A or 2B smoke candles, it creates 4,000 or 8,000 cubic feet of smoke, respectively. Superior’s smoke candles are also sold in convenient SealPac cans which extend shelf life. 732-251-0800;


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