Elevate Your Septic Service Offerings With the Latest in Grease Handling Equipment

Elevate Your Septic Service Offerings With the Latest in Grease Handling Equipment
Bright Technologies 0.6-meter skid-mounted belt filter press

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New and innovative grease handling equipment is designed to cater to a wide range of operational needs. Technologies like those below include compact belt filter presses with high-efficiency sludge dewatering capabilities, versatile grease units tailored for easy access and convenience and advanced dewatering systems that ensure consistent results with minimal fuss. From units that are ideal for small-scale applications to those suitable for heavy-duty, large-volume tasks, these solutions boast features like low noise operation, odor control and easy transportability.

Bright Technologies, Division of Sebright Products, 0.6-meter skid-mounted belt filter press
The compact 0.6-meter skid-mounted belt filter press from Bright Technologies, Division of Sebright Products, has stainless steel frame and roller construction as well as radius wedge zone and wing roller for sludge dewatering. Components include a sludge pump, polymer system and wash-water booster pump. Options include a sludge flowmeter, air compressor and discharge conveyors. With a compact, walk-around skid design, it can be utilized in as little as a 10-by-20-foot floor area. The Boerger rotary lobe sludge pump has a maintain-in-place design. Cake solids of up to 35% can be achieved. Rates of 25 to 50 gpm make it ideal for small applications or when a processor has outgrown dewatering containers. 800-253-0532; www.sebrightproducts.com

Imperial Industries grease units
Aluminum and steel grease units from Imperial Industries are built to complement a wide selection of the latest truck chassis. The standard 700-gallon tank allows for low clearance near the common access points for parking ramp and shopping mall interceptors, often requiring only 50 feet of hose. Operator convenience extends to the choice of blower, where a positive displacement model replaces the more common vane pump, helping prevent triggering smoke alarms. 800-558-2945; www.imperialind.com

In the Round Dewatering horizontal drum
The horizontal biosolids dewatering system from In the Round Dewatering features a stainless steel drum with perforated plastic tile lining. The drum is mounted on a roll-off frame for easy transport and unloading. Trays contain discharge water. An 18,000- to 25,000-gallon batch is mixed with polymer before being filtered in the rotating drum, which is driven by a 1/2 hp variable-speed electric motor with a heavy-duty chain and sprocket. Turning eliminates crusting and wet pockets to produce uniform, consistent results. The dewatered material dumps easily, and the drum is self-cleaning. 317-563-2072; www.itrdewatering.com

Westmoor Conde ProVac 
The Conde ProVac preassembled industrial liquid waste pumping system from Westmoor is designed to promote efficient grease trap service. The unit is quiet and lightweight and pumps at 120 gpm. Flip a switch to start the unit in vacuum mode for pumping. A built-in exhaust deodorizer is designed to keep odor at a minimum. Flip the switch to pressure mode for off-loading. It can be used to service locations not suited for large vacuum truck hoses, including indoor or remote difficult-to-access jobs. 800-367-0972; www.westmoorltd.com


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