8 Effective Grease Treatment Technologies for the Vacuum Truck Services Industry

8 Effective Grease Treatment Technologies for the Vacuum Truck Services Industry

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The vacuum truck services industry is seeing a surge in eco-friendly and efficient solutions for grease treatment. A variety of products, ranging from powdered bacteria/enzyme waste digesters to emulsifiers that turn grease into liquid, are revolutionizing the way grease and organic matter are managed. These products are designed to break down fats, oils and greases effectively, ensuring smooth operations and reducing the risk of blockages and odors. With options that cater to everything from small-scale kitchen operations to large municipal systems, these innovative treatments are setting new standards in environmental responsibility and operational efficiency.

RootX Grease-X
Grease-X bioenzyme from RootX uses natural microorganisms designed to break down and digest all types of FOG that collect in sewer systems. The mixtures of live microbes, along with the enzymes they secrete, are suited to digesting FOG and other organic matter as it enters and flows through the sewer lines, according to the maker. The microbes adhere to the sewer line walls. In digesting organic waste, they reproduce and form colonies that continue to consume accumulated FOG. It is safe to use and won’t hurt any type of pipes or the people installing them, and it can be used on garbage disposals, floor drain or grease traps. Regular application can help prevent the buildup of FOG. 800-844-4974; www.rootx.com

Cape Cod Biochemical BIO-REM E-D
BIO-REM E-D from Cape Cod Biochemical is a powdered bacteria/enzyme waste digester. It is an industrial-strength product for use in grease traps and problem sewer and drainlines. It contains several strains of enzyme-producing microorganisms formulated to break down grease and the other sewage that causes blockages, backups and odors. It provides immediately available enzymes plus live bacteria for continued solids digestion and odor control, according to the maker. It provides organisms to break down the fatty acids produced by primary digestion, with its fermentation factor stimulating bacteria already present, the company states. It requires no special equipment, as applications can be mixed manually. It will not damage plumbing, as it contains no caustics or acids. It is also non-hazardous, containing no pathogens, chlorinated benzenes, or U.S. EPA priority pollutants. 800-343-8007; www.septiconline.com

Century Chemical Bio-Snake Blocks
Bio-Snake Blocks from Century Chemical are an environmentally friendly, easy-to-use grease trap and drain treatment product that decreases grease buildup by 96%, according to the maker. Hanging a block in the grease trap continues release of new bacteria over time and will cause an immediate reduction in grease buildup and a reduction in odor. They also reduce effluent biochemical oxygen demand levels by up to 80%. 800-348-3505; www.centurychemical.com

Culleoka Company GTOR
Grease, Tar & Odor Releasing Agent (GTOR) from Culleoka Company is an emulsifier of both grease and water, so it breaks down the structures of grease turning it into a liquid. The product uses natural terpenes and soys designed to blend with food-based grease, petro- and oil-based solids, which begins the releasing process. Then, enzymes continue to break down the solids over an extended period of time throughout the entire pipe. The product can act as a solution to slow drains and blockages, or as a preventative maintenance measure. It is available in 24-ounce or 5-gallon containers. 855-777-6246; www.culleokacompany.com

J & J Portable Sanitation Products Evergreen
Evergreen grease trap treatment from J & J Portable Sanitation Products is formulated for continuous application to grease traps, specifically to address institutional kitchens and restaurants. It also performs when applied during downtime. It contains selected bacterial strains, enzymes and growth-promoting factors to breakdown oils, grease and waste. It will also break up caked grease in neglected traps, according to the maker. 800-345-3303; www.jjchem.com

Jet Inc. BIO JET 7 Plus
BIO JET 7 Plus from Jet Inc. is a nonhazardous and nontoxic bacterial aid designed to degrade FOG, fatty acids and lignin while lowering BOD, COD and nitrates. When added to a system, bacteria attack grease and organic materials, converting them to liquid and then to carbon dioxide and water. Continuous use reduces odor, maintenance and emergency blockages, according to the maker. 800-321-6960; www.jetincorp.com

Oatey Hercules Cesspool Cleaner
Hercules Cesspool Cleaner from Oatey helps guard against accumulation of grease and organic matter in cesspools and septic tanks. It works by removing grease and sludge from baffles, pump floats, distribution boxes and lateral lines. Additionally, it helps restore a pump system within a few hours of adding it, and will not harm concrete, concrete block, cinder block or metal tanks, according to the maker. It can be used in emergencies to temporarily eliminate back-ups and overflows. Additionally, it is safe to use on plastic, clay or cast iron sewer lines. 800-321-9532; www.oatey.com

Walex Products Bio-Active Grease Trap Treatment 
Bio-Active Grease Trap Treatment from Walex Products includes a select combination of natural soil bacteria in spore form or in stabilized vegetative states. The formula has aerobic as well as anaerobic bacterial species. It also contains pure enzymes, which ensure rapid initial action, as bacteria usually require a few days to activate and adjust to the new environment. Once established, the bacteria will carry out the work effectively to completion. The formula is buffered and fortified with various micronutrients. 800-338-3155; www.walex.com


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