Meet the Tough Demands of the Industry With Reliable Water Pumps

Meet the Tough Demands of the Industry With Reliable Water Pumps

The Pratissoli KTX Series water pump, distributed by Dynablast.

High-performance water pumps are designed to offer more than just power; these innovative pumps provide unique features such as seamless mode changeover for jetting tasks, self-lubricating designs that require no weekly oiling and advanced cooling systems for prolonged pump life. State-of-the-art pumps like the two below are key efficiency and longevity in the septic services industry.

Dynablast Pratissoli KTX Series
The Pratissoli KTX Series water pump, distributed by Dynablast, is designed for hydroexcavation. The KTX24ASPF offers 13.5 gpm at 3,625 psi and 1450 rpm and the KTX28ASPF offers 18.4 gpm at 2,900 psi and 1,450 rpm. Its T13 female spline shaft input and SAE B 2/4 bolt flange enable direct mounting to the hydraulic motor. It has run dry-seals with a Kevlar Graphite rope, a 420 stainless steel manifold for protection from cavitation, and a self-lubricating design, so no oiler kit or weekly oiling is required. Its symmetrical crankcase makes it easy to reverse shaft the pump. Internal fins on the aluminum crankcase provide cooling to lower oil temperature. A tapered roller bearing improves lateral loading. The two-bore ceramic plungers are thicker ceramic on the water end to prevent thermal shock. 905-867-4642;

Cat Pumps Model 1560
With a performance rating of 9 gpm at 4,000 psi, the Cat Pumps Model 1560 offers a combination of high performance, compact footprint and longevity to help jetters cut through challenging jobs. It converts to a jetting pump by adding a pulsator assembly, which eliminates the danger of dead-heading the pump, prolonging the life of the seals and reducing unplanned downtime. A convenient handle allows for a quick changeover from cleaning to jetting modes. The pump can be belt-driven with a 12.4-inch pitch diameter dual-groove B-Belt clutch, providing the on-demand ability to engage or disengage the pump, reducing runtime, saving energy and increasing pump life. Or, with a bell housing, an SAE hydraulic motor can be conveniently mounted to drive the pump. 763-780-5440;


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