​Break New Ground With These 5 Powerful Hydroexcavation Tools

​Break New Ground With These 5 Powerful Hydroexcavation Tools

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The advent of specialized hydroexcavation tools has significantly improved the efficiency of this non-destructive means of digging and cleaning. From dealing with hard soil conditions to minimizing water usage and cleanup, these tools have been game-changers. Whether you're looking for power, precision or portability, there's likely a hydroexcavation tool tailored for your specific needs. Check out a few options below.

Hydra-Flex Ripsaw HD
The Ripsaw HD from Hydra-Flex is built for the rugged hydroexcavation industry. A cone-shaped flow pattern is suitable for potholing. The nozzle’s 0-degree stream rotates at an 18-degree cone of coverage, increasing impingement to dig faster and use less water. A slower stream rotation increases digging power, improves control and reduces the nozzle’s wear and tear to lengthen its life. It is built with heavy-duty coating, stainless steel housing and tungsten carbide wear surfaces to handle frost, shale and rocky soil. Its coating is non-conductive, providing extra safety for users and utilities. It is designed to be repairable with repair kits to extend the nozzle’s life. 952-808-3640; www.hydraflexinc.com

Pressure Lift HydraBore
The HydraBore from Pressure Lift can blast down and physically remove built up tallow, soap residue and tank waste. Best used with a jetter, it will only add roughly 16 gallons of high-pressure water in a 10-minute period. Total time on a job, with a unit pumping approximately 2,000 gallons of waste, is less than 20 minutes at depths of 5 to 500 feet. It also minimizes cleanup because the water jets are directed toward the area to be excavated. It only requires one person to operate the boom, as the unit automatically directs the water where it’s needed for the project because it is connected to the pump boom. 866-504-6596; www.pressurelift.com

RNV Hydrovac2
The RNV Hydrovac2 unit can be placed on an RNV-approved 6-cubic-foot steel construction-grade wheelbarrow to create a powerful portable hydrovac. It can vacuum down vertically to 12 feet to convey effluent sludge, sand and small aggregate. It can be combined with a pressure washer or air spade for another excavation solution. The unit weighs 42 pounds, requires a 120-vac 15-amp power outlet and will run on a 2,200-watt generator or inverter. 607-786-2139; www.rnvac.com

TRUVAC Abrasion Resistant Elbow
The Abrasion Resistant Elbow from TRUVAC is a 70-degree boom elbow developed for demanding vacuum excavation jobs. Embedded with non-corroding carbide steel, the interior of the elbow is engineered for maximum wear resistance. It is retrofittable to all full-sized TRUVAC HXX vacuum excavator models with an 8-inch telescopic boom. 815-672-3171; www.truvac.com

Vactor dig tube with measuring rule 
Vactor offers an easy-to-read dig tube with integrated measuring rule for all 6- or 8-inch-diameter dig tubes. This high-visibility ruler was developed with input from customers to maximize productivity. Laser-cut from lightweight aluminum, the dig tube with measuring rule features numbers that will stand out under all conditions, never wear off and come clean with a quick rinse to remove mud. 815-672-3171; www.vactor.com


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