Six Vacuum Truck Tanks and Components Raising the Bar

Six Vacuum Truck Tanks and Components Raising the Bar

Imperial Industries’ Freightliner 108SD

Advanced vacuum truck tanks and components are providing unprecedented utility and efficiency to the septic pumping industry. These products, comprising features such as remote-controlled vacuum systems, varied tank capacities, diverse construction materials and innovative auxiliary elements, set the bar high for industry standards. From a painted aluminum tank with a fully remote-controlled vacuum system to marine-grade aluminum and steel constructions designed for strength and reliability, the products below combine functionality, safety and customization.

Imperial Industries’ Freightliner 108SD
Imperial Industries’ Freightliner 108SD includes a fully remote-controlled vacuum system. It comes with a 4,200-gallon painted aluminum tank with a National Vacuum Equipment Challenger 4310 blower (940 cfm). Functionality includes full control of the tank’s PTO and pneumatic valves, providing the ability to switch between vacuum, neutral and pressure modes without leaving a septic tank access point. The bottom third of the tank is double-plated, and the tank is painted black with a diamond plate chip guard, full-flanged and dished heads for baffles, a hot shift PTO, one 4-inch vacuum inlet with lever valve, one 6-inch discharge with piston valve with a handle, three 5-inch sight glasses on the rear tank head, full-length aluminum hose trays, a SeeLevel indicator, a 24-by-24-by-24-inch aluminum toolbox, U.S. Department of Transportation LED light package, two rear LED work lights and an adjustable stainless steel rear bumper. 800-558-2945;

KeeVac Industries septic trucks
KeeVac Industries septic trucks have tanks constructed from marine-grade aluminum, stainless steel or steel. These tanks are mounted onto the customer’s choice of chassis for a complete service solution. A variety of safety lighting packages are available. Custom sizes are available with engineered drawings. A variety of vacuum pumps and water pumps are available. 866-789-9440;

Pik Rite steel 3,600-gallon vacuum tank
The Pik Rite steel 3,600-gallon vacuum tank is designed for strength and reliability. Its 3-inch internal plumbing keeps the exterior clean and simple. The vacuum pump mount is attached to both frame rails and easily supports pumps from any major manufacturer. It has four sight eyes for the waste compartment. The tank interior is equipped with walk-through baffles and a 20-inch rear manway for easy clean-out. The LED running light kit is installed with a fully molded wiring harness. Operator work lights and a strobe light are mounted on the top rear lighting bracket. Polished aluminum hose trays and low hose hooks are coated with protective liner. 800-326-9763;

Vacutrux Limited SepticTrux
The SepticTrux from Vacutrux Limited is available on chassis from 33,000 to 86,000 GVWR single axle, tandem or tri, with tank sizes from 1,800 to 5,400 gallons. Vacuum systems are powered by pumps from Elmira Machine Industries/Wallenstein Vacuum. 800-305-4305;

Robinson Vacuum Tanks VAC2500
The aluminum VAC2500 from Robinson Vacuum Tanks can ride on a single-rear-axle vehicle. Features include a 20-inch top manway with passenger side ladder, 20-inch rear manway with 4-inch TTMA flange and 4-inch brass lever valve for discharge, and a heavy-duty steel bumper with aluminum diamond plate cover. 814-933-0927;

Dynablast HV420F-12VRED
The Dynablast HV420F-12VRED hydrovac water heater produces 420,000 Btu with an output temperature of 175 degrees F at 5 gpm, making it suitable for colder climates and improved digging in clay-filled areas. All models come with ETL certification for safety, which also includes certification on the coil for higher efficiency and heat transfer, a stainless steel target plate for increased coil life and a design with serviceability in mind utilizing momentary override control. A 19-by-19-inch footprint makes it suitable for compact installations. 905-867-4642;


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