Product News: October 2021

Check out the latest product offerings for the pumping industry

Product News: October 2021

Superior 5E Electric Smoker finds faults, odors, leaks and inflow
When testing laterals, building plumbing, or pumping or inspecting septic tanks, smoke testing is a quick and effective way to find plumbing faults that lead to odors, leaks and Inflow. Superior Signal Company’s Superior 5E Electric Smoker easily connects to any clean-out, port or vent to smoke test the entire system in just a few minutes. The Superior 5E Electric Smoker gently pushes smoke throughout a system to find cracks or leaks and quickly identify problems. Made in the U.S., the durable Superior 5E Electric Smoker is competitively priced and comes complete with 8 feet of industrial grade hose. Used with Superior Smoke Candles, this cost-effective solution is ideal for hard-to-find odors, leaks and other faults in commercial, residential and municipal facilities. 732-251-0880;

General Pipe Cleaners Gen-Pack battery adapter
The new Gen-Pack battery adapter from General Pipe Cleaners allows for operation of sewer inspection camera systems in remote locations with limited access to power. Depending on battery type and system settings, the Gen-Eye POD or Gen-Eye X-POD camera systems can run up to 12 hours with the Gen-Pack. The adapter is fuse-protected for safety and easily mounts to both full-size and mini-reel versions of the Gen-Eye POD and X-POD. It features a powerful command module with USB port to record video inspections on flash drives. It also includes a 7-inch LCD color monitor, one-touch recording, digital zoom, voice-over recording and more. 800-245-6200;

Perma-Liner Industries Extreme Cold 4:1 resin
Perma-Liner Industries is expanding its resin offerings to include a new Extreme Cold 4:1 resin. The epoxy resin comes in 40 pound buckets and is a complement for ambient curing in temperatures lower than 30 degrees F up to 50 degrees F. Perma-Liner offers 12 resins for all types of rehabilitation projects that are eco-friendly, compatible with Perma-Liner products, meet and exceed ASTM 1216 and NSF Standards, and provide minimal shrinkage for maximum adherence to the host pipe. 866-336-2568;

Curry Supply Keystone service truck bodies
Curry Supply’s new line of service truck bodies, Keystone and Keystone Pro, have a heavy-duty aluminum design and the Pro option for a crane body. All Keystone bodies feature a 52-inch wide and 129-inch deep bed, with tie-down rings and a textured floor for added safety. Each side features four compartments, three vertical and one horizontal. Every compartment is designed with at least 20 inches of depth and adjustable shelving. Protected door seals and stainless steel rotary latches keep all compartments secure and watertight. The Keystone Pro features a crane tower that will accept up to a 25,000 ft-lb crane, while still providing ample compartment space for tool and equipment storage. Custom features and upgrades are available on both Keystone builds. 814-569-6272;


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