3 Ways to Increase Pumping Revenue by Texting

A business texting tool can help you reply to customers quickly and land more jobs

Kenneth Burke
Kenneth Burke

Wouldn’t you love an “easy button” you could press to magically grow your revenue? Magic buttons don’t exist, but the next best thing in today’s world is text messaging. Texting seems so simple, yet it can be that powerful.

Think about your daily experiences. Customers miss — or dodge — your calls. You’re waiting on people to respond to emails, and you’re pouring money into marketing trying to connect with customers. There’s a lot going on, but you can easily improve in these areas to save time and grow your bottom line, all through text.

1. Text to earn more online reviews.

Online reviews are the most important piece of your sales and marketing, because they directly affect how you rank in Google search results. The company with the most online reviews shows up first and historically earns twice as many opportunities as the second-ranked business and three times more than the third. That adds up fast.

Online reviews are also crucial to sales and marketing because about 90% of people use reviews to determine who they should hire. The more reviews you have, the more customers you’re going to win. And to get more online reviews, all you have to do is ask through text.

For example: “Jonathan, it was a pleasure helping you with your septic system today. Would you share your experience with us on Google? I’d really appreciate it. Here’s the link: www.google.com/bizreviews. Thank you!”

Companies that do this tend to earn 600% more online reviews than those who ask via email.

2. Text to generate more leads.

Did you know that nine out of 10 people would rather text you for service than call or fill out a form? Use that to your advantage by letting prospects text you from your website.

To do that, either use Click-to-Text, which lets mobile viewers click a button to start a text to your business’ number, or use SMS Chat, which is a widget that lets both desktop and mobile viewers start text conversations with you from your website.

These are proven to increase leads, because you’re able to meet customers where they are — on their smartphones trying to reach you, often outside of your 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. business hours.

3. Text to close more deals.

It doesn’t matter how many leads you get if you can’t close them. But closing can be difficult, especially when up to 50% of deals go to the first person to respond. How can you reach leads before competitors and earn their business?

Text messages are five to seven times more likely to be answered than a phone call or email, and the average text is seen within five seconds of being sent. It doesn’t get much faster than that. You can have text follow-ups automatically sent to anyone who fills out a form on your website or texts your office line, and then you can personally follow up whenever you get a moment.

I normally recommend you do both — have an automatic response sent and then follow up personally. You’ll instill confidence in the potential customer by sending the automatic response. And then they’ll recognize your number when they see you text or call later, so you’ll be more likely to connect with the customer than the other guys.

How do you manage texting?

Adding text into your daily workflow is simple, but you’ll want a software or integration with your field service management tool to make it happen. A few things you’ll want are:

  1. An option to text using your office phone number (a great experience for customers)
  2. A multiuser dashboard so front office personnel and technicians can both text as needed
  3. Two-way (conversational) texting
  4. And a few bells and whistles like message scheduling, group (broadcast) messaging, picture messaging, etc.

Starting is easy. Find the business texting tool that works for you, and determine how you want to use it. As soon as customers know they can text back and forth with your business, you’ll see traction — and more revenue. 

About the author: Kenneth Burke is the director of marketing for Text Request, a business text messaging software company that works with clients across North America. He has been awarded for his work in sales and psychological research and has helped dozens of businesses — from prelaunch startups to billion-dollar companies — achieve their goals. Burke and his insights have been featured in publications including Forbes, Entrepreneur and StartupNation. He can be reached at kenneth@textrequest.com.


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