Product News: October 2019

Check out the latest product offerings for the pumping industry

Toro TRX walk-behind trenchers 
The TRX-250 and TRX-300 walk-behind trenchers from Toro feature Intelli-Trench technology, an innovation that optimizes the machine’s hydraulic flow for the digging conditions. The system automatically diverts hydraulic flow from the traction motors, providing more power for the trencher head. As a result, the traction handle can be held in one place without requiring constant adjustment, reducing operator fatigue and optimizing performance. In addition, the Intelli-Trench feature decreases track wear and maintains engine revolutions per minute for efficient engine cooling. The TRX models also have a new hydraulic design that requires significantly fewer components than previous models, simplifying maintenance and potentially reducing service needs. 855-493-0088;

Imperial Industries 12,500-gallon storage tank
The 12,500-gallon storage tank unit from Imperial Industries features a 6-inch dump, 4-inch intake, heavy-duty pull skid attachment and level indicator. Available options include custom tow, hitch and axle packages and intake agitation. It is designed for various applications, including field edge load and unload, shop or yard storage, and grease separation. 800-558-2945;

General Pipe Cleaners/General Wire Spring stainless steel braid hose
The new high-performance stainless steel braid jet hose from General Pipe Cleaners/General Wire Spring enhances the performance and cleaning power of the portable JM-1000 Mini-Jet and JM-1450 water jet drain cleaners. The durable stainless steel braid makes it easier to slide the jet hose down 1.5- to 3-inch drainlines and more easily navigate tight bends, according to the maker. The 3/16-inch Teflon core reduces flow resistance and improves small-line cleaning power. It is available in 30-, 50- and 75-foot lengths. 800-245-6200;


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